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5/13/13 Hermana Peterson

I spent a little bit of time organizing my email, emailing a few people back, and I´m going to send pictures in a minute, so this email will be shorter! I apologize, but I talked to you yesterday so I don´t feel as bad. Also...... ah I feel so bad. I started a letter for you and haven´t been able to finish it, so you probably won´t have a weekly letter this week. I´m sorry!!

Mom to answer your questions (I´m going to steal Daniel´s idea and number my respuestas)

1. Gracias por su recipe! (She asked me to send my Potato Cheese Soup Recipe for someone there.)

2. My foot is doing great, but it´s my legs I´m worried about now haha my companion walks so fast, and so to keep up, my legs feel like they´re going to fall off! But I know I´m getting a good workout, so it´s all good in Chile :)

3. We didn´t look for a raincoat yesterday, but we´re going after this to email so I´ll let you know this week. It didn´t rain nearly as much as it did last week this past week, so I´ve been okay. I haven´t looked for a rain skirt/tarp yet either, so next week, next week. But, I did get my package today but haven´t opened it yet so I don´t know how the boots are yet. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE. I have the best parents in the whole world. I love you both so much!!

4. I´m so super stoked that dad will only get to teach this year. After I found out that he´s not going to be principal and for the remainder of yesterday, I was so happy because that´s what he loves to do! Good luck over there Paps. You´re gonna be awesome, but just remember what color your blood runs :) (FYI...her dad will be teaching seminary at Mesa High School next year. He has been at Mt. View for the last 10 years.)

5. Thanks for the weather update once again. It´s SUPER helpful!!
Okay, so I´m dying over here. I haven´t laughed as hard in a while as I did reading Caleb´s letter that I got today. PLEASE have him write me as often as possible. It made my day! I don´t know how many of you read it, but this was my favorite part (which is basically the whole letter). "Hannah, your pday is Monday right, because my birthday is on a Tuesday so if you are sending a birthday present on Monday if that is your pday that would be perfect for you to send it on May 20th. I want two cans of Pringles and a Lord of the Ring's Lego set you can pick I don´t care. FAVORITE PART: I want more but I don´t want you to waste more money so you can have food." I´m out. I´m still cracking up. Caleb!!!!!! I love you so much. I don´t have enough money to send you a present for your birthday, but I promise when I come home I´ll bring you a pack of Chilean Pringles, and we´ll see about a Lego set too. The only thing I can afford was a homemade card, and it won´t be there by your birthday, but it´s coming. I love you, and thanks for being you!

6. Happy birthday to Shayden and Ella this week! I hope your birthdays are the :) I miss you both and love you too!

7. Here in Chile, if you sneeze once they say "Salud", which is equivalent of bless you. If you sneeze a second time, they say dinero (money) and if you sneeze a third time, they say amor. My companion said this is like they are literally blessing you with health, money, and amor. I love it!

So a few things real quick. Last week (the 2nd) at Zone Conference, sister Humphrey pulled me aside after and asked me how I was doing and then she got pretty serious and said, "When you got off that plane, I just knew you were going to do some really great things here. I´m really sad that I won´t be here to see them all, but we NEED you here! You are so special and it was so apparent when we saw you for the first time and still is. There is just something about you. You are going to do amazing things here Hermana. Know that I love you and that if you need anything, I´m here for you." She went into some more details that I have written in my journal, but it was just what I needed to hear that day, especially because I haven´t been able to communicate super well yet. I was getting a little frustrated and so for the wife of my mission president to say that to me, was super special to me. I´m super sad that they´re leaving, but I´m so so grateful for them. They have made me feel so welcome here, as well as all of the other missionaries. I KNOW that this is where I´m supposed to be.
So some of your questions yesterday made me think that I haven´t given much detail! I´m so sorry, and that is my plan right now.

