Thursday, May 30, 2013

5-29-13 Elder Peterson

Dear family,

This is Elder Peterson. This week was pretty good. It could've been better but it was good. So I believe that Caleb had a wonderful birthday right? I can't believe that he is already 7! It seems like yesterday that he was wearing diapers. But I sure hope that he had a wonderful birthday!

Also, school is out!!!! Hallelujah! I can't believe that Rebekah is going to be a Junior, Leah a Freshmen, Seth in 7th, and Caleb in 2nd! That is really crazy!! And it is only just a couple months til they will be in school again! Enjoy the summer while it lasts. I hope that Bekah's job is treating her nicely. And I hope that everyone is enjoying their break! Do you have any trips planned for the summer?

Well, I am going to tell you all about our week. First off, some bad news...Charles isn't going to be is really sad but he isn't. He is a great guy and all it just isn't the right time.

But lets move on to some great news!! I think that I told you about our investigator Joelyn right? Well we had an apt. with her this Sunday but she called and canceled. On Monday we dropped by and she said that we could meet with her. We had a great lesson and she really learned a lot about the Priesthood and the Apostasy. We committed her to be baptized on June 30 and she said yes!! She is really cool and we are excited to meet with her again.

Also, we are making a lot of progress with a less active named Bro. Norman. He went less-active about 5 years ago and hasn't been to church since. We have been meeting with him pretty much every week for the past couple months. He is opening up more and is willing to let us be honest with him. It is a work in progress for sure but we are hoping to see him at church this Sunday.

Lastly, last night we had F.H.E at the church and we had the lesson. To prepare for the lesson we took and hour to come and go onto and watch some of the Mormon messages. I would encourage you all to watch the 3 part "Patterns of Light" by Elder Bednar. It is amazing and really strengthened my testimony. Also, one of our investigators Sophie came to F.H.E!!! She had a great time and we hope that it sparked her interest into coming to church on Sunday and meeting with us more.

Well, I love you all so much and I miss you all so much.
Elder Peterson

Monday, May 27, 2013

5-27-13 Hermana Peterson

I´m cracking up over here... I just read Jake´s letter when he fell flat on his back. Oh the mental image!! Good one Jake haha that´s a journal entry for sure!

So first things first before I forget...

1. The people in Chile eat Halls cough drops here like candy or mints. I remember the first time I was offered one I just thought it was a mint and then it was a cough drop and I was like, "Qué es esto?!" But it´s totally normal. It´s kind of cool actually, except for they don´t help my breath.

2. Because lunch is the big meal here, every night the familias "toma once." I´m not sure if there is an actual drink called once, but it´s like a light dinner with some sort of drink (juice, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.) and some sort of postre (sopapillas, pan, dulce, etc.). We´re not allowed to tomamos once unless it´s at a noche de hogar, because it´s not productive. But when we do, it´s so good. I absolutely love the food here in Chile!

3. So in the United States, when something surprises us, we yell "Holy Cow" or something along the lines. But the Chileans say, "Mitch!" It´s pronounced more like meetch, and I´m not sure how it´s spelled, but the first time I heard it, I thought well that´s funny because I have an Uncle Mitch. So basically Uncle Mitch, you´re famous down here in Chile :)

4. Speaking of Uncle Mitch, Lisa and Mom, I heard Michael on the radio in someone's house the other day... Luckily it was the end of the song, but I thought "qué es esto?!" Also, someone was jamming to Frank a few weeks back and I forgot to tell you. Just let it be known, the crooners are taking over the world.

5. Grandpa and Grandma Z. Oh man, I miss you! Thanks to you for your weekly "snail mail" letters. I love them! Today I got your letter from the 7th of May, so last week I got the one from the 30th :) But anyways, you know how you, Grandpa, always say "sweet nectar" and you talk about nectar of the Gods? Well Gramps, I hate to break it to you, but you haven´t tasted nectar from the Gods. The nectar here in Chile is truly "nectar of the Gods." I could chug 2 gallons in one sitting. It is SO good. I know I have a while, but I´m trying to brainstorm ways to bring a little back with me for you to try so if you and grandma have ideas, I´d love to hear them! My favorite, and of course the best, is the durazno nectar. Oh man, Gramps, you´ve been missing out big time haha the US is deprived!

6. BIG Birthday shout out to my favorite Staci Fallbeck!! The big 2-0 on Sunday!! Oh and I got your letter today. I was convinced you´d fallen off the face of the earth, so it was good to know you´re alive :) I don´t ever have a killer amount of time to write, but I will respond, I promise!

7. Sunflower in Spanish is Girasol. The verb girar means "to turn," so the translation is literally turn to the sun. Cool huh?! Everything translates cooler from Spanish to English. We have a little flower shop around the corner from our house, and I´m planning on buying one today to spruce up our neon green house a little bit :) Speaking of translations but not really, before my mission, I liked the song "Lead, Kindly Light" but for me, it wasn´t one of those songs that was in my top 5. But now, it totally is. The other night Hma Oldroyd and I were walking and we started humming it (bless her soul, she sings and it´s the best!) "Lead, Kindly Light" and then we started singing the words. "The night is dark, and I am far from home... lead Thou me on." As soon as we sang this line, we both stopped and looked at each other and said "Welp, okay that couldn´t be anymore correct right now haha" The harmony is incredible in that song too... just fyi
Okay, so this has been a crazy week. I woke up Monday morning not feeling 100% but what can you do. So we pushed through p-day, and Monday night/Tuesday morning, I woke up in the middle of the night with the coughs. Thank you Mom for using Vics vapor rub! I put some on my feet, and slept great the rest of the night, but woke up feeling worse. I was achy (cough, throat, nose, etc) but I took some pills and pushed on. Tuesday and Wednesday I slept in a bit, slept during language study, but still worked. Hma Oldroyd said if you´re not better by Thursday we´re calling the zone leaders. Lo and behold, I wasn´t better, but now it was dropping. So the zone leaders called Hma Humphrey after lunch who told me I was to stay in and the zone leaders brought me some medicine for colds (nastier than Robitussin (sp?). Hard to imagine, but seriously).... I slept for like 5 hours that afternoon and evening, and the other hermanas worked out a split so Hma Oldroyd was still able to visit a few of our appointments. I guess I didn´t realize how sick I was until I slept forever! But, all is well now. I just didn´t want to be a burden, but the zone leaders said, and I quote "You´re not good to the Lord if you´re half dead." Touche. So they said in the future, use judgment, but if you need to stay in, stay in! But, we´re alive and well now! Actually, it´s pouring today! We´ve got winds probably about 500 miles an hour today, it´s so, so crazy! But, the people here said it only gets worse :) Mom thanks for the weather update. Yes it is hotter here than normal for winter, but I´m okay with it!

