Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/26/13 Elder Peterson

Dear Family!
Well, things are definitely going to be changing in the missionary field soon. Wasn't that fireside great? It was so great to hear about how much the work is progressing! And it is going to be really cool that we are going to be able to use the Internet more! It is going to be really helpful for sure.

Alright well enough of that how is everyone doing? What is the weather like down in the AZ? It is getting really humid outside but I am getting used to it. I am loving my new area! And i am loving being in a car :) How is swim team going? Have you gotten the new couches yet?? send pictures please if you can. I was actually thinking about home this morning and wondering if you were going to get new couches and well, you are!
So we had a wonderful miracle this week. We have really been focusing on the Less Actives in the ward. Just like Hermana Peterson, Elder Moss and I know that Less Active work in the ward is just as important as bringing someone into the church. So, we went and visited a lady in our ward Sherri Watts. When we got there she was there and so was her brother who just recently moved in to help take care of their other brother who has mental disabilities. We visited with them for a good while and we asked the brother who's name is Lawrence if he would like for us to start teaching him. He said yes! We went by this Monday and taught him the Restoration and invited him to read the Book of Mormon. He told us that he already believes that it is the word of God. So we invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!!! It is super exciting! He is going to be baptized on July 28th. Elder Moss and I are so grateful for this wonderful miracle.

Also, I was able to talk to Elder Radford at the broadcast on Sunday and asked him about the work in DC 3rd South (my old area). Caesar and Joelyn and Abraham are all doing super great and are all still planning on getting baptized! I am hoping to be able to attend all of them if I can.
Things are going to be really crazy in a few days. Pres. and Sis. Matsumori are leaving in 4 days and Pres. and Sis. Cook are going to be joining us. It is going to be really different for sure. But I am really excited to be able to meet them. I am really going to miss the Matsumoris. They have been so good to me and all of the missionaries out here.

The work is marching on!! I am realizing that there is so much that I can do better and I am going to do it! A lot of things that have mattered to me are starting to not matter as much anymore. I am....growing up... It is terrible yet awesome at the same time. Well, I am so grateful to be a missionary! I am so grateful to be apart of the new wave of missionary work. The work is going to improve and I am going to be apart of it.
I love you all!
Elder Peterson 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6/24/13 Hermana Peterson

Remember when I said that I could live somewhere with rain all the time? I TAKE IT BACK. I take it ALL back. I love the rain, but working in it is the dumps. It´s horrible. haha this week (luckily) we only had rain one day, but it rained TONS. My outfits for rainy days are a joke. I´ve got like 7 jackets on, my rain jacket, my boots, etc. But anyways, my companion and I were mostly dry until at like 9 o´clock, a car drove by. I´m not lying when I got DRENCHED with a WALL of water haha HEAD TO TOE. In my boots, down my jacket, todo. My armpits were probably the only part of my body that were dry. BUT, life is good. I wouldn´t change ANYTHING for everything. I LOVE my mission with all of my heart. Easily, it´s the best decision I´ve ever made!
She has to put bags on her feet to help keep her feet dry

So this week...

1. I realized that I forgot a birthday shout out to the one and only BRYSON, who now has the priesthood! How cool. I hope your day was fantastic Bry. I love you! Also, birthday shout out to Carter! I love you and hope your day was great too!

2. So I keep forgetting to tell these stories, but they crack me up. So about 4 or 5 weeks ago, Hma Oldroyd and I were waiting in a really long line for the bathroom. I was probably 2 people out, and a mom came in with her little boy (probably 4), picked him up, dropped his drawers, and he went in the sink. In the bathroom. Sick right? Ewe. And this next one is even better. 2 weeks ago, we were walking around in Concepción and this guy dropped his drawers, said permiso (which is like excuse me) and peed on the front door of someone´s house. Hahahahahaha we laughed for probably 20 minutes. Gotta love Conce :)

3. What is Jennifer´s address?

4. What mission are Tyleah Windsor and Luke Tingey going to? My companion is from Guatemala and I want to tell her to be on the look out for them if they´ll be in her mission!

5. So, I forgot to tell you too, but a few weeks ago, we had a tiny earthquake. They actually happen ALL the time, and they throw me off guard because my whole body is shaking. Not violently, just a little haha it´s totally a weird sensation! But just so you know, I´ve been in an earthquake. I know, I´m pretty cool :)

6. Can you get the Watt´s brand of nectar in the United States? I have mixed feelings about if you can or not... if you can, then it´s awesome because this is the kind they drink here and then I can drink it for the rest of my life, but I kind of don´t want you to be able to get it, because I want to bring some home for you to try. Anyways, if you can get it, get the peach kind because I could drink a whole liter in 5 minutes. SO GOOD!

7. How are the temples coming along in Arizona? Any super close to dedication?

8. The stake patriarch spoke on Sunday, and I felt impressed to say again that Rebekah, Leah, and even Seth need to start thinking about getting your Patriarchal blessings. You will be forever blessed by this and grateful that you have this! I read mine all the time, and receive different inspiration for my life, and find great comfort in my patriarchal blessing. Any of my sweet cousins that are a little bit older and don´t have theirs yet should start thinking about theirs too! 

9. I won´t go into much detail about this, but we watched a dog get hit by a car yesterday and survive. It was a little bit scary. Moral of the story, look both ways before you cross the street.

