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5/20/13 Hermana Peterson - It's Freezing!!

Me Skyping with all of you on Mother's Day!
First, I just want to give a quick shout out to all of you back in the US that are finishing school this week! ¡Perserverar hasta el fin! You can do it! You only have 3 more days! Emily, good luck with Graduation! I know I´ll get it super late, but I´d like an announcement! :) Mom and Dad you better still be going on vacation. You both deserve it, as well as the kids! I hope none of you failed classes, speaking of kids. Bekah good luck with starting work this weekend too! Ah, you´re going to love it! Be alert, and work hard. Also, you´re going to have plenty of time to write me and you´ll be making bank so I expect a letter cada día :) I don´t know how many of you are doing swim team, but good luck! Swim hard, and I want to hear all about it! Don´t be too lazy this summer, but take time to read your scriptures! It will be blessing to you later in life, I promise! 

I´m sorry to hear that sickness hit the valley. I´m glad that everyone is on the upswing though! I too have been sick twice since I´ve been here. Just a cold, but it´s not fun. But, this is the Lord´s time, so I´ve pushed through. I don´t have time to lay in bed all day! 

Happy birthday this week to Jen Peterson (today), Trish, Eric, and Baby Jeremiah! Hope your days are fabulous! (She sent an audio message to Caleb too, and a separate email to him.)

So I got a little wet! (Yay! She got her boots I sent!)

So good news, the rain boots work like magic. My feetsies are so super dry and it makes things easier. I bought a rain jacket, (it´s more like a poncho, but it´s the best that´s here) and it came with free rain pants. Right?! I was so excited. So I wore them under my skirt. We´re still perfecting my look, but I´m keeping warm. I´m glad to hear that there´s not much rain this week, because it´s so so cold. Everyone asks me if I like the cold, and I tell them no. Then when I explain I´m from Arizona, they laugh. It´s a great ice breaker to the "Hi I´m an awkward gringa". 

I am a walking testimony that the Lord blesses His missionaries. Since I´ve been here, I´ve had fish 3 times. It hasn´t even made me gag the slightest, and I count this a blessing. It´s actually kind of tasty.... 

I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Z today, and a dearelder from Lisa. Thanks you guys! I loved it, and I laughed out loud multiple times haha I have the best family in the world, hands down! 

I also heard through the grapevine, that some handsome cousins of mine were baptized this last weekend?! Luke and Riley, congratulations and I am SO proud of you! You are such good examples to me, and keep up the good work! You are going to be fantastic missionaries someday!! 

So today is cambio (transfers/changes) day, and I´m staying in Lirquen!!! Hermana Oldroyd and I will be companions for another 4 weeks at minimum! This next cambio is only 4 weeks, because then the new president comes in and they want cambios to be done before. So we have 4 weeks, and then the cambio after that is 8 so that the mission president has a little bit longer to get adjusted. So Hna Oldroyd and I are crossing our fingers we survive in 4 weeks, because that would be at least 4 months in Lirquen for me! I would love that too, because Lirquen is the best!! We truly have an incredible ward! The work here is progressing, slowly but surely. I think the missionaries before us were not super dedicated, because our area is struggling a bit. We had an investigator family that we had to drop this week because they weren´t progressing, but they loved us and raved about the missionaries that visited them before because they always played guitar with them... chuta. 
I love my companion!

But, we´re going to change things! Things, (at least I think) are already better here than they were when I got here.... speaking of that. I´ve been here for a month tomorrow!!! Crazy huh?! 

This past week, we had a cita with Luis, and the cita fell. We tried to find him 2 or 3 more times this week, but to no avail. We decided that we´re going to try to find him once or twice more this week, but if we can´t, we´ve got to drop him. We´ve spent so much time with him, but he doesn´t keep commitments or show up. Oh, it breaks my heart, but I know there are people out there that are ready that we´re supposed to find. 

Speaking of ready people, Henri has a fecha for the 8th of June! I don´t remember how much I´ve said about him, but he´s great! He´s separated from his wife, and has 3 little kids. He has problems with the word of wisdom, but he knows this and he wants to change. He came to a baptism last Saturday, and yesterday he came to church! This next Sunday we´re hoping he´ll come to all 3 hours. But, he´s ready to change and we´re ready to help him! We´re hoping we can have a cita with him tomorrow, but we need to call him. One hard thing here is that many people work "en tournos," which is where their schedules are super sporadic and it´s hard to find many of our investigators. Henri also works en tournos, but we´re praying his schedule will work out for us. He learns really fast, and when he was in the chapel, he told us that he felt something special, and he says that every time we teach him. It´s such a good feeling to see people wanting to come unto Christ. 

We also have Miriam and Pepe. I don´t remember how much I´ve talked about them either, but they are so good. Pepe reminds me of Grandpa Peterson. A little rough around the edges, but soft on the inside :) (I especially like to teach him, because of this. I love you Gramps!) But we don´t exactly know their relationship (we think they are brother and sister or cousins) but they live together with another relative and are super receptive. Miriam has cancer, but you would never be able to tell, because she is one of the happiest people I have ever met. She truly is an example to me of strength! We had a lesson with them on Thursday night and invited them to church, but Miriam had exams in Conce so they couldn´t, but they agreed to come with us this next week! Well Hermana Oldroyd was a little frustrated and skeptical of Pepe because he comes off a little stern at first, but I told her he´s gooey on the inside, I just know it!  So she trusted me, and we stopped by on Friday to drop off a Book of Mormon because they didn´t have one, and Pepe basically told us that we bring a light into Miriam´s life, and he´s noticed the difference. He said she´s happier and that they both love us. He told us, he´d come with us on Sunday :) After we left, Hna Oldroyd said "Well, you were right Hermana." Haha we had a good laugh. We have a cita with them tonight, and we´re going to put a fecha with them. If they come to church with us on Sunday, they can be baptized on the 15th! I absolutely love love love them and know that the gospel will bless their lives! 

Well, that´s about all for this week. Life´s good, the weather is freezing, and the people are great! Hna Oldroyd and I have some great goals for this upcoming week, and we plan on working only according to the Spirit. Please keep Henri, Miriam, Pepe, Jonathan, and Luis and Mercedes in your prayers. I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives, and I know that this church is His church here on the earth. Thank you for all your prayers! Keep being missionaries, and study your scriptures daily. Jacob 2:18-19 :)

Les amo mucho! Stay safe, healthy, and enjoy the SUMMMMMMMMER!! 

Con amor,
Hermana Peterson
The coast of Lirquen

La Familia Llano
Me with Pan (bread in Chile) Super Rico!

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