Monday, January 19, 2015

1/19/15 Elder Peterson - I Will Never Forget!

Well, this past week was pretty crazy. We had a wonderful week! For
starters, we got a new investigator this past week! Her name is Flora
and she is super nice. We had a great first visit with her. She is
open to having us over, and at this current time, she is "not probably
going to come to church" or "not convert"..... Haha, that's what she thinks! She is ready for the gospel. She just doesn't know it yet. She will though.

Also, this past week we had a couple of crazy appointments. We have
had a potential investigator for the whole time I have been here named Aabeba. We have tried to set up appointments with her a couple of times. She was nice but we were starting to give up on her a bit. We set up one more time and we were actually able to meet with her! When we got to her home we came to discover that she does not speak English very well at all. She is from a country in Africa called Eritrea. It was super hard to teach her. But she did understand one thing. We invited her to be baptized, and she said no. was funny.

This past Saturday, President and Sister Cooke had all of the
missionaries leaving up at their home for dinner. It was an enjoyable
time. It was fun to see all of the missionaries, well most of the
missionaries, that came out with me. Elder Hansen, Elder Johnson,
Elder Owens, Elder Farley. It was fun! The thing that is so awesome
about this mission is that it is small. I have been able to get to
know all of them very well. The mission has been such a wonderful
experience. I have learned so much! I have experienced so much! I have grown so much. It has been so crazy!

Well, it's been real! This is the first time that I have said this,
but I am excited to see everyone at home! I will never forget the
people, the places, and the experiences I have been able to have here
out in DC and Maryland. I am excited for the new experiences ahead of me. Life is crazy, but that is what makes it fun.

Love you all! 
Elder Peterson

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/12/15 Elder Peterson- Isn't Life Great??

What a wonderful week I was able to be apart of! Seriously it was
super awesome. There were some miracles, some depressing moments, and moments that I will never forget. Life is great!

To start off, Elder Richmond and I are getting along well, he is a
super funny guy and really is comical relief when things are getting
crazy. I appreciate him and all that he does. He really was a big help
this past week in a few of our lessons that we taught. One of them was
to a man who's name is Tony. He is a less active member in the 
Ward and we usually meet with him once a week to just talk and lift
his spirits. Elder Richmond and I, prior to the lesson, were thinking
about what we needed to teach him and Elder Richmond had had on his mind that we just needed to tell him that he is needed in the Ward.
Bro. Norman is a very intelligent and understanding man and people, 
like him, are what this Ward needs to stand on its feet. Elder Richmond told him this during our lesson and I feel it is exactly what Bro. Norman needed to hear. I am grateful that Elder Richmond was willing to follow the spirit even if it was hard.

Another awesome lesson we had was with Nichole Jones. She is such an awesome person, but right now she is struggling  with her
testimony of the church. Because of that she hadn't been coming to
church regularly. We had a lesson with her at a cafe close to her
home. On a secular side note, the cafe had blueberry soda and I
definitely had one and it was super delicious. It was all natural too
which made it a little $$ but nothing too bad. Back to the "nitty
gritty", Nichole expressed to us some of her concerns and we were able to talk with her about a few of them. When it came down to it, she has a testimony of a couple doctrines in the church, but was missing some of the crucial doctrinal points to be truly grounded in the faith. She also has a strong testimony of the people in the church. Which in
current circumstances isn't a bad thing, but it is something she can't
rely on because people will fail her. People already are. That is why
it is so important to have a strong testimony of doctrine. People are
imperfect, but the doctrine is not, and never will be imperfect. Anyone
who wants to put that to the test, do it! You can see for yourself that
the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are
perfect, because they come from Christ himself.

Now, to a really fun part of this last week. We had the opportunity to
hear from President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency of the
Church. What an opportunity that was! He is really smart. The reason
why he came was his brother Elder Harden Eyring and his wife are
serving here in my mission at the Temple Visitor's Center and he came to see them as they are ending their mission. In all reality, he was coming to see me, but I won't go too deep into that. He left us with some inspiring words. A couple of the things I took from what we said was that we have the power to know the hearts of the people that we associate with. All we have to do is ask Heavenly Father for the gift of discernment and have faith and we can say exactly what we need to say, through the Spirit, to touch their hearts. He gave us a few
examples of that in his life and I thought it was so cool. Another
thing that he said applied to the Atonement. He talked about how he
felt that some of us were struggling with receiving revelation because
we felt unworthy to get it (aka me). He then went on to say that the
Atonement is working within us as we sat there in the Visitor's Center
listening to him. We don't have to worry about unworthiness, as long
as we are obedient and are doing our very best. The Spirit will be
with us, we just have to have faith. I really appreciated what he

Well, I heard from a little bird that Virginia is getting baptized
this week! Way to go Virginia! Wish I could be there to see it, but
you are making a wonderful decision.