7AM (or earlier) - Wake up, attempt to workout for 30 minutes, take turns showering and eating.
8:30 -  Personal Study
9:30 - Companionship Study where we sing, talk about what we learned that morning, plan our lessons for the day, and practice.
10:30 - "12 weeks" - for the first 12 weeks in the field, every mission does "doce semanas." It basically is things aimed to help us become more successful missionaries faster. I really like it!
11:30 - Hit the field. This week we´re staying in and working on organizing our map and our area book because the missionaries before us left them in sad conditions. But, normally we go out and work until lunch.
1:30 - Everyday except for Mondays and Thursdays (when we eat at a super good restaurant owned by a member in our ward) different hermanas in the ward feed us. Lunch is the big meal here so after lunch I always waddle haha I´m serious. We eat so much food, and it´s so delicious. One thing I really like here is the fruit. I knew I would, but that´s what they have for dessert most of the time. They´ll give us a bowl of fruit, and sometimes it has creme. AH. SO GOOD.
2:30 - Head back to the house for language study. We read the Book of Mormon out loud, look up phrases and words, and improve our mad language skills.
4:00 - We work. Appointments (citas), Noche de Hogars (Family Home Evenings), tracting, etc. It´s awesome.
9:30 or 10:00 (if we have an appointment) - We return to the home, plan for the next day, work on our area book, and if we have time write in our journals. We also eat.
11:00 - Lights out. Antes de lights out, I do my nightly ritual to protect me from bugs.
7:00 AM - Repeat.

I truly love Chile and my mission. I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else in the whole world. I know without a doubt this is where I´m supposed to be.

Dad to answer more of your questions. The Jumbo is the big store that we shop in on Mondays in Conce, and it´s basically a Walmart. There are lots of little nagocios (sp?) in Lirquen where we can buy fruit, candy, and basically food, but we don´t go to them often because we get our food here in Conce on Mondays. But, lots of them have French fries, hot dogs, and there are a ton of them around Lirquen. I´m still trying to figure out the panoramic stuff on my camera but I want to send a panoramic view of the area because it´s beautiful! The houses are super small, and there are lots in small spaces. Some are smaller than others, but the biggest I´ve seen is smaller than our house. The dogs are everywhere, and everyone walks everywhere. I hope this helps with the picture of here a little more. If you have more specific questions, PLEASE ask! I want you to be here with me, so anything I can do to help that I´ll definitely explain!

So we have another rat. To be continued...

Rebekah, Leah, and Seth. Now that it´s summer time, I expect you not to let your youngest brother show you all up in the best sibling award. Not that I mind, because he´s basically my favorite right now, but you are all slackers. You can email me too, those of you who have your own email. It was super great to talk to you all yesterday and I´m glad all is well!
Last minute points and I´m going to send a few pictures.

1. Luis has a fecha! He´s going to be baptized on June 1st, and we´re working with him and Mercedes right now to get them married, and help them truly become converted. Luis has some super strong desires and knows that this is right, so now it´s a matter of letting the Spirit teach him through us!

2. We have a lot of investigators that just aren´t keeping their commitments, so this week we might be dropping a lot of them if we can´t get them to understand the importance of commitments.

3. This morning I was reading in 2 Ne. 28 and 29 and was just blown away by the subtlety of Satan. in 28 vs. 19-30 it talks about all of the little things that Satan does to lead us away unto destruction. And I was really impacted by verse 30, and especially the end of 32. Regardless of how far we fall or what is is that we succumb to, the Lord´s arm is ALWAYS lengthened out. It is so true though. There have been days where I´ve struggled with my companion, days where I feel really weak, and days where I don´t feel like I´ve done all I can, but the Lord is always there to pick me back up, even when I haven´t done all I can. I KNOW that our Savior lives and that He loves us and is mindful of us!! Don´t let yourself be fooled by Satan and his traps. The Lord will win! Grandma and Grandpa Z sent me a quote that I love by Elder Holland about knowing the outcome, so why do we struggle with choosing sides? Also, in chapter 29 vs 8. We have lots of people who reject the Book of Mormon, and I had never thought of it until I was reading it this morning, but when we reject the Book of Mormon, we are rejecting more of the word´s of God. This chapter is super powerful in explaining the importance of the Book of Mormon. I challenge ALL of you to read this chapter, as well as the whole Book of Mormon. I promise you that as you read it, you will know if it´s surety. I know that this book is the most correct of any book (Introduction, quote by Joseph Smith) just as Joseph Smith knows. I KNOW that this church is true, and it is only in and through abiding by it´s principles that we can be saved!

I love you all! Have a safe and wonderful week :)

Hermana Peterson
p.s. Bekah, Leah, Seth, and Caleb I love you all. Keep up the good work, and good luck with your last few days of school before summer. Don´t get too lazy :)

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