Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hannah (Hermana Peterson) arrives to Utah/MTC

So, I am not computer savvy in any way, shape or form...just sayin'

Hannah (Hermana Peterson) in front of the Provo Temple
Hannah left on Tuesday, Feb 26 to fly to Utah.  My sister Lisa Wilson and her family were so gracious to pick her up and let her stay the night with them, and then on Wednesday, they drove her to the MTC for the "drop off at curb side..." They were so good to send me photo texts... but how long would it take me to figure out how to make them jpg. files so that I can post them here on the blog? "Days...weeks...months, who knows..."  Thank you to my good hubby and our friend James Franzen for helping me.  So, no, we haven't received a letter yet, but here are some pictures of her safe arrival. 

Waiting in a long line of cars
Hannah and the Wilsons (Andrew, Mitch, Lisa, Sarah, baby Mitchell and Joseph)
Love you guys!!
 After they dropped her off and drove away, who would she meet up with? Our good friends' daughter Sister Makaelee Owens (who by the way is going to Washington DC North Mission).  They were so happy to be checking in way.  Here's what her mom Kim said..."Amidst some tender mercies and feelings and uncertainties, these are two extra happy, amazing girls!!

Then Kim added..."Love those girls!! This is a very BIG day! Seriously, that sweet connection of discovery on the curb just spoke volumes for the peace and comfort of familiarity that they both needed and deserved!! Timing/coincidence...definitely an evidence of a very loving tender mercy and even more...a Father in Heaven!! Hannah is there with a friend!"
Thanks, Kimberly, for the sweet photos!
One last photo of some assigned missionaries helping the girls in with all their stuff!
You will both be missed!

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