Isn't life just wonderful? We have experiences in our lives to make us
better. That is the only reason why we have experiences. The only
reason why experiences sometimes don't make us better is because we aren't allowing them to. I am grateful for this knowledge that no
matter what happens on my life, I can grow in each and every moment.

Well, that is about it from me! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Peterson 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/5/15 Elder Peterson - The Lord is Blessing Me So Much!

Happy New Year 2015

The Missionaries serving in the DC 3rd Ward

Well, how is everyone doing? I hope that life is treating everyone
well. I am sure having a great time out here. This past week was a lot
of fun. It was really crazy but it was memorable for sure. To start
off, we had a wonderful New Years Eve! We had to be in our apartments
at 5:30 and so we were able to have a great New Years Eve. My
roommates and I ordered pizza and we played some board games. It was a
lot of fun. Then, on New Years, one of the members of the Ward had all
of the missionaries in the Ward for lunch and it was fun. There was so
much food!! It was great.

Alright, so that was most of the fun memories, now I want to share
some of the miracles that we were able to witness this past week. So
here is the first. Saturday night we were out having a normal night,
besides the fact that it was raining super hard, which actually was
really fun. But we were getting to the end of the night, and we had
about 5 minutes left. At this point, we didn't have anybody in the
area that we could check on, and some decided that we should just ride
and find someone to talk to. As we were riding our bikes, there was no
one outside!! We were in the middle of DC and there was nobody out on
the streets! It was raining, but that shouldn't stop people from being
outside. So we kept riding, and then there was someone on the right of
us. Turns out that he was a member of the church! He hadn't been there
in a while because he works on Sunday but we found out that he had a
new address then what we have for him and we are excited for
missionaries to go by and see him!

Well, that is actually about it from me this week. I am having a
wonderful time serving here and I know that the Lord is blessing me so
much! I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Elder Peterson

Elder Richmond (my new companion)
Elder Hansen and Me

Sunday, January 4, 2015

12/29/14 Elder Peterson - Happy New Year!!

Happy New Years everyone! This past week was pretty crazy. I guess one 
of the reasons why it was so crazy because it was Christmas. It is so 
crazy how Christmas has already come and gone. It was a great day and 
it was a blur! We started off the day by going to the McKinnley's 
home. They are a Senior Missionary couple that live in our apartment 
complex. They fed us breakfast and it was so nice of them! It was a 
good old time. Then we went up to the Visitor's Center and that was 
really awesome. While we were there we watched "How to Train Your 
Dragon 2" and it was really good. It was weird watching a movie again 
on the mission. It felt weird and good at the same time. Then we had a 
lunch at the Stake Center and that was fun as well. After the lunch we 
had a talent show and there was some really good shows. It was really 
funny. One of the acts that was really funny was the Chinese Elders. 
They did a skit with some authentic Chinese costumes that looked like 
lions and they had some dialogue that was quite witty. Another one of 
the acts that was good was The Temple Express. I had the opportunity 
to be apart of it and I enjoyed it a lot. The video turned out very 
Lastly, I got to Skype with my family! That was awesome. I have 
forgotten how crazy my family is... I love you all. 
Well, we had a couple of miracles that I was very grateful for. This 
past Tuesday we had one of the members of our Ward Bro. Green take us 
out to eat and then take us and our investigator Charles to the church 
for our Family Home Evening that we have as a Ward. Before the family 
home evening we met with Charles for a few minutes. He told us that he 
has been thinking a lot about baptism and he said that he was wanting 
to get baptized! He feels that it would been the right decision. It 
was so awesome! We are excited for him. 
We also were able to visit with Nichole Jones! She was one of the 
people that was baptized while I was in this area the first time that 
I was here. It was awesome. 
Well that's about it for this week! Happy New Years again!
Elder Peterson

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12/22/14 Elder Peterson - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Well, Merry Christmas everyone! Only 3 more days....I can hardly contain myself!

There is not much to report on this week. Last week Elder Richmond and
I both got sick and so it was really hard to do any missionary work.
We are both still recovering a little bit, but we are doing our best!
We have a couple appointments this week that we are excited for and so
we hope that they go well.

Christmas Day is going to be a blast! We get to go up to the Visitors
Center as an entire mission and watch a cartoon film. That is going to
be great! We are going to have a lot of fun on Christmas Day. We also
are going to have a fun time in Christmas Eve. Our district is having
a little get together in the morning. It is sort of a devotional
thing. Then we got invited to go to a couple of Christmas Eve parties.
It will be fun. We have so many wonderful members in our Ward. Bro.
Christensen is having us over on Christmas Eve for dinner and he is
also going to be helping with the mission lunch on Christmas. He and
his wife are wonderful people. The other couple that is going to be
helping with the lunch on Christmas are the Pratts. They are amazing
people as well.

