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5/6/13 Hermana Peterson

So she sent a ton of photos in her email today, and I'm going to try really hard to put them in chronological order...
First photo is Hannah and her 2nd MTC companion, Hermana Bytheway
2nd photo is Hannah with Sister Jessica Fuller, a friend from home
and the last photo is Hannah on her way to Chile...the fanny pack is under the coat so she had a bit more room in her luggage...she's so resourceful!!

K Mom, don´t have a heart attack. That´s the last thing we need here, but there´s some heart attackish things going on in this email.

1. One of the sets of elders in my district grabbed the package last week because they thought it was for the other Hermana Peterson. They told me at zone conference this last week, and they are using it to hold up one of the beds in their house... but we have district meetings tomorrow, so they´re going to bring it!! Lucky for me right now, I´m in the same zone as the other Hermana Peterson so if there are any mix ups with letters or packages, we´re close!

2. Thanks for sending the rain boots, and I´m sorry for the inconvenience. I don´t know what is going to happen with the other package, but I won´t be able to get it until next P-day at the earliest... usually they take a little bit longer and hopefully I won´t have to pay a tax on it! But, thank you so much. Hermana Humphrey had some bounce sheets so we tried it, and my companion hasn´t been bit anymore! I´ve been lucky and have not been effected with fleas or lice yet, but keep the prayers coming! :) Also, I think I´m going to refrain from coloring my hair for as long as I can. The lice combs will be nice, and I try to blow dry my hair every 3 days or so, so if there´s any stinkers in my hair, I´ll kill them with FIRE!

3. About the rain. Take all the rain that we get in Arizona in ONE YEAR, and cram it into ONE DAY and have it come horizontal at you and that´s what happened here on Wednesday and Thursday. The natives say that´s how it is through the WHOLE winter too haha YES. One little miracle that happened this week. So, (here´s where you don´t freak out Mom) my rain jacket. It isn´t a rain jacket.... we were outside for 20 minutes, and I was pretty soaked. It resists no water haha I was at the point of just breaking down, but one of the other hermanas in our house had an extra one! We called the office to see if they had any rain skirts or any rain boots, and they said they had one pair that they´d bring to zone conference. THEY WERE AN EXACT FIT. So I´m using those rain boots until mine come. My companion and I are going today to look for a rain jacket, a rain bag (my fanny pack works like a charm under my jacket, but my Spanish scriptures don´t fit in my backpack so we´re going to get a water proof bag so I can carry my scriptures and not ruin them), so for all you that made fun of my fanny pack, I knew it was a genius idea :) I´m even wearing it right now! A tarp to make into a rain skirt because apparently they are non existent, and some waterproof gloves. The gloves that Lisa gave me work like a charm when it´s not raining so thanks again Lisa! BUT, my feet were warm (thanks to the rain boots and my wool socks, don´t worry dad, I learned some great skills from you) and life is good! It was definitely an adventure, but I really like it here.

So I think that´s all, but I´ll probably add more later. Now for my list of stuff to tell all of you!

ERIC AND MICHELLE!!!! HOLY SNAP I flipped flipped and flipped when I read that you´re getting sealed! AH I´m SO SO SO happy for you, and I wish I could be there! I love you both and thanks for your example. Also, I expect TONS of pictures! Michelle, tell your sister good luck out there!
1. The parks here don´t have playground equipment. They have exercise equipment... haha it´s awesome. I personally haven´t used it, but it´s pretty funny. I´ll take a picture of it and send it so you can see what I´m talking about.

2. Chileans LOVE American music. My 3rd day here, we were in a home and Maroon 5 came on. What the heck?! I´ve also heard Kelly Clarkson, Pink, etc.. in the homes, in the buses, in the stores. They LOVE American music. Now, if we could just get them to play some good old Buble... Kidding :) Speaking of Buble, how´s the CD??

3. To answer Grandma Peterson´s question, we walk everywhere here. (I just got your dear elder today. I don´t know when you sent it, but thank you! I definitely laughed out loud when I read it!) We take buses up to one of our sections that´s a little farther away, and when we go to district meetings, and Conce on P-days, but we walk everywhere else. The buses... make me want to throw up. The traffic here is crazy, and I already get really motion sick, but the buses make me want to chuck haha my companion just laughs at me. It´s a problem!

