Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Elder Peterson 2/27/13

Hello Family how are you doing? I am sorry but this email might be a little bit shorter. We only have 30 minutes to write and I had to read all of the emails that you sent and so I am trying to write a little bit but it might be shorter than you would like. I recorded myself again and I am sorry but I am not singing. Last P-day we only had about 10 minutes to email because we were cut short on time becasue we were going to be late for dinner and so I was only able to send the recordings.

Alright well everything is wonderful here! I forgot that Hannah was leaving on Tuesday and not today but it was nice to hear from her! I am glad that her talk and party and everything went well. I am hoping that we are able to email each other instead of writing because that is a lot of stamps. But it is totally worth it....:)
This past week was crazy and yet so fast. We had a few appointments that fell through. But Nichole is doing very well. She is finally starting to realize that she needs to READ the Book of Mormon and that is a major step for sure. We have two other investigators Andre and Colleen. They are both doing pretty well too.

I don't have very many stories to tell honestly. Everything is just flowing smooth and I am learning a lot. I am sorry that I don't have much time to write. Next week will be better for sure! Maybe if it is alright if you could not email me so much? It would give me more time to write emails to you. I know that once I get into the hang of it I will be able to go much faster but right now it is a little overwhelming.

Just to answer Mom's questions. I am not cold, Nichole is great. I got Autumn's cookies and they were delicious, I don't need anything much, and I can't give out my address to my apartment. Everything needs to go to the mission office and they forward it to us. I don't know why but we need to follow the rules.

ONE last thing. My razor sucks. It is finally deciding to die out and doesn't shave my face very well. I don't know if you want to have me buy one here or if you want to send me one? Just let me know. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! and I miss you. I will write more next week I promise.

Elder Peterson

Elder Gremillion, Sis Kenan, JS, Nichole (an investigator) and Me!

 At the Lincoln Memorial

Stunts with Elder Johnson

More stunts with Elder Johnson

The DC Temple at night (obviously)

The Capitol Building

The Washington Monument


  1. So exciting!! I'm really glad you can keep us up to date on Elder Peterson, and Hermana Peterson through this blog.
    As much as I would like to email him, I'll hold off so he has more time to write emails. :-)

  2. Hahaha, "stunts with Elder Johnson." That made my laugh! I'm glad he's doing well!