Thursday, April 4, 2013

4/4/13 Two More Weeks...

I know many of you are praying for her foot.  Thank you!
After meeting with the doctor today, it was decided that she should stay for 2 more weeks at the MTC.  Her foot isn't doing much better, and taking into consideration how the health care is in Chile, we all would much rather that she get better here on this side of the Equator! She was able to call and talk with her Dad today, and despite some tears, and frustrations,  he was able to calm her down and let her know of our love for her! We all know that there is a plan, and our Heavenly Father knows the plan, we just have to follow him in faith!! We are looking at the positives here.

I'm feeling very helpless right now, and so wish I could hug her, and help her know it will all be alright!

Extra prayers are always welcomed, and notes of encouragement would be appreciated!! Here's hoping that 2 extra weeks will do the trick and that she will still be able to go to Chile this month!

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