So our investigators. Thank you for keeping them in your prayers. Henri, that had a date for the 8th, didn´t come to church yesterday, so he doesn´t have a baptismal date anymore... we´re hoping we can visit with him tomorrow and put a new one with him for the 15th. He´s great, but we need to help him see that this is really possible. He smokes, which is a problem, but we´re going to really emphasize the word of wisdom with him tomorrow!

Miriam - came to church yesterday! Her and her brother in law José. His esposa is the oldest sister of Miriam, and she died a few years ago from cancer. So José is like a father to Miriam, they both came yesterday. The bad thing is that José doesn´t live in our area... but Miriam does! We have a cita with them tonight, and we´re going to try and set a baptismal date with Miriam for the 15th as well! If you could keep them in your prayers, I´d appreciate it! They (Henri and Miriam) are SO good and the people in our ward just love them!

We also have Samuel, who is the father of one of the young men in our ward. We tried to set a date with him last night, but he told us he´d pray about it and didn´t agree to a date. But, there is a ton of potential there. We always have his lessons in the home of one of the members in our ward, so that´s awesome!

We also have Ingrid and Pedro. Ingrid is a menos activo and her brother (Emilio) is the husband of our relief society president (who actually reminds me of Autumn, only Chilean). They aren´t married, and they have a little girl who is as cute as can be. She wants to get married, he doesn´t. He doesn´t want to be baptized either. BUT, I know deep down he does. We´re starting from the beginning with him, tomorrow actually, with the Restoration. With him, we (and Emilio) think that if we solidify strongly the fundamentals, that he´ll see the need for baptism so that he can live with his family forever.

Our ward is incredible, missionary work is incredible, and Hma Oldroyd and I had a good weekly planning session/comp inventory yesterday, and we´re ready to dominate this week. The Spirit is the ultimate teacher, and if we can all remember this, we will be the best missionaries we can be.  This week we taught 19 lessons (10 with members, 9 without) and this week we have a goal of 21 or 22. By the end of this transfer, we want to be closer to 30. Yo se que este Evangelio es verdadero. Yo se que José Smith fue un profeta y por medio de Él, la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos días es en la tierra otra vez. Está iglesia es la único iglesia de Jesucristo y por este, estoy aqui en Chile porque quiero compartir mi testimonio con todo! Mi corazon tiene mucho dolor cuando personas rechezan esta iglesia porque en realidad, ellos estan rechezando Jesucristo. Yo se que Él vive!!
Gracias por su amor y oraciónes.Yo puedo sentirlos! Stay safe, cool, and happy.

Con amor,
Hermana Peterson

P.S. Happy Anniversary shout out to the best parents in the whole world this next Sunday the 2nd! 23 years is not even a dent into the eternities!! Young and still in love! That´s what I´m talking about :) I love you both and thanks for always being there for me. I couldn´t have asked for better parents. Good luck with everything and have a great anniversary!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/22/13 Awesome and Really Awesome! Elder Peterson

Hello Everybody!

Well, this past week has been really awesome I am not about to lie. I am going to start off with the awesome things, and then finish off with the REALLY Awesome things.

Alright so this past week as a district we had a goal to talk to 280 people total. So that is 70 people per companionship. Well, we ended up talking to 492!! We basically almost doubled our goal which is really awesome. Elder Radford and I talked to a lot of people and it was great because we picked up a few potentials. Also, we have picked up a few investigators as well. I am going to briefly share about them. The first one is a lady named Joelyn who is in her 40's. She is really nice and the way that we picked her up is that we had a potential who gave us a wrong apartment number and when we knocked on her door Joelyn answered and said that we could come over and meet with her sometime. we were able to meet with her on Friday and it was a great 1st lesson. One of the other investigators we picked up was Caesar Valdez. He is a stud to tell you the truth. He is 48 years old and retired, he is a marine, and he is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. We had an appointment with him on Monday and he fed us which was awesome. And he committed to read the Book of Mormon and said that he would get baptized once he came to know that what we were teaching him was true. It was a great day.

Alright now to move onto the Really Awesome/ Personal things. We had Stake Conference on Sunday and it was one of the best meetings I have ever been to. There were some amazing talks given by some really amazing people. My favorite speaker was the Stake President, Pres. Harrison. He really hit home and had some great insights about how we could better our lives. I really enjoyed that meeting. One of the other really awesome things was that today for P-Day we had our Zone Activity and we went to a park and had a Kickball Tournament. Sadly our district didn't win the tournament but we had a great time. Funny story, I was playing in the outfield and someone kicked it out to me and as I was running to get the ball I slipped and fell flat on my back. I was really embarrassed and my behind is hurting pretty bad but it's all good. We had a good laugh. I blame my fall on the grass because it really was slippery:)

Man it is getting super humid! Every time I step outside, I start to sweat. I am really excited for the summer!!

Oh and a couple more things. I have been asked to sing at the Night of Music and Inspiration with Elder Farley!! We are going to be singing a Child's Prayer. Hopefully it goes well. And also, I am not allowed to get on any blogs. So I can't look at Elder Zimmerman's blog. And lastly I hope that you all got my letters. I was able to send out letters only to you.