4. So we live about a mile away from the beach. It´s SO pretty. I love, love, love getting to see it everyday. One of these p-days we´ll go down to the beach. But when we go up to the northern section (Rio de Chile) we drive on the road on the cliff overlooking the ocean. Every time my companion and I just stare. Ah I love it!

5. So.... this past week. We had a little problem in our house. On Wednesday morning, we woke up to some little surprises left all around the house. Little poopies. Literally, poop. We had a RATA!!!!! The other companionship had the brilliant idea to get the neighbors cat, bring him inside and have him sniff out the rat.... So I got up on a chair, and was the designated filmer because I don´t speak Spanish and my companion went at it with a broom, and the other hermanas helped. The cat whined in the corner the whole time.... dumb cat. We have a corner where all of our luggage hangs out and they were convinced it was behind there, I was convinced it was under the fridge. So they pulled out all the luggage, and nada. So I said "Buscan behind that!" (Yes, my Spanish is great haha). I was still up on the chair, and lo and behold, our little friend was behind the fridge. There was squealing and screaming and I was up on a chair :) It was disgusting though. I got some pretty hilarious videos of the whole thing. The other hermanas yelled "El obispo, el obispo" and ran out the door to get the bishop who lives across the street. He came in, told Hma. Oldroyd to take a chill pill and we got the rat outside. Phew. It was hysterical. We also put our food up on some shelves created, designed, and rat proofed by Hma. Daglio and it was just a crazy crazy morning! You´ll have to wait a few more months before you can see the video haha


6. Mom so you aren´t working this next year?! What are you going to do during the day without me home?!?! I´m worried for your salvation. How is swim registration going? Just a few more weeks of work Mom. You can do it!

7. Okay, so everyone here in Chile has wood burning stoves. So it constantly smells like campfire. Last night, it was clear, smelled like campfire, and it was cold, and it made me a little sad that I´m going to miss 2 family camp outs. You had all better play tons of games and do tons of fun things for me!

8. Someone asked me if I´m Chilean the other day. And I´m not lying, I´ve had probably 100 people say "Oh sus ojos! Muy linda, super cristal!" I think my companion wants to die every time another person says something about it. It´s always the grandmas and the drunks. Hahahaha

9. I stink and I´m sorry. I´ve been slacking in the Happy Birthdays! Happy birthday to Star (all the way back on the 25th), Wyatt, Uncle Mitch, Brock, Grandpa P (I thought about you all day gramps and wish we were all at your house with dessert :) ), and Milan! Hope they were/are great!

10. I got Laynee Overall´s dear elder when I got here last week, and forgot to say something. Tell her thanks, I loved it, and good luck with graduation!

11. What is the last page of the journal that I sent home? I didn´t look, but want to put numbers when I write here. THANKS!

12. The other day, not lying, I counted 110 dogs. It´s CRAZY! They´re EVERYWHERE. But, most do not come up and bother us. The worst is when we´re walking by a house and all of the sudden you´re in the fetal position because the barking dogs came out of nowhere! I don´t remember if I told you or not, but my first night here we had 2 dogs charge at us and I flung myself on this pile of wood. I refuse to ever own a dog, but I am offended that Todd thought of Midnight while he was eating dog... rude.

13. So here in Chile, instead of knocking on doors, we stand at the gates and yell "Halo!" (pronounced ah-low). It´s totally different, but I feel like that´ll be a habit hard to break when I come back to the US. haha

14. Also, here in Chile they speak Castellano. Where you pronounce the y´s and the double l´s with a jhuh sound. I don´t know how to spell it out haha but it´s not "Mexican Spanish." I like it though.

15. Mom, I had a dream about you the other night. I don´t remember what it was about, but when I woke up and realized you weren´t with me, I was really sad. Just thought you should know I even dream about you :)

16. Dad, how´s work going?! You´re almost done!! Also, do you know if you´re still at Mountain View for this next year or not? Tell me more, tell me more!

17. Cabers, I sent your birthday card today. I´m sorry that it probably won´t be there on your birthday, but just so you know I didn´t forget!!!! This is also my friendly reminder to my other brother who is on a mission :) Leah, I hope you´re still listening to the Dolphin Song every morning. Seth and Bekah you have a letter coming from last week. I miss you all!!!!! BE GOOD.

