Thursday, March 7, 2013

Better Late Than Never!!

Alright, I want to start off by saying that we weren't able to email yesterday becasue the weather was really bad and the library was closed. No one in the mission was able to email and so we are emailing today. I hope Mom didn't have a heart attack.

Alright, I also want to start off by saying I lied. Please send me long emails! Well, not super long but ones that are somewhat long. I am not going to do the voice recordings anymore and I will make time to write letters and email you fast. I want to hear about what is going on and plus it is really expensive to send letters cause stamps are pricey so please send me emails.

   Alright, it seems that I have forgotten to mention where I am serving. I am a slacker and I apologize. My area is called  DC 3rd South. I am smack dab in the middle of DC. I live about 4 miles North of the Capitol Building and my area covers the Capitol Building and the White House. Which is interesting becasue if Romney became president, he would've been in my ward! That would've been pretty interesting. So if you want to look it up on google maps, I live on Columbia Road and North Capitol in an apartment complex called the Cloisters. I live on the campus of the Catholic University. It is a pretty nice complex and the place that we go to email is right across the street and it is the Trinity Library. It is pretty nice. Anyways I hope that that gives the whereabouts of where I am.

   So this past week was pretty crazy. Our investigator Nichole is doing alright but the person I want to mention is Colleen. We were finally able to take her up to the Visitors Center last Friday and while we were up there we watched the Joseph Smith Movie and the short clip on families. She really enjoyed them a lot and she is enjoying reading the Book of Mormon. Colleen is 49 years old and she used to have drug and alcohol addictions. The only thing that she is struggling with right now is her smoking problem. We are working on it though. She wasn't able to make it to church on sunday which was a bummer but we did meet with her again on Monday. We brought a ward member Bro. Lunt who helped us out a lot in the lesson. We finished up the Plan of Salvation and she is really feeling the spirit which is great. It turns out that Bro. Lunt's sister lives in Mesa. Stephanie Hunt's husband is Bro. Lunt's sister's son. I hope that makes sense. We were able to go over for dinner to Bro. Lunt's home and we had some awesome sandwiches and tomato pepper soup. I want to get the recipe because it was really, really good.

    There has been some pretty amazing experiences happen lately. We have received a few referrals and one of them is named Tony. We are actually meeting with him today and he seems really interested. I can't wait to meet with him. I think I told you about Stephanie the lady we GQ'd and we are meeting with her tomorrow hopefully.

    For the most part this week hasn't been very productive, the weather was bad, Elder Gremillion got a flat tire and his bike got messed up a bit but it has been a pretty fun week. For P-day yesterday even thought the weather was bad we went and played basketball at the church. It was one of the craziest bike rides ever because it was snowing, and raining and it was hitting my face and it was super cold! But we pushed through the 4 miles uphill to the chapel and we made it. We also had our Zone Activity yesterday and we went and played Lazer Tag. It was pretty fun. Actually it was realy fun. I got 6th place overall out of 40 people. I felt like a boss basically.

    Alright my time is about up, but I just want to apologize in advance to everyone I didn't have time yesterday to write letters to anyone and so I will be writing next week. Tell grandma and grandpa Z that I have received their letters and I will be writing them next week. Also tell Leah happy birthday and I will be writing her too. Actually I will be writing everyone hopefully.  And please keep sending me the letters from Todd and Hannah and Daniel because I will read them if I have time. And I am waiting for the razor. I will push through and thank you so much for sending it. And if there is room could you send me some or all of my ties? :) the 5-6 tie thing isn't a rule it is a recommendation turns out.

   Lastly I have a few questions, how is everyone doing? does Rebekah have her permit? How is Seth's basketball going? Is Leah still doing that play thingy? Is Hannah alive? :) and how is Caleb? Also, did you get snow? I don't know if you told me if it snowed or not. Anyways I am doing wonderful, I am pushing through and am growing drastically physically and spiritually. Oh and I ran a 6:50 mile on Tuesday on the treadmill. Yeah I felt pretty cool. I am wanting to get it down to about 6 minutes by the end of the transfer. It will be hard but fun.

   I love you all!! And I miss you a ton! Keep me updated on stuff and I will talk to you soon! And there wasn't any picures this week but I will be sure to take some this week. Once again I love you so much!

 - Elder Peterson

OK, I found that I can copy/paste photos from his mission blog.  Here he is at a conference meeting with his companion.   (I hope there isn't some copyright/blog etiquette boundary I just crossed). Thanks, Sister Matsumori in case you ever see this!! :) 

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