Well, I love you all and I miss you all. I hope everything is going great in the AZ.

Elder Peterson

Monday, May 20, 2013

5/20/13 Hermana Peterson - It's Freezing!!

Me Skyping with all of you on Mother's Day!
First, I just want to give a quick shout out to all of you back in the US that are finishing school this week! ¡Perserverar hasta el fin! You can do it! You only have 3 more days! Emily, good luck with Graduation! I know I´ll get it super late, but I´d like an announcement! :) Mom and Dad you better still be going on vacation. You both deserve it, as well as the kids! I hope none of you failed classes, speaking of kids. Bekah good luck with starting work this weekend too! Ah, you´re going to love it! Be alert, and work hard. Also, you´re going to have plenty of time to write me and you´ll be making bank so I expect a letter cada día :) I don´t know how many of you are doing swim team, but good luck! Swim hard, and I want to hear all about it! Don´t be too lazy this summer, but take time to read your scriptures! It will be blessing to you later in life, I promise! 

I´m sorry to hear that sickness hit the valley. I´m glad that everyone is on the upswing though! I too have been sick twice since I´ve been here. Just a cold, but it´s not fun. But, this is the Lord´s time, so I´ve pushed through. I don´t have time to lay in bed all day! 

Happy birthday this week to Jen Peterson (today), Trish, Eric, and Baby Jeremiah! Hope your days are fabulous! (She sent an audio message to Caleb too, and a separate email to him.)

So I got a little wet! (Yay! She got her boots I sent!)

So good news, the rain boots work like magic. My feetsies are so super dry and it makes things easier. I bought a rain jacket, (it´s more like a poncho, but it´s the best that´s here) and it came with free rain pants. Right?! I was so excited. So I wore them under my skirt. We´re still perfecting my look, but I´m keeping warm. I´m glad to hear that there´s not much rain this week, because it´s so so cold. Everyone asks me if I like the cold, and I tell them no. Then when I explain I´m from Arizona, they laugh. It´s a great ice breaker to the "Hi I´m an awkward gringa". 

I am a walking testimony that the Lord blesses His missionaries. Since I´ve been here, I´ve had fish 3 times. It hasn´t even made me gag the slightest, and I count this a blessing. It´s actually kind of tasty.... 

I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Z today, and a dearelder from Lisa. Thanks you guys! I loved it, and I laughed out loud multiple times haha I have the best family in the world, hands down! 

I also heard through the grapevine, that some handsome cousins of mine were baptized this last weekend?! Luke and Riley, congratulations and I am SO proud of you! You are such good examples to me, and keep up the good work! You are going to be fantastic missionaries someday!! 

So today is cambio (transfers/changes) day, and I´m staying in Lirquen!!! Hermana Oldroyd and I will be companions for another 4 weeks at minimum! This next cambio is only 4 weeks, because then the new president comes in and they want cambios to be done before. So we have 4 weeks, and then the cambio after that is 8 so that the mission president has a little bit longer to get adjusted. So Hna Oldroyd and I are crossing our fingers we survive in 4 weeks, because that would be at least 4 months in Lirquen for me! I would love that too, because Lirquen is the best!! We truly have an incredible ward! The work here is progressing, slowly but surely. I think the missionaries before us were not super dedicated, because our area is struggling a bit. We had an investigator family that we had to drop this week because they weren´t progressing, but they loved us and raved about the missionaries that visited them before because they always played guitar with them... chuta. 
I love my companion!

But, we´re going to change things! Things, (at least I think) are already better here than they were when I got here.... speaking of that. I´ve been here for a month tomorrow!!! Crazy huh?! 

This past week, we had a cita with Luis, and the cita fell. We tried to find him 2 or 3 more times this week, but to no avail. We decided that we´re going to try to find him once or twice more this week, but if we can´t, we´ve got to drop him. We´ve spent so much time with him, but he doesn´t keep commitments or show up. Oh, it breaks my heart, but I know there are people out there that are ready that we´re supposed to find. 

Speaking of ready people, Henri has a fecha for the 8th of June! I don´t remember how much I´ve said about him, but he´s great! He´s separated from his wife, and has 3 little kids. He has problems with the word of wisdom, but he knows this and he wants to change. He came to a baptism last Saturday, and yesterday he came to church! This next Sunday we´re hoping he´ll come to all 3 hours. But, he´s ready to change and we´re ready to help him! We´re hoping we can have a cita with him tomorrow, but we need to call him. One hard thing here is that many people work "en tournos," which is where their schedules are super sporadic and it´s hard to find many of our investigators. Henri also works en tournos, but we´re praying his schedule will work out for us. He learns really fast, and when he was in the chapel, he told us that he felt something special, and he says that every time we teach him. It´s such a good feeling to see people wanting to come unto Christ. 

We also have Miriam and Pepe. I don´t remember how much I´ve talked about them either, but they are so good. Pepe reminds me of Grandpa Peterson. A little rough around the edges, but soft on the inside :) (I especially like to teach him, because of this. I love you Gramps!) But we don´t exactly know their relationship (we think they are brother and sister or cousins) but they live together with another relative and are super receptive. Miriam has cancer, but you would never be able to tell, because she is one of the happiest people I have ever met. She truly is an example to me of strength! We had a lesson with them on Thursday night and invited them to church, but Miriam had exams in Conce so they couldn´t, but they agreed to come with us this next week! Well Hermana Oldroyd was a little frustrated and skeptical of Pepe because he comes off a little stern at first, but I told her he´s gooey on the inside, I just know it!  So she trusted me, and we stopped by on Friday to drop off a Book of Mormon because they didn´t have one, and Pepe basically told us that we bring a light into Miriam´s life, and he´s noticed the difference. He said she´s happier and that they both love us. He told us, he´d come with us on Sunday :) After we left, Hna Oldroyd said "Well, you were right Hermana." Haha we had a good laugh. We have a cita with them tonight, and we´re going to put a fecha with them. If they come to church with us on Sunday, they can be baptized on the 15th! I absolutely love love love them and know that the gospel will bless their lives! 

