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4/16/13 Um Hi...6 days...Hermana Peterson


CCM - centro de something de misioneros I can't remember, sorry. It does make sense though!
44% of the missionaries in the CCM right now are girls. I am seriously blown away! What the heck?! We almost fill the gym when we have Relief Society. Speaking of R.S. this past week Sister Mary Edmunds came and spoke to us. She does Timeout for Women, she's a motivational speaker, and she's HILARIOUS. She used to be on the General Relief Society Board, but now she's not. She was SO powerful, but SO funny. K so she was joking around and then she got super serious and said "DON'T TOUCH THE ELDERS. Don't high five them, don't pull a string off of them, DON'T TOUCH THEM. BUT, keep a list of the ones you DO want to touch." She.never.smiled. I haven't laughed that hard the whole time I've been in the CCM. It was absolutely hysterical. She cracked up after she said it, but oh my gosh I wish you could have heard it! She was so good at being funny, but spiritual at the same time and it was just a testimony to me that I can continue to be who I am as a missionary. Heavenly Father has called me to Chile to be ME! Sometimes, I feel like missionaries lose their personality but that's not how it's supposed to be! Also, she ended her talk with her testimony but also said, "There have been over 1 million missions served for the church but this one (talking to us individually) has never been served, nor will ever be served again. We are to go out and serve with all we've got, and the Lord will not leave us. He has called us, and He will NOT leave us alone. No one was pre-destined to fail." It hit me super strong and I thought "Okay people of Chile, Imma coming!"

Speaking of Chile.................. I'm LEAVING ON MONDAY!!! In 6 days, I am going to be in South America. W H A T? Not going to lie, I'm starting to freak out. Voy a vomitar. I couldn't be more excited, and more nervous at the same time. Honestly though, I think the reason I'm nervous is because I have a 3 hour layover in Santiago where I'm not going to know what's going on ha ha. I leave the CCM at 10 AM (respectively), and should be able to call you around 11:30 but then my plane takes off at 1:00 so I don't know how long I'll have. I'm hoping more than not, but prepare for the worst okay? I'd love if all of you could be home (I know the boys will be devastated that they get to miss school) and dad I'm sorry it's going to be right when you're supposed to teach, but uh..... esta bien! :)

Speaking of teaching, thanks for the letters from your students! Some of those students are going to be firecracker missionaries, some others.... I'm a little worried! Ha ha I think you know who I'm talking about. We had some good laughs, but tell them nice try. :)

My letter is kind of wimpy this week, I apologize. I started packing this morning, and it just took up a lot of time. There is one coming, and a package will be coming sometime soon with a few things, and I'm going to try to finally write the thank you cards I've been meaning to write forever and put them in there so Mom if you could distribute them, I'd appreciate it!

Seth, Bekah, and Caleb, I don't know if I'm going to have time to write you back this week but I will for sure write letters on the plane. I'll do my best though, I promise. Leah you are slacking. I'm offended. Lisa, thank you for your package!! I ate all of the carrot cake cookies except for 2. I know, I know. But they were SO good! I'll try to write you soon too, but to answer your question, Yes, yes they were the best! :)
I still see Austin around all the time and it's awesome! He's going to just bring so many people unto Christ in Brazil I know it! He has an ability to help others around him, and I'm so grateful I've seen him here! I've seen Haley Brown, Savannah Stapley, and Jake I saw Lexi Wadsworth. Dad the first two told me to tell you hi, and Jake, Lexi said to tell you hi!

I forgot birthdays last week, but happy birthday last week and this week to Shantele, Nathan, Aaron, Annie, Jess, Luke & Riley!!! I hope you all have/had fantastic birthdays!! :) I miss you all tons!

Dad, thanks for laminating my mission call! Mom, thanks for the package. I don't have means to upload a picture today, but the peach-o-rings were TOTALLY melted together! Don't worry I took a picture, and yes I'm still eating them, I just have to eat it straight from the wrapper :) ha ha thanks for the pictures too! I.HAVE.THE.BEST.PARENTS.IN.THE.WHOLE.WORLD. No question.

