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5-27-13 Hermana Peterson

I´m cracking up over here... I just read Jake´s letter when he fell flat on his back. Oh the mental image!! Good one Jake haha that´s a journal entry for sure!

So first things first before I forget...

1. The people in Chile eat Halls cough drops here like candy or mints. I remember the first time I was offered one I just thought it was a mint and then it was a cough drop and I was like, "Qué es esto?!" But it´s totally normal. It´s kind of cool actually, except for they don´t help my breath.

2. Because lunch is the big meal here, every night the familias "toma once." I´m not sure if there is an actual drink called once, but it´s like a light dinner with some sort of drink (juice, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.) and some sort of postre (sopapillas, pan, dulce, etc.). We´re not allowed to tomamos once unless it´s at a noche de hogar, because it´s not productive. But when we do, it´s so good. I absolutely love the food here in Chile!

3. So in the United States, when something surprises us, we yell "Holy Cow" or something along the lines. But the Chileans say, "Mitch!" It´s pronounced more like meetch, and I´m not sure how it´s spelled, but the first time I heard it, I thought well that´s funny because I have an Uncle Mitch. So basically Uncle Mitch, you´re famous down here in Chile :)

4. Speaking of Uncle Mitch, Lisa and Mom, I heard Michael on the radio in someone's house the other day... Luckily it was the end of the song, but I thought "qué es esto?!" Also, someone was jamming to Frank a few weeks back and I forgot to tell you. Just let it be known, the crooners are taking over the world.

5. Grandpa and Grandma Z. Oh man, I miss you! Thanks to you for your weekly "snail mail" letters. I love them! Today I got your letter from the 7th of May, so last week I got the one from the 30th :) But anyways, you know how you, Grandpa, always say "sweet nectar" and you talk about nectar of the Gods? Well Gramps, I hate to break it to you, but you haven´t tasted nectar from the Gods. The nectar here in Chile is truly "nectar of the Gods." I could chug 2 gallons in one sitting. It is SO good. I know I have a while, but I´m trying to brainstorm ways to bring a little back with me for you to try so if you and grandma have ideas, I´d love to hear them! My favorite, and of course the best, is the durazno nectar. Oh man, Gramps, you´ve been missing out big time haha the US is deprived!

6. BIG Birthday shout out to my favorite Staci Fallbeck!! The big 2-0 on Sunday!! Oh and I got your letter today. I was convinced you´d fallen off the face of the earth, so it was good to know you´re alive :) I don´t ever have a killer amount of time to write, but I will respond, I promise!

7. Sunflower in Spanish is Girasol. The verb girar means "to turn," so the translation is literally turn to the sun. Cool huh?! Everything translates cooler from Spanish to English. We have a little flower shop around the corner from our house, and I´m planning on buying one today to spruce up our neon green house a little bit :) Speaking of translations but not really, before my mission, I liked the song "Lead, Kindly Light" but for me, it wasn´t one of those songs that was in my top 5. But now, it totally is. The other night Hma Oldroyd and I were walking and we started humming it (bless her soul, she sings and it´s the best!) "Lead, Kindly Light" and then we started singing the words. "The night is dark, and I am far from home... lead Thou me on." As soon as we sang this line, we both stopped and looked at each other and said "Welp, okay that couldn´t be anymore correct right now haha" The harmony is incredible in that song too... just fyi
Okay, so this has been a crazy week. I woke up Monday morning not feeling 100% but what can you do. So we pushed through p-day, and Monday night/Tuesday morning, I woke up in the middle of the night with the coughs. Thank you Mom for using Vics vapor rub! I put some on my feet, and slept great the rest of the night, but woke up feeling worse. I was achy (cough, throat, nose, etc) but I took some pills and pushed on. Tuesday and Wednesday I slept in a bit, slept during language study, but still worked. Hma Oldroyd said if you´re not better by Thursday we´re calling the zone leaders. Lo and behold, I wasn´t better, but now it was dropping. So the zone leaders called Hma Humphrey after lunch who told me I was to stay in and the zone leaders brought me some medicine for colds (nastier than Robitussin (sp?). Hard to imagine, but seriously).... I slept for like 5 hours that afternoon and evening, and the other hermanas worked out a split so Hma Oldroyd was still able to visit a few of our appointments. I guess I didn´t realize how sick I was until I slept forever! But, all is well now. I just didn´t want to be a burden, but the zone leaders said, and I quote "You´re not good to the Lord if you´re half dead." Touche. So they said in the future, use judgment, but if you need to stay in, stay in! But, we´re alive and well now! Actually, it´s pouring today! We´ve got winds probably about 500 miles an hour today, it´s so, so crazy! But, the people here said it only gets worse :) Mom thanks for the weather update. Yes it is hotter here than normal for winter, but I´m okay with it!

So our investigators. Thank you for keeping them in your prayers. Henri, that had a date for the 8th, didn´t come to church yesterday, so he doesn´t have a baptismal date anymore... we´re hoping we can visit with him tomorrow and put a new one with him for the 15th. He´s great, but we need to help him see that this is really possible. He smokes, which is a problem, but we´re going to really emphasize the word of wisdom with him tomorrow!

Miriam - came to church yesterday! Her and her brother in law José. His esposa is the oldest sister of Miriam, and she died a few years ago from cancer. So José is like a father to Miriam, they both came yesterday. The bad thing is that José doesn´t live in our area... but Miriam does! We have a cita with them tonight, and we´re going to try and set a baptismal date with Miriam for the 15th as well! If you could keep them in your prayers, I´d appreciate it! They (Henri and Miriam) are SO good and the people in our ward just love them!

We also have Samuel, who is the father of one of the young men in our ward. We tried to set a date with him last night, but he told us he´d pray about it and didn´t agree to a date. But, there is a ton of potential there. We always have his lessons in the home of one of the members in our ward, so that´s awesome!

We also have Ingrid and Pedro. Ingrid is a menos activo and her brother (Emilio) is the husband of our relief society president (who actually reminds me of Autumn, only Chilean). They aren´t married, and they have a little girl who is as cute as can be. She wants to get married, he doesn´t. He doesn´t want to be baptized either. BUT, I know deep down he does. We´re starting from the beginning with him, tomorrow actually, with the Restoration. With him, we (and Emilio) think that if we solidify strongly the fundamentals, that he´ll see the need for baptism so that he can live with his family forever.

Our ward is incredible, missionary work is incredible, and Hma Oldroyd and I had a good weekly planning session/comp inventory yesterday, and we´re ready to dominate this week. The Spirit is the ultimate teacher, and if we can all remember this, we will be the best missionaries we can be.  This week we taught 19 lessons (10 with members, 9 without) and this week we have a goal of 21 or 22. By the end of this transfer, we want to be closer to 30. Yo se que este Evangelio es verdadero. Yo se que José Smith fue un profeta y por medio de Él, la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos días es en la tierra otra vez. Está iglesia es la único iglesia de Jesucristo y por este, estoy aqui en Chile porque quiero compartir mi testimonio con todo! Mi corazon tiene mucho dolor cuando personas rechezan esta iglesia porque en realidad, ellos estan rechezando Jesucristo. Yo se que Él vive!!
Gracias por su amor y oraciónes.Yo puedo sentirlos! Stay safe, cool, and happy.

Con amor,
Hermana Peterson

P.S. Happy Anniversary shout out to the best parents in the whole world this next Sunday the 2nd! 23 years is not even a dent into the eternities!! Young and still in love! That´s what I´m talking about :) I love you both and thanks for always being there for me. I couldn´t have asked for better parents. Good luck with everything and have a great anniversary!

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