Well, that´s about all for this week. Life´s good, the weather is freezing, and the people are great! Hna Oldroyd and I have some great goals for this upcoming week, and we plan on working only according to the Spirit. Please keep Henri, Miriam, Pepe, Jonathan, and Luis and Mercedes in your prayers. I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives, and I know that this church is His church here on the earth. Thank you for all your prayers! Keep being missionaries, and study your scriptures daily. Jacob 2:18-19 :)

Les amo mucho! Stay safe, healthy, and enjoy the SUMMMMMMMMER!! 

Con amor,
Hermana Peterson
The coast of Lirquen

La Familia Llano
Me with Pan (bread in Chile) Super Rico!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/15/13 Elder Peterson - Truly Blessed!

Hola, me nombre es Elder Peterson. Yo soy missionero con la iglesia de jesu cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. Like my espanol eh? I am picking up a few things here and there.

Well, everything is going great out here. I can honestly say that this past week was one of the most exhausting and most miracle filled weeks in my entire mission. I have worked harder in the past week than I have in my whole life!! Just kidding, but I am working really hard. Elder Radford is putting me to the test!! I am so grateful that he is my companion because he is helping me to become what I want to be.
Well, to start off, our days have been packed with appointments!! We have been visiting a lot of potentials and a lot of the less actives in our ward. And we have picked up a few investigators too. We have gone from 2 investigators to 7!! It is really a blessing. It is great to see that the promises of our Heavenly Father are fulfilled when we have the faith and the desire to work hard.

It was really great to be able to talk to my family on Mother's Day!! I didn't realize how much I missed all of their voices. And it was great to be able to talk with Hermana Peterson as well. Sounds like everyone is enjoying their time without us:)
Anyways, a couple of highlights for the week. We had an appointment with a less active who's name is Marquita Jones. She is wanting her son Charles who is 8 to be baptized and so we are going over  there and teaching him the basics so he can have a knowledge of what he is doing. Charles has only been to church a couple of times in his life and Marquita hasn't been in a while. They committed to come to church and they did!! It was great to see them both there! Also, on Monday I was able to go on exchanges with Elder McDonald. After district meeting, we had a district blitz which is where everyone in the district goes and proselytes in one area. It was a great time and we picked up a lot of potentials for our district. Elder McDonald is a really cool guy honestly. He is really hard working and I learned a lot from him.

Well, That is about it for this week. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a missionary and serve for two years!! Can't wait to write next week!!

Elder Peterson

Monday, May 13, 2013

5/13/13 Hermana Peterson

I spent a little bit of time organizing my email, emailing a few people back, and I´m going to send pictures in a minute, so this email will be shorter! I apologize, but I talked to you yesterday so I don´t feel as bad. Also...... ah I feel so bad. I started a letter for you and haven´t been able to finish it, so you probably won´t have a weekly letter this week. I´m sorry!!

Mom to answer your questions (I´m going to steal Daniel´s idea and number my respuestas)

1. Gracias por su recipe! (She asked me to send my Potato Cheese Soup Recipe for someone there.)

2. My foot is doing great, but it´s my legs I´m worried about now haha my companion walks so fast, and so to keep up, my legs feel like they´re going to fall off! But I know I´m getting a good workout, so it´s all good in Chile :)

3. We didn´t look for a raincoat yesterday, but we´re going after this to email so I´ll let you know this week. It didn´t rain nearly as much as it did last week this past week, so I´ve been okay. I haven´t looked for a rain skirt/tarp yet either, so next week, next week. But, I did get my package today but haven´t opened it yet so I don´t know how the boots are yet. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE. I have the best parents in the whole world. I love you both so much!!

4. I´m so super stoked that dad will only get to teach this year. After I found out that he´s not going to be principal and for the remainder of yesterday, I was so happy because that´s what he loves to do! Good luck over there Paps. You´re gonna be awesome, but just remember what color your blood runs :) (FYI...her dad will be teaching seminary at Mesa High School next year. He has been at Mt. View for the last 10 years.)

5. Thanks for the weather update once again. It´s SUPER helpful!!
Okay, so I´m dying over here. I haven´t laughed as hard in a while as I did reading Caleb´s letter that I got today. PLEASE have him write me as often as possible. It made my day! I don´t know how many of you read it, but this was my favorite part (which is basically the whole letter). "Hannah, your pday is Monday right, because my birthday is on a Tuesday so if you are sending a birthday present on Monday if that is your pday that would be perfect for you to send it on May 20th. I want two cans of Pringles and a Lord of the Ring's Lego set you can pick I don´t care. FAVORITE PART: I want more but I don´t want you to waste more money so you can have food." I´m out. I´m still cracking up. Caleb!!!!!! I love you so much. I don´t have enough money to send you a present for your birthday, but I promise when I come home I´ll bring you a pack of Chilean Pringles, and we´ll see about a Lego set too. The only thing I can afford was a homemade card, and it won´t be there by your birthday, but it´s coming. I love you, and thanks for being you!

6. Happy birthday to Shayden and Ella this week! I hope your birthdays are the :) I miss you both and love you too!

7. Here in Chile, if you sneeze once they say "Salud", which is equivalent of bless you. If you sneeze a second time, they say dinero (money) and if you sneeze a third time, they say amor. My companion said this is like they are literally blessing you with health, money, and amor. I love it!

