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4/9/13 Hermana Peterson

Hola. This weeks email is going to be shorter because I sent a bajillion pictures. Please let me know if you got them! I don't remember how many I sent. I apologize, I just figured pictures were more important!

So first things first. I'm in a new district, an intermediate Spanish district that speaks Spanish todo. I've only been with them for a day and I can already feel my memory picking up and I'm learning tons. It's amazing how much the attempt at immersion helps. So yesterday was a crazy day. Basically I've decided that because the mission is as crazy as it is that I should've come out sooner :)

Hermana Harris had to be at the travel office at 4 AM so Hermana Taylor and I woke up at 3:15 to get ready and get her there on time. However, the night before I don't think I went to sleep till almost midnight because they were all still packing and the lights were on. So keep in mind I was running on about 3 hours of sleep. Anyways, so we dropped Hermana Harris off and had about 2.5 hours left until 6:30 so we decided to go back and crash. Hermana Taylor didn't leave till 10 so we made a game plan, she was going to shower and get ready and then we had a few errands to run, and the other Hermanas had left the room a pigsty (sp?) so we had a lot to do. So we crawled into bed and about 10 minutes later a voice came on the loud speaker asking for Hermana Taylor. They said she was needed at the travel office immediately. So we threw her stuff together and rushed. The man at the travel office told her that her paper was wrong and she was leaving now! I looked at him and said but I don't have a companion!! He told me to figure something out and went back to his business. More than ANYTHING, I felt SO bad for Hermana Taylor! Poor thing!! So I sat in the travel office contemplating what to do, and decided to head back to my room. At this point it was like 4:45 so I couldn't start cleaning because people were still sleeping, so I propped my door open and got about an hour and a half of sleep. People were leaving so it was loud, but I just laid there and laughed because this would happen to us! Haha At 6:30 I got up and went down to my new room and told them what had happened and let Hermana Bytheway know that we were now companions :) (Yes, John Bytheway is her dad's cousin). So bless her heart, she came and helped me clean up, we got locked out of her room in our pj's and barefoot so we had to walk to the front desk and get a key :) I got the room cleaned, got moved over, and life is good :) When I hit my pillow last night though, I passed the heck out. Fue bonita.

So quick tender mercy story. On Wednesday of last week, my foot was really hurting me and I had finally hit a wall. Our elders were hosting so it was just us sisters in the room, and I had a good cry. Hermana Harris felt prompted to go to the doctor and see if we could get an earlier appointment (I had one scheduled for Thursday afternoon). So we went down there, and the doctor wasn't there that day that's why I'd been scheduled for Thursday afternoon, but the had an opening Thursday morning, so I took it. Not lying here, but we walked out of the building and THERE WAS AUSTIN! I forgot he was Elder Zimmerman so I yelled AUSTIN! (Speaking of Austin, Aunt Jennifer, thanks so much for the cinnamon rolls! They are delicious, and don't worry, I'm sharing :) ) Anyways, back to the story. So he got super excited and gave me a huge hug haha.

I'm sure people were freaking out. But he's my cousin, so esta bien :) I had been praying all morning that I would see him and I'm so glad I got to. I've seen him quite a bit actually and we have the same P-day so that's cool, even though our schedule is different. But I'm SO glad he's here with me!

Receiving travel plans: CHECK
In-field orientation: CHECK
Departure devotional: CHECK
Packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye to teachers and my district: CHECK

AND GUESS WHAT?! I get to do it ALL over again!! :) Truly, I'm excited! Ha ha

In my scriptures I have a quote written by Marvin K Jensen que dije, "Instead of asking "why me, why now," we need to ask "what we need to find out and what we are supposed to learn." I'm not going to lie, when I found out I'd be here for another 2 weeks at least, I was devastated. I held it in until I saw my companions and I lost it. I didn't want to be here, I want to be in Chile ahora! Pero, I remembered this quote in my scriptures, and I made up my mind that instead of complaining I was going to trust the Lord and work my hardest (and talking to my Daddy on the phone helped :) ) But I made a list of blessings for still being here in el CCM:

