Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4/3/13 Elder Peterson - Happy General Conference Week!!

This past week has been crazy!! I don't know where to start and so I am going to start with answering mom's questions because they are the most important :) I got the Easter Package! Thank you for all of the deliciousness and my roommates were very grateful that you were thinking of them. Just one tip of advice though. Exnay on the Fake Plastic Grassay. That stuff is not very pleasing to find all over the apartment:) Thank you Leah and Seth for writing me i loved you letters. Seth I am writing you back! It just takes me a while to get your letters so patience. Easter was great this weekend on Saturday we had a Easter Dinner at  our ward building and we had a great ward turnout. A few of our less actives in our area showed up and it was nice to see them. And as usual the food was DELICIOUS.

Just to let you know, we had to drop Andre (from our teaching pool). We were very sad about it but he is not wanting to meet with us anymore. This is about the 3rd time that he has done this to a set of missionaries and I hope that sometime he comes around. He just needs more time. But Nichole is doing fantastic!! We were able to meet with her on Friday and we had a wonderful lesson with her. Something else that is great is that we picked up a new investigator on Wednesday whose name is Charles. He is a very wonderful guy and we are excited to teach him.

We had many wonderful blessings come up this weekend. On Sunday all three of our investigators (Walter, Nichole, and Charles) came to Church!! They all had a wonderful time even though Walter had to leave after sacrament. The Spirit was very strong and we had some great lessons at church which touched Nichole and Charles. Also, it is official...Nichole is going to be baptized on Sunday! She has her Baptismal interview on Friday with Pres. Matsumori and we are sure that she is going to pass. We just have to squeeze in a few lessons for now until Friday. We are very excited for her and she is definitely changing a lot. Yesterday we were able to meet with her at the library. While we were there someone said something to us that really made her frustrated. She was in a very contentious mood but she was able to say a prayer and the Spirit was able to return to our lesson. She recognized the Spirit come back and it was great. I AM JUST SO EXCITED!!!!

Also, all of our investigators are planning on coming to Conference this weekend. Both on Saturday and Sunday, General Conference will be shown at our church building and we will be having lunch/dinner in between sessions. Because of the time difference, the sessions are shown from 12-2 and 4-6. Priesthood is from 8-10 and we have to go to the Visitors Center to watch it (Count your blessings Arizonians) :)

Other than that everything is going amazing. I don't have much time to write today but I hope that everything is going well in Arizona. Miss you and have a wonderful conference!!

- Elder Peterson


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