So a few things real quick. Last week (the 2nd) at Zone Conference, sister Humphrey pulled me aside after and asked me how I was doing and then she got pretty serious and said, "When you got off that plane, I just knew you were going to do some really great things here. I´m really sad that I won´t be here to see them all, but we NEED you here! You are so special and it was so apparent when we saw you for the first time and still is. There is just something about you. You are going to do amazing things here Hermana. Know that I love you and that if you need anything, I´m here for you." She went into some more details that I have written in my journal, but it was just what I needed to hear that day, especially because I haven´t been able to communicate super well yet. I was getting a little frustrated and so for the wife of my mission president to say that to me, was super special to me. I´m super sad that they´re leaving, but I´m so so grateful for them. They have made me feel so welcome here, as well as all of the other missionaries. I KNOW that this is where I´m supposed to be.
So some of your questions yesterday made me think that I haven´t given much detail! I´m so sorry, and that is my plan right now.

7AM (or earlier) - Wake up, attempt to workout for 30 minutes, take turns showering and eating.
8:30 -  Personal Study
9:30 - Companionship Study where we sing, talk about what we learned that morning, plan our lessons for the day, and practice.
10:30 - "12 weeks" - for the first 12 weeks in the field, every mission does "doce semanas." It basically is things aimed to help us become more successful missionaries faster. I really like it!
11:30 - Hit the field. This week we´re staying in and working on organizing our map and our area book because the missionaries before us left them in sad conditions. But, normally we go out and work until lunch.
1:30 - Everyday except for Mondays and Thursdays (when we eat at a super good restaurant owned by a member in our ward) different hermanas in the ward feed us. Lunch is the big meal here so after lunch I always waddle haha I´m serious. We eat so much food, and it´s so delicious. One thing I really like here is the fruit. I knew I would, but that´s what they have for dessert most of the time. They´ll give us a bowl of fruit, and sometimes it has creme. AH. SO GOOD.
2:30 - Head back to the house for language study. We read the Book of Mormon out loud, look up phrases and words, and improve our mad language skills.
4:00 - We work. Appointments (citas), Noche de Hogars (Family Home Evenings), tracting, etc. It´s awesome.
9:30 or 10:00 (if we have an appointment) - We return to the home, plan for the next day, work on our area book, and if we have time write in our journals. We also eat.
11:00 - Lights out. Antes de lights out, I do my nightly ritual to protect me from bugs.
7:00 AM - Repeat.

I truly love Chile and my mission. I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else in the whole world. I know without a doubt this is where I´m supposed to be.

Dad to answer more of your questions. The Jumbo is the big store that we shop in on Mondays in Conce, and it´s basically a Walmart. There are lots of little nagocios (sp?) in Lirquen where we can buy fruit, candy, and basically food, but we don´t go to them often because we get our food here in Conce on Mondays. But, lots of them have French fries, hot dogs, and there are a ton of them around Lirquen. I´m still trying to figure out the panoramic stuff on my camera but I want to send a panoramic view of the area because it´s beautiful! The houses are super small, and there are lots in small spaces. Some are smaller than others, but the biggest I´ve seen is smaller than our house. The dogs are everywhere, and everyone walks everywhere. I hope this helps with the picture of here a little more. If you have more specific questions, PLEASE ask! I want you to be here with me, so anything I can do to help that I´ll definitely explain!

So we have another rat. To be continued...

Rebekah, Leah, and Seth. Now that it´s summer time, I expect you not to let your youngest brother show you all up in the best sibling award. Not that I mind, because he´s basically my favorite right now, but you are all slackers. You can email me too, those of you who have your own email. It was super great to talk to you all yesterday and I´m glad all is well!
Last minute points and I´m going to send a few pictures.

1. Luis has a fecha! He´s going to be baptized on June 1st, and we´re working with him and Mercedes right now to get them married, and help them truly become converted. Luis has some super strong desires and knows that this is right, so now it´s a matter of letting the Spirit teach him through us!

2. We have a lot of investigators that just aren´t keeping their commitments, so this week we might be dropping a lot of them if we can´t get them to understand the importance of commitments.

3. This morning I was reading in 2 Ne. 28 and 29 and was just blown away by the subtlety of Satan. in 28 vs. 19-30 it talks about all of the little things that Satan does to lead us away unto destruction. And I was really impacted by verse 30, and especially the end of 32. Regardless of how far we fall or what is is that we succumb to, the Lord´s arm is ALWAYS lengthened out. It is so true though. There have been days where I´ve struggled with my companion, days where I feel really weak, and days where I don´t feel like I´ve done all I can, but the Lord is always there to pick me back up, even when I haven´t done all I can. I KNOW that our Savior lives and that He loves us and is mindful of us!! Don´t let yourself be fooled by Satan and his traps. The Lord will win! Grandma and Grandpa Z sent me a quote that I love by Elder Holland about knowing the outcome, so why do we struggle with choosing sides? Also, in chapter 29 vs 8. We have lots of people who reject the Book of Mormon, and I had never thought of it until I was reading it this morning, but when we reject the Book of Mormon, we are rejecting more of the word´s of God. This chapter is super powerful in explaining the importance of the Book of Mormon. I challenge ALL of you to read this chapter, as well as the whole Book of Mormon. I promise you that as you read it, you will know if it´s surety. I know that this book is the most correct of any book (Introduction, quote by Joseph Smith) just as Joseph Smith knows. I KNOW that this church is true, and it is only in and through abiding by it´s principles that we can be saved!

I love you all! Have a safe and wonderful week :)

Hermana Peterson
p.s. Bekah, Leah, Seth, and Caleb I love you all. Keep up the good work, and good luck with your last few days of school before summer. Don´t get too lazy :)

Our Front Yard Area

Hermanas Oldroyd, Daglio, Mendoza and Me


Our Mother's Day Feast

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5/8/13 Elder Peterson

Well, to start off this letter, I just want to say that everything is going great. I want to answer a few questions because I will probably forget to if I don't do it now.