18. We started reading the Book of Mormon this week as a mission. I was close to being done, but started back over and I´m so glad I did. We´re reading it in preparation for the new mission president. I am using a blue copy of the Book of Mormon, and I´m highlighting the things about Christ and Heavenly Father in one color, and the word REMEMBER in another. I´m in 2 Ne 5 and the word remember has already been 18 times! I am learning SO much though and I just love the Book of Mormon! If you aren´t reading it, I challenge you to. This book has changed my life, especially over these last 2 months. Start at the beginning, and study it! All of you heading into summer will have tons of time, so I expect weekly reports!

19. Thanks for the weekly weather reports. They´re super helpful. Each morning, I say "The daily weather report brought to you by SISTER PETERSON... and then I say the weather. So thanks Mom!"

20. Could I by chance get your Chicken Potato Cheese Soup recipe? I was telling our Bishops wife about it and she wants it but it´s not in the Peterson Family cookbook! GRACIAs!


Here is the plan for MOTHER´S DAY! Dad, I´m sorry I won´t be able to talk to you on Father´s day, so we´ll just split it with mom this weekend, okay? So, we get to skype. And we get A WHOLE HOUR AND A HALF! I don´t know when Jake is planning on calling, but if we could at all coordinate I´d love it and probably cry a little. Also, I didn´t get a skype name this week from you, so I´ll do my best to find you. Dang it! BUT, I´m super pumped. We have lunch from 1:30-2:30 Chilean time, and then we´ll skype right after this. So it´ll be 11:30-12 is for you, I think. But, maybe I´ll be able to show you a quick view of Lirguen! I´m so so so so so excited!!!! AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH!

So from now on, I´m going to talk about all the spiritual stuff first, because it is the most important. But there was tons I had forgotten to tell you last week so I needed to tell you. But, long story short Luis accepted a baptismal date for the 25th on Friday night! They said they´d come to church on Sunday, and then Mercedes told us she was already a member... we´re looking into this, but on Sunday morning when we went by to pick them up for church, there was no answer. We went back a little later and it was only Mercedes, and we found out that Luis and Mercedes are NOT married, Luis had gone out drinking the night before, and she didn´t know where he was. I feel so bad for her. She´s got it super rough, but she wants to come back. She wants to change, and she wants Luis to change too. She came to sacrament meeting with us yesterday, and then we went back last night with hopes that Luis would be there, and he still hadn´t come home. We have another cita with them tonight, so we´ll see what happens. If Luis has been to church before, he still has a date for the 25th, but if not, we´re going to move it to the 31st of this month. We have a lot to work with them on, but Mercedes agreed last night to help us because she knows this is right for them!

We also are meeting with Johnathan, who is probably 24? He´s super eager to learn about the church but is skeptical about actually attending church or getting baptized. We think with time and reading the Book of Mormon, he´ll realize the importance of church.

So on Wednesday, it was a super big holiday (basically Chile´s 4th of July) and lots of people were home from work and no one had school. President Humphrey promised that if we diligently searched for a family, we´d find one. We were having no luck, and at about 7:30 we ran into a menos activo, who gave us a reference of a family, but we only knew that it was one of two houses. I felt like we should go to the one first. Sandra and Christian live here with their 2 kids. They are Evangelical, but were willing to listen to our message. We started talking about the Gospel of Christ a little bit, and I started bearing testimony about the Holy Ghost and how grateful I am for eternal families. Christian said "Mira!" which basically means look. The Spirit was SO strong, and it was a simple but powerful testimony to me that even though I don´t know most of what´s going on, that I can STILL be an instrument for the Lord. They could feel the Spirit through me, and I know that they Spirit touched them that night. Our cita with them on Friday fell, but we´re also going back to them tonight, so please keep them in your prayers!

Life is good. This has been the best thing that I´ve ever done. I know that the church is true, and my testimony only grows each day. I am learning so much from the members of our ward, from my companion, from our investigators, and my Spanish is getting better. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I´ll have a pretty good grasp on it. ¡Yo Se que Jesucristo vive! Yo se que José Smith fue un profeta, y El tradució El Libro de Mormon. Yo se que esta iglesia puede y bendicira todas las personas, si veniran a Jesucristo.

Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Peterson :)


This photo is for you Meagan!!
Me in Lirquen

                              Our humble abode

Some members
My first "completo"
Me, Hermanas Oldroyd, Daglio and Mendoza

First time I've done my hair in 2 feels good!!!

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