Isn't this time of the year just amazing? We get to reflect on our
lives and how many blessings we have in our lives. I am so blessed to
have the knowledge of my Savior Jesus Christ. He came into this world
so that we can live again someday. I am also so grateful for my
family! They are the best. I am also grateful to be here serving a
mission. There are so many miracles I have been able to witness. There
are too many to count! It is amazing. I love that word...amazing. It
is a perfect word to describe the feelings of Christmas. I hope
everyone feels amazing this Christmas!

That's it from me this week! Merry Christmas!

Elder Peterson

Monday, December 15, 2014

12/15/14 Elder Peterson - The List Goes On and On...

Elder Lim and Me - Merry Christmas!!

Elder Guerrero, he was never my roommate, but he is just awesome!

Elder Stubbs, another roommate

Awesome Ward Mission Leader
We had a lot of good times!

A little bit of home here...

Well, life is just crazy isn't it? I am glad to hear that Seth had a
great birthday. It is crazy to look at the pictures of him and see how
much he has really grown up. That is the same with all of the
siblings. I am also glad to see that he chose strawberry shortcake as
his dessert. Good choice that is. That is my favorite dessert of all
time. Banana cream pie is a close second if not it is a tie.

Well, this past week has blown my mind...I AM BACK IN DC 3RD!!!!!!!! I
can't believe it!!! This was the first area that I served in. It is so
awesome! I get to see a lot of the people that I was able to teach and
end my mission with a bang! It is a bike area and I am glad that my
bike is holding up. I have realized that it is an amazing way to
get around. It really is. I am going to try and do that when I get
home, ride a bike around more.

My companion is Elder Richmond. He is pretty young in his mission and
so it is fun to work with him and get to know him. He is a cool guy.
He is from Wyoming! We have already had some crazy experiences so far
in the past few days.

So, we have been able to talk a lot of people out on the street. It
has been a while since I have done this in an area. In DC we get to
see a lot of people out and about, but anywhere else in the mission
there aren't as many people to talk to walking around. I have had to
pick up some of the skills I had formerly. We are having a good time

Last night we didn't have any appointments and so we went out to talk
with people and I talked to this one lady who was really nice! Her
name is Star which explains why she was so nice. She was interested in
meeting with us because she has always wanted to know what Mormons
believe. We are gonna meet with her sometime this week hopefully.
Elder Richmond also talked to this really nice lady while I was
talking to Star. He is excited for us to meet with her because he told
me she was really interested too.

This is the area that Bro. Armstrong is in! I get to see him all the
time now. And a lot of people that I have grown to love so much!
Ceasar, Joelyn, Nichole...the list goes on and on. It is good to be

Well, I am getting stoked for Christmas! Only 10 more days...can ya'll
believe it? It is almost the end of 2014. Wow...

Well, that's about it from me for this week. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Peterson

Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8/14 Elder Peterson - He is the Gift!!

Wow I can't believe how awesome this past week was! I never thought
that my mission could get any better! Here's how the week went down.

So, we had the opportunity to go to a couple of district meetings. It
was such a wonderful time! I was truly amazed at the maturity of some
of the young missionaries in our mission. One of the Elders that was
at one of the district meetings gave a workshop on the baptismal
covenant. I was very surprised/happy about how the workshop went. He
is such a powerful missionary. Also, that same day I was able to have
some one on one time with one of my former companions Elder Redmond.
He is doing great! He is such an amazing guy. I was grateful for the
time we had to talk and catch up a bit.

Also, this past week I got to go on exchanges with a couple of Elders.
Their names are Elder Van Wagoner and Elder Gipson. My exchange with
Elder Van Wagoner was on Tuesday and we had a great day. One of the
things that I love so much about going one exchanges is that everything
always goes well. All of the plans usually hold, you get to talk to
some cool people, and you just get to see tons of miracles. On my
exchange with Elder Gipson, we had a really spiritual experience. We
went to visit a less active member in the Capitol Ward (which is a
ward that I used to serve in). I had met this lady a couple of times
before this particular appointment. When we went over there, we
planned to talk to her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and talk to
her about going to the temple. We were able to find out before the
appointment that she hadn't been able to go to the temple yet. We went
over there and the lesson went almost as perfect as our plans. I was
shocked. This is something that rarely happens on the mission field.
Plans are always changing. The spirit was so strong in that house it
was almost unreal. We were able to talk with her about the blessings
of the temple and she was able to recognize them. She expressed that
she is wanting to get to that point, but it will take some time. I am
so excited for her.

Elder Lim and I have been having the opportunity to talk to a lot of
people about "He is the Gift." We are on board! It is such a cool
opportunity for us to be able to share the message of Christ with
people during this wonderful season.

Well, I am sorry that this is a little short. I want to end by letting
everyone know that I found out that I will be transferring to another
area for the last little bit of my mission. I am pretty sad to be
leaving this area. I have loved it so much! The people here in this
ward are amazing and I have learned how to appreciate the simple
things in life while I have been down here. One of those being good
people. There are a lot of good people here in White Plains 2nd ward.
I am going to miss it!

I love you all! 
Merry Christmas!
Elder Peterson