1. I have 2 weeks in an intermediate Spanish class, with a district that is SO welcoming and nice. They are super patient with the little Spanish I know compared to them, and they correct me instead of just letting me say the wrong thing. It's awesome!  We SYL (speak our language) todo tiempo, and it's helping me SO much!
2. I got to talk to my Dad on the phone. (Mom I wish I could've talked to you too, but in a few weeks yes!)
3. I have more opportunities to serve in el CCM
4. I get to go to the temple 2 MORE TIMES!! There isn't a temple in my mission, and this is such a blessing!
5. I have 2 more weeks of CCM food, which means 2 less weeks in Chile to have to eat seafood :) Also, I'll arrive in Chile when it's more into winter!
6. More devotions, which means possibly an apostle!
7. Es una prueba en mi vida. 2 Ne. 2:11 - there is opposition in all things!
8. I get mas practica con uno companion instead of dos.

There are lots more too. I'm so so blessed! Because of this prueba, I am seeing parts of my setting apart blessing happening. The hand of the Lord is so relevant in mi vida and I love this gospel!

Thanks for all your letters and emails. Thanks Sister Laux for the list of synonyms :)

I have tons that I want to tell you, but I can't remember any of it. This week was CRAZY, and I didn't write down things as they happened to tell you like I normally do. I'm sorry

OH! Vocal point was our devotional on Sunday night. They were way good. I attached a photo. Seriously, he was standing by my companions and I and I walked up and said "My brother loves you guys, but he's on a mission. Could I take a picture with you to send to him and make him jealous?!" He was all for it! LOVE YOU JAKE! I wish you could have been here with me :)

Also, how about Conferencia General?!? SO GOOD!

Elder Holland did it again. WHAT WE KNOW WILL ALWAYS TRUMP WHAT WE DON'T KNOW. I have a hard time having confidence in the Spanish that I DO know, and this talk hit home for me. Don't complain, don't be afraid to ask for help, and hold the ground we have already won. Satan is trying SO HARD to make us forget who we are, pero if we hold true to the things we know, Heavenly Father will continue to help our faith grow! Satan is attacking the family much! With our families should be our best relationships!

I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve a mission! It has changed me in ways that I wouldn't have been changed with out my mission. I have completely fallen in love with this gospel, especially the scriptures. If you don't read them everyday, start now! Your knowledge will increase and your opportunities to share the gospel will too! I'm reading right now in Alma about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and I'm amazed by their strength. Alma 24 is incredible. The last verse (vs 30) is a little scary, pero the faith of the ANL is amazing! The chapters that follow are amazing too! I'm in 28 and getting into the crazy wars. Grandma and Grandpa Z sent me an awesome quote by Elder Holland last week. I don't remember it exactly, but they could tell you. We KNOW who is going to win in the end, so why do we have such a hard time choosing which team to cheer for? I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!

MEAGAN! Don't kill me, BUT I forgot to write down your email address and I sent all of my letters and dearelders home in a package this week to help me be underweight. If you could dearelder it me again, and I also completely forgot which day you said we could wear our skirts. If all goes well, I'm leaving on the 22nd so we could do some day after then. You pick, once again! I'm sorry!!!! I love you and thanks for all of your letters :)

Okay, well I'm over time now! Good luck and keep working hard to all other missionaries out here and those preparing. Bekah could you thank Bethany Wright for her dearelder? Tell her I'll try to send her a note!  Also, Bekah!! Tell Wesley Burnham that he's going to the same mission as 2 elders that were in my district!!! Tell him to keep an eye out for Elder Heywood and Elder Broadbent. They are awesome!!

I love you all!! Thank you for your prayers and support, I can truly feel it! I miss you all and keep up the missionary work! We need the help of the members. "CATCH THE WAVE!" Listen and read and study the conference talks OVER AND OVER. Pray! Read your scriptures! I challenge all of you to make it a goal to go to the temple once a week, especially the youth! Go and do baptisms!

Okay! Bye!

Con amor,
Hermana Peterson

Hermana Willard and Me

This is where I'm going!

Me in my Chilean shirt and my snow accessories from Aunt Lisa! Thanks!!

With our Easter Goodies

Probably one of the reasons I am so fat here! :)

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