First thing, I am only allowed to email for 30 minutes. I guess those people who speak another language are spoiled rotten or something...(Hermana Peterson, Elder Wilson, Elder Leavitt). Anyways, I have realized that it is really hard for me to email and read all of the letters on here so if I have a say in anything, I would love for people to write me. I wish that I had more time to email but I don't. So, it would be great if you could send me Hermana's weekly letter typed in a letter so I can read it.

Next thing, I have church from 10-1 my time and we will probably be calling right after church. So probably around 2 because it takes a while to get home. So I think that puts us around 12? Anyways I will let you know. We get to text you on Thursday or Friday to coordinate. But I am really excited.

Lastly, I didn't have time to write letters today, and so I will be sending some next week hopefully. Hopefully. We just so happened to go to the zoo today and so we ran out of time.

Alright. This past Sunday Walter was baptized!!! I am sending you couple of pictures. I had the privilege of being able to baptize him. It was an amazing experience. And he complimented me on my muscles because I was able to baptize him. I kind of felt good honestly. This past week was really great. Elder Radford is a very hardworking missionary and has already taught me a lot. I have grown to love him a lot already. He actually reminds me a lot of Devin Carroll mixed with Elder Farley. he is awesome. This past week we picked up a lot of potential investigators. I am excited to visit a few people this week. We actually have an appointment tonight with a really sweet guy named Greg. We are hoping the first lesson goes well.
There are a lot of things going on in my mind right now. I am really excited to call on Sunday! Hopefully we can line it up so that I can talk to Hermana Peterson. That would be awesome. I am hoping that I have stuff to talk about but I know that I will. Also, we have a ton of appointments this week and I am pretty stressed out. But I know that the Lord is going to bless us for working hard.

Well, I got to run. I love you all so much and we will talk on Sunday!!! Happy early Mother's Day.

Elder Peterson

My First Baptism!!
My 2nd companion Elder Radford, Walter and Me
 Our district with a few members for Family Home Evening (FHE)
 "President (Matsumori) visits with some missionaries in the parking lot. I just wanted you to see how green everything is right now." (This came from the Washington DC blogspot)
I spotted my Elder Peterson, so I had to "borrow" the photo for our missionary blogspot! :)
Thank you Sister Matsumori...

Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6/13 Hermana Peterson

So she sent a ton of photos in her email today, and I'm going to try really hard to put them in chronological order...
First photo is Hannah and her 2nd MTC companion, Hermana Bytheway
2nd photo is Hannah with Sister Jessica Fuller, a friend from home
and the last photo is Hannah on her way to Chile...the fanny pack is under the coat so she had a bit more room in her luggage...she's so resourceful!!

K Mom, don´t have a heart attack. That´s the last thing we need here, but there´s some heart attackish things going on in this email.

1. One of the sets of elders in my district grabbed the package last week because they thought it was for the other Hermana Peterson. They told me at zone conference this last week, and they are using it to hold up one of the beds in their house... but we have district meetings tomorrow, so they´re going to bring it!! Lucky for me right now, I´m in the same zone as the other Hermana Peterson so if there are any mix ups with letters or packages, we´re close!

2. Thanks for sending the rain boots, and I´m sorry for the inconvenience. I don´t know what is going to happen with the other package, but I won´t be able to get it until next P-day at the earliest... usually they take a little bit longer and hopefully I won´t have to pay a tax on it! But, thank you so much. Hermana Humphrey had some bounce sheets so we tried it, and my companion hasn´t been bit anymore! I´ve been lucky and have not been effected with fleas or lice yet, but keep the prayers coming! :) Also, I think I´m going to refrain from coloring my hair for as long as I can. The lice combs will be nice, and I try to blow dry my hair every 3 days or so, so if there´s any stinkers in my hair, I´ll kill them with FIRE!

3. About the rain. Take all the rain that we get in Arizona in ONE YEAR, and cram it into ONE DAY and have it come horizontal at you and that´s what happened here on Wednesday and Thursday. The natives say that´s how it is through the WHOLE winter too haha YES. One little miracle that happened this week. So, (here´s where you don´t freak out Mom) my rain jacket. It isn´t a rain jacket.... we were outside for 20 minutes, and I was pretty soaked. It resists no water haha I was at the point of just breaking down, but one of the other hermanas in our house had an extra one! We called the office to see if they had any rain skirts or any rain boots, and they said they had one pair that they´d bring to zone conference. THEY WERE AN EXACT FIT. So I´m using those rain boots until mine come. My companion and I are going today to look for a rain jacket, a rain bag (my fanny pack works like a charm under my jacket, but my Spanish scriptures don´t fit in my backpack so we´re going to get a water proof bag so I can carry my scriptures and not ruin them), so for all you that made fun of my fanny pack, I knew it was a genius idea :) I´m even wearing it right now! A tarp to make into a rain skirt because apparently they are non existent, and some waterproof gloves. The gloves that Lisa gave me work like a charm when it´s not raining so thanks again Lisa! BUT, my feet were warm (thanks to the rain boots and my wool socks, don´t worry dad, I learned some great skills from you) and life is good! It was definitely an adventure, but I really like it here.

So I think that´s all, but I´ll probably add more later. Now for my list of stuff to tell all of you!

ERIC AND MICHELLE!!!! HOLY SNAP I flipped flipped and flipped when I read that you´re getting sealed! AH I´m SO SO SO happy for you, and I wish I could be there! I love you both and thanks for your example. Also, I expect TONS of pictures! Michelle, tell your sister good luck out there!
1. The parks here don´t have playground equipment. They have exercise equipment... haha it´s awesome. I personally haven´t used it, but it´s pretty funny. I´ll take a picture of it and send it so you can see what I´m talking about.

2. Chileans LOVE American music. My 3rd day here, we were in a home and Maroon 5 came on. What the heck?! I´ve also heard Kelly Clarkson, Pink, etc.. in the homes, in the buses, in the stores. They LOVE American music. Now, if we could just get them to play some good old Buble... Kidding :) Speaking of Buble, how´s the CD??

