Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/22/13 Awesome and Really Awesome! Elder Peterson

Hello Everybody!

Well, this past week has been really awesome I am not about to lie. I am going to start off with the awesome things, and then finish off with the REALLY Awesome things.

Alright so this past week as a district we had a goal to talk to 280 people total. So that is 70 people per companionship. Well, we ended up talking to 492!! We basically almost doubled our goal which is really awesome. Elder Radford and I talked to a lot of people and it was great because we picked up a few potentials. Also, we have picked up a few investigators as well. I am going to briefly share about them. The first one is a lady named Joelyn who is in her 40's. She is really nice and the way that we picked her up is that we had a potential who gave us a wrong apartment number and when we knocked on her door Joelyn answered and said that we could come over and meet with her sometime. we were able to meet with her on Friday and it was a great 1st lesson. One of the other investigators we picked up was Caesar Valdez. He is a stud to tell you the truth. He is 48 years old and retired, he is a marine, and he is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. We had an appointment with him on Monday and he fed us which was awesome. And he committed to read the Book of Mormon and said that he would get baptized once he came to know that what we were teaching him was true. It was a great day.

Alright now to move onto the Really Awesome/ Personal things. We had Stake Conference on Sunday and it was one of the best meetings I have ever been to. There were some amazing talks given by some really amazing people. My favorite speaker was the Stake President, Pres. Harrison. He really hit home and had some great insights about how we could better our lives. I really enjoyed that meeting. One of the other really awesome things was that today for P-Day we had our Zone Activity and we went to a park and had a Kickball Tournament. Sadly our district didn't win the tournament but we had a great time. Funny story, I was playing in the outfield and someone kicked it out to me and as I was running to get the ball I slipped and fell flat on my back. I was really embarrassed and my behind is hurting pretty bad but it's all good. We had a good laugh. I blame my fall on the grass because it really was slippery:)

Man it is getting super humid! Every time I step outside, I start to sweat. I am really excited for the summer!!

Oh and a couple more things. I have been asked to sing at the Night of Music and Inspiration with Elder Farley!! We are going to be singing a Child's Prayer. Hopefully it goes well. And also, I am not allowed to get on any blogs. So I can't look at Elder Zimmerman's blog. And lastly I hope that you all got my letters. I was able to send out letters only to you.

Well, I love you all and I miss you all. I hope everything is going great in the AZ.

Elder Peterson

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