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3/19/13 Hermana Hannah Lynn Peterson

First off before I forget, happy birthday last week to Shelly, Tye, and Abby and Grant! I totally forgot to wish you a happy birthday and realized it as soon as I logged off. Hope you had good ones :)

All week I've been compiling a list of things to tell so this may seem a little listy.. just bear with me :)

Mom, could you do a favor for me? Could you ask Sister Leavitt if she could send Todd my address in Concepcion (I wrote it down for you before I left. It's the one that has O'Higgins in it) in an email and tell him that his letter took 14 days to get here, so the next one he sends needs to go there or it'll get lost! I forgot to bring the address with me to the computer or I was just going to type it in here because he told me she forwards my emails to him. That would be so so awesome! Thanks!

Dad, I know there is a quote out there somewhere, and if someone is going to find it, you're the man. Could you possibly dear elder me the quote said by one of the apostles about finishing the book of mormon in a different language? It's something along the lines of if you read the book of mormon out loud in another language, by the time you're done, you'll be fluent. I want to have something to back up what I'm thinking is right... I've started doing this and I'm in 1 Nephi Chapter 12. I read two chapters out loud each night, and it's amazing the things that I'm noticing in the scriptures as I'm learning, like past and future tense. The gift of tongues is REAL! Also, maybe you could send me some cool talks or quotes periodically!

While I'm thinking about it, YES I can get pictures to this email so send them! I'd also love real printed out pictures too. :)

Dad, a few things that you're going to be proud of me for (besides Gospel stuff of course). #1. I ran 2 miles yesterday, nonstop. Also, those two miles were run under 20 minutes. #2. The other day (Friday I think) we were learning a new concept in Spanish and I wasn't understanding it. My teacher said, "K let's try this." Then he busted a football analogy, and it clicked. I definitely understand it, and still do. :) 

They DO NOT have smoothies here in the MTC, and it's killing me. Every morning I think, I could go for one of dad's smoothies right about NOW. Es no bueno. But they do have good food. Speaking of good food, I got cinnamon rolls from Lisa last night. BEST food bar none that I've had in the 3 weeks I've been here. But coming in at a close second was a lunch we had last week... NOT LYING, it was ALL of my favorite foods. French Dips, Carrot Cake, Orange Juice, Strawberries, and French Fries. Winner winner, Chicken dinner!

Mom, I just wanted to take a second and apologize. Basically, I had convinced myself that you had either died or that you loved Jacob more than me when it had been 2 weeks and I hadn't heard from you. I know both are horrible, but I didn't know what else to do. I don't know why I thought those things, but I hadn't heard and was freaking out. That was probably one of the hardest things I've dealt with here (not to make you feel bad because it wasn't your fault) but I'm glad it's all resolved! Phew for real.

So funny story real fast, my first full day here, I got a package slip and was so excited. The package was for a Hannah Peterson but it was NOT for me. The people in the mail room did some sleuthing, and turns out there is ANOTHER Hannah Peterson, in.my.same.mission. SO PLEASE, anyone who sends me ANYTHING while I am in Chile, address it with my full name so there is no confusion! Hermana Hannah Lynn Peterson and then the address. I don't know how the mail works down there, but this will help with postponement of letters!

On Suday night, we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I gained an even stronger testimony about the incredible man Joseph Smith is. I felt prompted to extend the challenge to everyone who reads this email, to pray about it, and take someone to see the Joseph Smith movie at the Visitor's Center. I promise that the Spirit that I feel when I see this movie, will be felt by all! It's such an incredible tribute to the prophet that he was/is. I cannot wait to teach others about Him and bear my testimony about Him! Yo se que Jose Smith es un profeta!! (I apologize for the missing accents again... silly computer).

Also, I challenge all who read this email, to go read the words to the hymn "Oh, Thou Rock of Our Salvation." They are POWERFUL!!! We had an awesome talk on Tuesday about what kind of rocks we are going to be and the speaker took apart this song line by line. It was so awesome!

I don't know how Todd did it, or how anyone is in here for longer than 6 weeks. I'm at 3 weeks tomorrow, and I'm getting so antsy to just get to Chile! I'm grateful that I'm only here for 6 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the MTC, but I just want to leave!

My companion Hermana Harris and I were called to be the music coordinators for our zone! We're in charge of all things music related. I'm pretty excited about it, even though it will only be for 2 weeks I think!

So last week I tripped up the stairs. Yup, not down, up. Go Hermana Peterson!

So our two investigators are progressing well! We met our new investigator David (pronounced Dah-veed). We've taught him twice, and we extended the baptism invitation and he's getting baptized April 5th! We're going to teach him about the restoration tomorrow and the plan of salvation on Friday. Our other investigator Ruby, we kind of plateaued with, but we started things again fresh and we meet with her again tomorrow and we asked her to read Alma 32 so hopefully she does! SHe said she doesn't know how to have faith, so we're goin to teach her about it tomorow. Speaking of Alma 32, I studied it... IT'S SO POWERFUL!! Read it! The verse, I think it was like 24ish that talked about kids saying things that confound adults made me really miss Caleb. His letter was the cutest thing in the whole world. That was the first glimmer of homesickness I've had, which I haven't really been, and it's been a tender mercy. Not that I don't miss you and love you, it just hasn't been occupying my thoughts and it's really been a blessing!

We had TRC last night and met an awesome guy named Santiago and taught him about sharing his talents of music. He was really appreciative to us, and it was really cool because we had a lesson planned and the Holy Ghost prompted us another way!

Last story then I'm overtime, but on Sunday Sister Jean Stevens from the General Primary Presidency spoke to us and we watched a clip of the main video of Christ visiting the Nephites and it was the first time that I have completely and 100% understood my purpose for being here. I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT wait to get to Chile and serve and love those people as Christ would if He was here. As a representative of Jesus Christ, it is my calling and my responsibility, to act and to do as Christ would. I have learned teaching our investigators (and especially David - I cried during our first lesson because I immediately loved him SO much and wanted him to have the gospel) that every child is SO precious to our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I CANNOT wait, to represent Jesus Christ in Chile, and help his brothers and sisters come unto Him. My heart is about to explode from pure joy!! DC 18:10, 15-16 just came into my head about the worth of souls. The worth of EVERY soul is great in the sight of God!

Yo se que Jesucristo vive! Yo se que las familias son eternas. Yo se que mi mision es muy importante. Amo el Evangelio de Jesucristo con todo mi corazon!

Con Amor,
Hermana Peterson

p.s. I have cried more here in the MTC than I have in my entire life combined, and I know more scriptures than I ever have. Wanna know something cool... my district refers to me as the scriptorian. Spanish is coming so good. I testify that Heavenly Father keeps His parts of promises, if we do what we can. I love you all. Be safe, have fun, and write lots. YOU CAN BE A MISSIONARY TOO :)

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