3. To answer Grandma Peterson´s question, we walk everywhere here. (I just got your dear elder today. I don´t know when you sent it, but thank you! I definitely laughed out loud when I read it!) We take buses up to one of our sections that´s a little farther away, and when we go to district meetings, and Conce on P-days, but we walk everywhere else. The buses... make me want to throw up. The traffic here is crazy, and I already get really motion sick, but the buses make me want to chuck haha my companion just laughs at me. It´s a problem!

4. So we live about a mile away from the beach. It´s SO pretty. I love, love, love getting to see it everyday. One of these p-days we´ll go down to the beach. But when we go up to the northern section (Rio de Chile) we drive on the road on the cliff overlooking the ocean. Every time my companion and I just stare. Ah I love it!

5. So.... this past week. We had a little problem in our house. On Wednesday morning, we woke up to some little surprises left all around the house. Little poopies. Literally, poop. We had a RATA!!!!! The other companionship had the brilliant idea to get the neighbors cat, bring him inside and have him sniff out the rat.... So I got up on a chair, and was the designated filmer because I don´t speak Spanish and my companion went at it with a broom, and the other hermanas helped. The cat whined in the corner the whole time.... dumb cat. We have a corner where all of our luggage hangs out and they were convinced it was behind there, I was convinced it was under the fridge. So they pulled out all the luggage, and nada. So I said "Buscan behind that!" (Yes, my Spanish is great haha). I was still up on the chair, and lo and behold, our little friend was behind the fridge. There was squealing and screaming and I was up on a chair :) It was disgusting though. I got some pretty hilarious videos of the whole thing. The other hermanas yelled "El obispo, el obispo" and ran out the door to get the bishop who lives across the street. He came in, told Hma. Oldroyd to take a chill pill and we got the rat outside. Phew. It was hysterical. We also put our food up on some shelves created, designed, and rat proofed by Hma. Daglio and it was just a crazy crazy morning! You´ll have to wait a few more months before you can see the video haha


6. Mom so you aren´t working this next year?! What are you going to do during the day without me home?!?! I´m worried for your salvation. How is swim registration going? Just a few more weeks of work Mom. You can do it!

7. Okay, so everyone here in Chile has wood burning stoves. So it constantly smells like campfire. Last night, it was clear, smelled like campfire, and it was cold, and it made me a little sad that I´m going to miss 2 family camp outs. You had all better play tons of games and do tons of fun things for me!

8. Someone asked me if I´m Chilean the other day. And I´m not lying, I´ve had probably 100 people say "Oh sus ojos! Muy linda, super cristal!" I think my companion wants to die every time another person says something about it. It´s always the grandmas and the drunks. Hahahaha

9. I stink and I´m sorry. I´ve been slacking in the Happy Birthdays! Happy birthday to Star (all the way back on the 25th), Wyatt, Uncle Mitch, Brock, Grandpa P (I thought about you all day gramps and wish we were all at your house with dessert :) ), and Milan! Hope they were/are great!

10. I got Laynee Overall´s dear elder when I got here last week, and forgot to say something. Tell her thanks, I loved it, and good luck with graduation!

11. What is the last page of the journal that I sent home? I didn´t look, but want to put numbers when I write here. THANKS!

12. The other day, not lying, I counted 110 dogs. It´s CRAZY! They´re EVERYWHERE. But, most do not come up and bother us. The worst is when we´re walking by a house and all of the sudden you´re in the fetal position because the barking dogs came out of nowhere! I don´t remember if I told you or not, but my first night here we had 2 dogs charge at us and I flung myself on this pile of wood. I refuse to ever own a dog, but I am offended that Todd thought of Midnight while he was eating dog... rude.

13. So here in Chile, instead of knocking on doors, we stand at the gates and yell "Halo!" (pronounced ah-low). It´s totally different, but I feel like that´ll be a habit hard to break when I come back to the US. haha

14. Also, here in Chile they speak Castellano. Where you pronounce the y´s and the double l´s with a jhuh sound. I don´t know how to spell it out haha but it´s not "Mexican Spanish." I like it though.

15. Mom, I had a dream about you the other night. I don´t remember what it was about, but when I woke up and realized you weren´t with me, I was really sad. Just thought you should know I even dream about you :)

16. Dad, how´s work going?! You´re almost done!! Also, do you know if you´re still at Mountain View for this next year or not? Tell me more, tell me more!

17. Cabers, I sent your birthday card today. I´m sorry that it probably won´t be there on your birthday, but just so you know I didn´t forget!!!! This is also my friendly reminder to my other brother who is on a mission :) Leah, I hope you´re still listening to the Dolphin Song every morning. Seth and Bekah you have a letter coming from last week. I miss you all!!!!! BE GOOD.

18. We started reading the Book of Mormon this week as a mission. I was close to being done, but started back over and I´m so glad I did. We´re reading it in preparation for the new mission president. I am using a blue copy of the Book of Mormon, and I´m highlighting the things about Christ and Heavenly Father in one color, and the word REMEMBER in another. I´m in 2 Ne 5 and the word remember has already been 18 times! I am learning SO much though and I just love the Book of Mormon! If you aren´t reading it, I challenge you to. This book has changed my life, especially over these last 2 months. Start at the beginning, and study it! All of you heading into summer will have tons of time, so I expect weekly reports!

19. Thanks for the weekly weather reports. They´re super helpful. Each morning, I say "The daily weather report brought to you by SISTER PETERSON... and then I say the weather. So thanks Mom!"

20. Could I by chance get your Chicken Potato Cheese Soup recipe? I was telling our Bishops wife about it and she wants it but it´s not in the Peterson Family cookbook! GRACIAs!


