Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3/26/2013 Hermana Peterson

I have never been enchanted by something more in my life than I was by the snow this past week. It snowed 2 days in a row, and one of the days it snowed tons. ALL. DAY. Seriously, I was blown away. It was beautiful. I took a bajillion pictures, but I´ll have to send them once I get to Concepcion. Straight up, I love the snow.

Second, I just want to testify that the Lord does answer our prayers, no matter how little they may seem. This last week Meredith showed up, and I wanted to see her SO BAD. I looked everywhere, around every corner, etc. and had no luck. I finally started praying every second that I would get to run into her, even if it was just for a second. Sunday morning, I thought I saw her, and then realized that it was her. I booked it up from my seat at breakfast and we both freaked. Don´t worry Mom, I wasn´t over the top. She said that she had been praying and looking for me everywhere too. Her visa came in and she left this morning. So I literally saw her in the nick of time. I never saw her again, but we were able to talk for about 20 minutes and I got a picture with her. It was just what I needed too!

So I also freaked out a little yesterday when I got the forwarded email via dearelder about Austin coming here!! Ah, I am so excited. I hope I´ll get to see him! Mom or Dad, will you forward this to him? I have lunch at 8 every morning, lunch at 12:35 and dinner at 5:35. He'll miss my last P-Day but hopefully I'll get to run into him! I have been so jealous of everyone else who is in here with their cousins and now I'll get to be in here with him for 5 days haha but I have class in building 18M on the 4th floor, so if he has class in there, tell him to come find me, but I'll be looking out for him too!!

So we read a talk this last week by Holland titled Cast Not Away Thine Confidence? It was SO good! If you can, find it and read it. It definitely changed my outlook on a few things. Elder Holland is so powerful! This last Tuesday there was all this hype about the possibility of an apostle coming, but alas one did not. However it was Elder Whiting of the Seventy and we were front and center in the 3rd row! He gave a super powerful talk about the Holy Ghost and how it should be our friend and that we should do all that we can to have him with us always. This past Sunday night, we had a devotional with the Managing Director of the Missionary Department (and I just blanked on his name), but he gave a talk on how to be a successful missionary. There were some things that he said that I definitely need to work on, and it was just good to hear. Something funny though, he said that when he talks to the missionaries he likes to get to know them, so he asked a bunch of questions and had us stand up if it applied. I was ticked when I couldn't stand up for being the first missionary of my siblings (Jake... sheesh), but he asked how many of us were learning languages other than our native language and not lying about 95% of the auditorium stood up. It was SO cool! Then he asked how many missionaries had been dear johned or dear janed since they'd been in the MTC and there were 5 guys that stood up. I busted up. It was really funny, but that's SO sad! haha But, this Sunday we're having a special Sacrament Meeting with everyone and an Apostle is coming. If we can make it on time tonight from the temple to the limited seats in the choir, we'll have a definite spot for Sunday to sing for the Apostle and be in the same room as him! I'm so super excited.

Speaking about Easter, this week I challenge all of you to read about the last week of Christ's life. I started on Sunday and am slowly getting through it, but it's amazing. Use Jesus the Christ too. I am so grateful for my Savior and all that He has done, and continues to do for me. I am so grateful and humbled by this opportunity that I have to go out and teach others about Him! Remember, Easter is about Christ's Resurrection, not about the Easter Bunny. The Atonement would not have been complete with out the Resurrection, and I am so excited that I will live with Him again!

Mom, every time we learn something in class about a noun or an adjective, the schoolhouse rock songs come into my head and then I'm stuck singing them all day. Curses! Also, if there is anyway possible, could you and mom send me/have it sent directly to my mission home the Conference Edition of the Ensign? I'll be able to hear it here, but I won't be able to get the audio on my ipod, and I'd really like to read and study them more. I love General Conference so much, and want to know the things that the Prophet has said always, so if asked I'll know without a doubt what our Prophets and Apostles have counseled us to do! :)

I'm sorry I haven't sent any pictures, it's crazy here. I promise I'm taking them though, and as soon as I'm allowed, I'll send 500 bajilion.

Bekah, how's the lifeguarding process going? Have you heard anything from Tatsu? Remember when you do, take copies over to Becky Martinez.

Mom are you forwarding my letters to my Milano's crew? If not, could you do that? I was thinking about all of them the other day, and want them to know how I'm doing. I miss them tons!

You'll be getting 2 letters from me this week. One has some bookmarks in it, which are incredible. If you would take the time, maybe for family night and read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon together, I promise you will be blessed. Maybe even write the quote about the BofM being the most correct book in the world on the back of the book mark. I have one and I sent one to Jake too, but there is one for everyone. It also has the receipt from my typhoid pills in it in case you can be reimbursed?? The second letter has the actual letters in it. Just a heads up though!

Mom (and family) Thanks so much for the package! Sister Durfee, thanks so much for the quilt!! I LOVE it! It's beautiful :) (I'm going to write all of my thank you cards on my flight down to Chile, so they'll be coming that way in a few weeks). Thanks for the shirt AND cardigan. I LOVED them both and all of the food too. The cockroach scared the heck out of me, and Dad I kept the orange blossoms for so long that they got moldy. I know you probably think I'm gross, but I just loved them okay? They are in the trash now. Another bag wouldn't be bad :) They smelled SO GOOD! I am so thankful for mi familia! :)

I don't have tons of time to write, but thank you to Sister Riggs, Bethany Minor (OF COURSE I remember you!), and everyone else who writes me. Dearelders, cards, everything is so appreciated! Grandma and Grandpa P, I got your dearelder. It worked, and it made my day :)

Last story real fast and then I'm over time. This last week we had a good learning moment with one of our investigators. After our teacher was talking to us and she talked to us about the story of Peter walking on the water. I went and read it later that day, and was totally amazed. Peter asked Jesus Christ if he could come out to Him, and Christ said yes. Peter began walking and then the winds and the waves stopped and he lost that faith and began to sink. I related this to my life right now, but it is completely applicable to life in general. When I lose sight of the Savior and began to either think it's me that's doing the teaching or focus on the language, I begin to sink. However, if I keep my eyes on the Lord He is there to help me. In verse 31, it says "And IMMEDIATELY Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him, and said unto him, "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" Jesus is ALWAYS there for us, but we have to not doubt. Compare this with DC 6:36. As a missionary, Jesus is there for me. However, I need to always be there for Him, keeping my sights on the most important things. Later that day, we had a lesson and I didn't focus on my language but focused on teaching the gospel, and I don't remember what I said because the Savior took over for my imperfections. Read this story, and learn the doctrines found in it. The Savior will NEVER leave us alone, but will be there to boost us up, even if we fall.
That's a summary of what I learned. I wish I could go into more detail, but I'm over time now.

I love you all. Be safe, stay healthy, and have a happy Easter Sunday! I miss you all. I want to hear how the Easter Pageant goes/went, and if you took anyone!

Con amor,
Hermana Peterson


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