Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mother of the Year Award!! NOT!

So...I get a letter in the mail today from my favorite Hermana in the MTC and it's addressed just to me.  There was another letter to the family.  Here is a paragraph from the letter addressed just to me. "I'm not going to lie though its disheartening that I haven't heard from you.  I don't know what's going on there and don't want to assume anything, but I've been gone two weeks and haven't heard a word from you.  I can't express how much it would mean to hear from you at least once. I miss talking to you everyday..."

Ouch!! Cut to the bone.  I've been writing her more than once a week...sometimes 2 and 3 times a week. What is going on? So...after "sleuthing" a bit, I realized something that I've been doing wrong. When I use the website, instead of selecting "Provo-MTC" mission, I've been selecting "Chile, Concepcion" and her letters have been going there via the pouch mail system. They were not being printed off and put in her MTC mailbox like I thought... 
Wow, do I feel like "Mother of the Year..."

Here are step by step instructions for for dummies...ME!

Go to said website.  See picture of missionary in center of screen with "Select Mission" to the right of him.  Click on that. "Provo MTC---Free" is the first mission listed.  Choose THAT one (while she is in the MTC).  After she leaves the MTC (April 9th) then you select "Chile Concepcion---Free". Then it says "Send Cookies" or "Write a letter" under "Select Mission".  Select the letter one, unless of course you feel so inclined to send cookies...then up comes a screen that looks like a postcard that you fill in the information asked for:

Hermana Hannah Peterson
MTC box: #153
Mission Code: CHI-CON
Estimated MTC departure date:0409

Then you type in your letter, hit send and they do the rest.  What an awesome website! They print off the letters and put them in her MTC mailbox...all for free!!

Her mission in Chile is what is called a pouch mission, and since dearelder will send it via pouch, that is also a free international postage!! :)
Once she leaves the MTC, select her real mission, and the pouch with your letters will be sent each Friday.  So there is a little lag time before she will get it.

On the bright side, once she gets down there in April, she will have a ton of letters from ME!! Sigh~
Now that I have figured it out, I will be sure to do it right for the next 4 weeks!!


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