Here is the plan for MOTHER´S DAY! Dad, I´m sorry I won´t be able to talk to you on Father´s day, so we´ll just split it with mom this weekend, okay? So, we get to skype. And we get A WHOLE HOUR AND A HALF! I don´t know when Jake is planning on calling, but if we could at all coordinate I´d love it and probably cry a little. Also, I didn´t get a skype name this week from you, so I´ll do my best to find you. Dang it! BUT, I´m super pumped. We have lunch from 1:30-2:30 Chilean time, and then we´ll skype right after this. So it´ll be 11:30-12 is for you, I think. But, maybe I´ll be able to show you a quick view of Lirguen! I´m so so so so so excited!!!! AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH!

So from now on, I´m going to talk about all the spiritual stuff first, because it is the most important. But there was tons I had forgotten to tell you last week so I needed to tell you. But, long story short Luis accepted a baptismal date for the 25th on Friday night! They said they´d come to church on Sunday, and then Mercedes told us she was already a member... we´re looking into this, but on Sunday morning when we went by to pick them up for church, there was no answer. We went back a little later and it was only Mercedes, and we found out that Luis and Mercedes are NOT married, Luis had gone out drinking the night before, and she didn´t know where he was. I feel so bad for her. She´s got it super rough, but she wants to come back. She wants to change, and she wants Luis to change too. She came to sacrament meeting with us yesterday, and then we went back last night with hopes that Luis would be there, and he still hadn´t come home. We have another cita with them tonight, so we´ll see what happens. If Luis has been to church before, he still has a date for the 25th, but if not, we´re going to move it to the 31st of this month. We have a lot to work with them on, but Mercedes agreed last night to help us because she knows this is right for them!

We also are meeting with Johnathan, who is probably 24? He´s super eager to learn about the church but is skeptical about actually attending church or getting baptized. We think with time and reading the Book of Mormon, he´ll realize the importance of church.

So on Wednesday, it was a super big holiday (basically Chile´s 4th of July) and lots of people were home from work and no one had school. President Humphrey promised that if we diligently searched for a family, we´d find one. We were having no luck, and at about 7:30 we ran into a menos activo, who gave us a reference of a family, but we only knew that it was one of two houses. I felt like we should go to the one first. Sandra and Christian live here with their 2 kids. They are Evangelical, but were willing to listen to our message. We started talking about the Gospel of Christ a little bit, and I started bearing testimony about the Holy Ghost and how grateful I am for eternal families. Christian said "Mira!" which basically means look. The Spirit was SO strong, and it was a simple but powerful testimony to me that even though I don´t know most of what´s going on, that I can STILL be an instrument for the Lord. They could feel the Spirit through me, and I know that they Spirit touched them that night. Our cita with them on Friday fell, but we´re also going back to them tonight, so please keep them in your prayers!

Life is good. This has been the best thing that I´ve ever done. I know that the church is true, and my testimony only grows each day. I am learning so much from the members of our ward, from my companion, from our investigators, and my Spanish is getting better. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I´ll have a pretty good grasp on it. ¡Yo Se que Jesucristo vive! Yo se que José Smith fue un profeta, y El tradució El Libro de Mormon. Yo se que esta iglesia puede y bendicira todas las personas, si veniran a Jesucristo.

Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Peterson :)


This photo is for you Meagan!!
Me in Lirquen

                              Our humble abode

Some members
My first "completo"
Me, Hermanas Oldroyd, Daglio and Mendoza

First time I've done my hair in 2 feels good!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5-1-13 Elder Peterson Transfers Week!!

Dear Familia,

How is it going? Everything is going great out here I thought that I would let you know.

Well, this past week has been really great. Samuel Iwuji was baptized on Sunday and it was a great service. I was given the chance to give a talk at his baptism on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. It is really great for me to know that we were able to help Samuel come unto the fold. He is going to be a great leader in the ward someday.

Also, this week is transfers week. I now have a new companion! His name is Elder Radford and he is from Springville Utah. He is also the new district leader for our district. It is going to be a great time! Let me tell you. He is a lot different than Elder Gremillion but it isn't a bad different by any means. He is a great guy and we are going to have a great time. We haven't taken a picture together yet but we will before next week so I can send a picture.

It is really weird not having Elder Gremillion as my companion anymore. I now have to take over the area and it helped me to realize how much Elder Gremillion actually did. We knew it was coming though that he was going to be transferred. He has served diligently in our area for 7 and a half months. It was time to go. I am going to miss him. Because he was leaving we spent most of Tuesday packing and it took him a pretty long time but it was great. It is crazy how much stuff he had. And he didn't really have that much stuff compared to some missionaries. A lot of the stuff that he had to bring was food! Which was kind of funny.

Well, I am really excited for this next Sunday because Walter is going to be baptized!! I am so excited for him. It has been great to see the change that the Gospel is making in his life already. He is happy! Every time we go to see him he is happier and happier. The change is definitely noticeable and it is awesome!

Yesterday we were able to spend some time playing basketball with some of the teenagers in our neighborhood. We went up to the church and it was a wonderful time. I am really sore today! But it is all good.

Well, there really hasn't been anything to exciting. We have been really busy the past few days getting ready for transfers and so we haven't had much time to go out and get things done. But things will pick up for sure. I am sorry that this email is jumbled but there hasn't been really too much excitement except transfers.

Well I am REALLY EXCITED FOR MOTHER'S DAY!!! I can't wait to talk to my Mommy. And everyone else of course:) It is going to be weird to talk to you and actually hear your voices. It is great to hear that everything is going well at home still. And I am really sorry but I didn't have time this week to write letters again. It is so hard to find time!!! I feel like such a slacker but it is really hard. That is why I like the time that I have to email.

Well, I am going to send a few pictures from last week and this week. I love you all so much and I miss you!
Elder Peterson

Me, Elder Johnson and Elder Farley at Nationals Game
Waiting for the Metro to get to the game
Elders Bodda, Giles, Johnson, McDonald and Bro. Armstrong (JS)
Elder Gremillion (my old companion now) and Me

Our view at the game