Leah, you look SO beautiful without braces! Not that you didn't before, but you look awesome! Dad and Seth, keep those boys away for 2 more years!

Mom, I don't know if you were planning on sending another package (if not, seriously don't worry about it.), but I'd like a photo album (like flip one... I hope that makes sense). Somewhere in my room I know I have one, but whatever works. REMEMBER, this is only if you were planning on sending one. If not, I'll survive. Promise. ALSO, I don't need ANYMORE clothes. I seriously have plenty. I could probably send back most of my wardrobe and survive. I seriously only wear my black and grey skirt (that's a tad bit of an exaggeration) but really. I wore my black one 3 times last week. I have PLENTY!

Grandma Peterson, just so you know, your name means "cute" in Spanish. Linda = Cute  When I discovered that this week, I said yup basically that describes my grandma :) I hope all is well in Vermont. I love and miss both you and Grandpa! I hope you're keeping Grandpa in line :)
We seriously met a girl that was on Arthur. Not lying. Her name is Janessa and she was on the episode about lying. I don't remember her, but just so you know. I basically know a celebrity!

K so here's a dilemma. I really want to send my journal pages home so that you have them just in case my luggage gets stolen or lost or something, and I also want to send you home my study journal pages too. But I'm not sure if I should... You tell me and I'll do whatever. I can send all of my journal pages home in my package and keep the rest for the rest of my mission, I can do whatever! YOU TELL ME!

Caleb, I love your letters (I love everyone else's too, don't worry). I'll try not to ask you too many questions, but that just means when you write me you better write me about everything that's going on. You better be keeping an eye on Seth for me. Give him a good thumping every once in a while will ya? Oh, and when I call on Monday, have your best song prepared for me so I can hear it over the phone!!! :)

Okay hi, I LOVE my companion. Seriously, we are so much a like, it's not even funny.  We get along SO well, and I have learned more from her than I did my first 6 weeks here. Truly, I believe one of the reasons I'm still here is so that I could have her as my companion. I love her so much and am so sad that we're only going to be companions for 2 weeks. She's headed out to Ecuador on Monday morning and I leave 7 hours after her! I love my district too. I go into more detail about it in my letter you'll get later this week. They are just awesome! They truly help me want to be a better person! There are 6 hermanas and 5 elders, and all of us hermanas are in the same room! I have pictures, but will send them later. We collect empty toilet paper roles, and are up to 141. There's no reason behind it, we just do it, and it's probably one of the funniest things I've ever done. Anyways, I totally am not sad that I'm still here. It has been SUCH a blessing.

Okay a quick little tid bit, I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me he wants to wean me off my boot. I didn't wear it for about 5 hours last night, and it was a little sore, but not much. I didn't wear it all morning but am wearing it right now and to the temple. Tomorrow I'll go half and half, Thursday I won't wear it at all, and I go back Friday! So I'm leaving on Monday!

Oh and on Sunday I played a musical number in sacrament meeting, AND I got called up on the spot to speak!

I'll end with some spiritual stuff now. Sorry my letter is all over the place! It's been a roller coaster of a week, and I'm just still freaking out that I'm actually leaving!

The scriptures are my favorite thing. Truly. I have learned so much this week from them and I have been seriously keeping a study journal. I have found so much amazing stuff! We talked about the Brother of Jared the other night as a class and some of the stuff we found was amazing! I then restudied after by myself and it was awesome! In Ether 2:19-25 The Brother of Jared goes to the Lord with questions, does what the Lord asks, and then the Lord asks him what he wants Him to do. I know that the Lord cares about us so much, but many times He wants us to exercise our agency and make our own choices!

I know that my Savior lives, and that He loves us! I become more and more grateful everyday for the decision I made to serve a mission! I cannot wait to get to Chile next week, and serve, serve, serve!

Be happy, read your scriptures, be a missionary, and stay healthy!I love you all!

Hermana Peterson

p.s. Jacob, keep up the good work. Sorry I didn't have time to respond to all your emails! Thanks for the pictures though, and I just write more because I'm a girl :) I love you! 

Here's where Jacob and I will be serving

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