Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Elder Peterson 3/13/13

Hello Everyone!!

This is Elder Peterson. I had a pretty sweet week this week. To start off we were able to take Nichole to the VC (Visitor's Center) on Friday. I will probably be using VC a lot so know what it means. Anyways we watched the Joseph Smith Video and it was amazing. She really enjoyed it.

It was great to hear from you about what is going on. I can't believe Rebekah got to go to Hawaii! ($$) if you know what I mean. I hope that it went well and that she had a great time. And congrats Seth on Basketball!! That is really awesome. And thanks for you letter Caleb I got it.

Alright, I have a confession to make. I don't have time to write letters again this week. We had a temple day this morning for P-Day for all of those missionaries who are leaving this next week for transfers. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that this transfer is only 5 weeks and not 6. Something about all of the new missionaries we had to have a quick transfer. I will be writing next week and I will make time so don't worry they are coming. I really appreciate y'all that keep writing me even though I am not responding. But I am getting them! It is so crazy that I have been in DC for over a month! It is really beautiful. The green hasn't come in just yet but should be here very soon. Probably around conference time.

I just want to say that the temple is really beautiful on the outside, and I was able to go inside today and it is even more beautiful. I sure hope that Mom and Dad can come get me so we can do a temple session together. It was really funny today at the temple. During the session the projector broke and so we had to go to another room. I don't know if I am supposed to talk about that but it was funny. There is 8 floors in the DC temple I am pretty sure and it is about 276 feet tall. It was an amazing experience this morning.

Alright I am trying to think of what else happened... On Monday we did exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Gremillion went with Elder Nielson and I went with Elder Pawlenchuk. Elder Pawlenchuk is from Canada and he is a really sweet guy. We had an amazing experience on Monday that I will never forget. We didn't have really much scheduled for that day except district meeting in the morning. We made a bunch of calls and no one could meet with us. Later that day a lady in our ward named Sis. Makoeng called us and invited us over for dinner. Her husband is not a member and while we were there he agreed to take the missionary discussions with us. It was a very spiritual experience. Also later that night a former investigator we had basically told us that he wanted to get baptized. I don't know what happened but he said that if he comes to know that what we are talking about is true he will get baptized. His name is Daryl and I am hoping that we will be able to start meeting with him soon.

Anyways, I don't have much more time, but I just want to say that I am doing great and my testimony is being strengthened everyday. We met with a less active named Bro. Norman yesterday and he agreed to come to church in a couple of weeks. He was feeling the spirit very strong and so was I during our meeting. It really strengthened my testimony. Alright just a quick question what is Meagan's address? I want to see how close she is to where I am serving. And I would love if you could send me hard copies of pictures because I would love to hang them up on my wall. If you could send that one of You and dad that would be sweet. You don't need to send all of the pictures in the mail because I can see them on email but the really awesome ones please do!

It was really great to get Hannah's letter and if you could send this email to her and tell her that I am sorry I haven't written her yet that would be great. Alright I love you all so much and I miss you!!

- Elder Peterson

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