10. Drummmmmmmmmmmmrollllllllllllllllllllllll please...... Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet, thoughtful, funny, beautiful, patient, charitable, nice, cool, clean, supportive, loving, fantastic, talented, inspired, pretty, young, simple, virtuous, and best MOM EVER. 20 years young, and I am more than ever grateful for you in my life! I had a pretty special experience with the scriptures and you a few days ago... it´s in my journal that´s on it´s way. I´ll leave you hanging :) But. thank you for EVERYTHING that you´ve done, that you do, that you are doing, and will do for me. I couldn´t have asked for or picked a better mom if I could´ve! Thank you for raising me the way you did. Because of this, I have the foundation and the testimony that I do today, and you are blessing people here in Chile! I am grateful that everyday I see myself becoming more like you. I love you mom, and hope that Dad spoils you like crazy on your birthday! :) I´m still learning Happy birthday in Spanish or I´d type it haha

I´m just a ball of energy right now! Okay, probably the best information I´ve heard in my life. HENRI IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY, AND I GET TO GO!!!! I talked with President Humphrey today and he said, "I don´t see a problem with you going back for his baptism!" My first baptism. The first person that I´ve helped bring unto Christ. I cannot even tell you how happy it is. Another one of Christ children is coming to Him!! I talked to Hermana Oldroyd about it today, and she said that on Saturday he had his interview with Elder Brown. Saturday, he smoked one and so they didn´t know if it was going to work, but Elder Brown said he wanted to interview him anyway. During the interview, Hermana Oldroyd said they could hear everything in the other room, and Henri said that every time he wants to smoke and he sees a cigarette, that he thinks of all that Hermana Oldroyd and I have done for him, and he doesn´t want to do it anymore. Hermana Oldroyd talked to him a little bit ago, and he hasn´t smoked since. He went to church yesterday, and he´s ready. PLEASE keep him in your prayers, that he can keep strong and be a strong addition to the church. He´s amazing, and we know he will do great things, but these next few days especially, he´s going to need extra help. Please, please, please! He doesn´t know I´m going to the baptism either! I´m just going to show up :) AH, so so so so happy! 

We said bye to President and Hermana Humphrey today, which was super super sad. Hermana Humphrey started to cry when she hugged me and told me that I´m one of her favorites. She told me that she knows I was prepared before this life to come here, and that I am going to do so much good in the mission. What a BOLD statement. I´m doing my best to live up to that, and be the person that my Savior knows I can be. I do know however that without my Savior, I am nothing. It´s easy to forget that all that we do is because of him, but I know that if we can all keep this perspective, that we are nothing without him, we will be able to do much good in this life. Hermana Humphrey then told me to keep in touch, and just kept saying over and over that I´m going to do much good in this mission. She told me that she loves me so so much and then she told me "If I had a son your age, you´d be my daughter-in-law." Oh Hermana Humphrey... For me it´s weird because she doesn´t really know me and I don´t really know her, but we hit it off 2 months ago. I know we were friends in Heaven! I didn´t know there were going to be this many goodbyes as a missionary. It´s not fun I´m sure going to miss her, but you better believe I´m going to keep in touch with them!

Okay, the moment you´ve all been waiting for... How is Talcahuano? How is my companion? How is everything? Well let me tell you something. Talcahuano is absolutely incredible. Absolutely incredible! I love everything about it!! It´s a richer area than Lirquen, the majority of the people have cars, and there are no stairs. It is completely flat, but it´s a pretty big area. We´re in Independencia which is a suburb of Talcahuano. My companion, Hermana Urizar is from Guatemala, and she only has 7 weeks left in the mission. I love her so much. She is so patient with me, and she has helped me a TON with my Spanish. Having a Latin companion is such a blessing! She doesn´t speak English, which is sometimes a little frustrating if I don´t know the words to get my point across, but she is so eager to correct me or help me and I love her for it! Bless her heart, she´s been sick this whole week, but I think for the most part she feels better, so we´re going to crank things out. Turns out, she only had one more week in Independencia before me, so we opened the area. The first day or two were super hard because we had no clue where we were going, but now we´ve both got a pretty good grip on the sector. I´ve got 7 weeks to learn the sector, become best friends with the members, and become fluent so that I can teach the sector to someone else. Great... Just kidding. I´m so so pumped right now! But, something crazy. So I´m in a zone of 12, and only Elder Blomfield and I are from the Mission Concepción. Everyone else is from Concepción South. BUT, something I didn´t know is that right now, technically I´m part of Concepción South until next week. So, I´ve technically served in 2 different missions at this point! Next week, Talcahuano is officially a part of the Mission Concepción! But, we received 4 hermanas from Concepción South and ALL 4 finish their missions at the end of this transfer. Poquito fome. President Humphrey told me today, and they needed to send me down to help implement our mission to the missionaries coming up from the South mission. There are SO SO many differences! But, another crazy thing is that 8 of the 12 of us in Zona Talcahuano North finish their missions in the next 2 transfers. At the end of this transfer, my companion, both of our zone leaders, and my district leader all finish. At the end of the next transfer, 3 or 4 others finish. So basically, we´re white washing the zone. I feel so much pressure to implement all that I can in the next few weeks in preparation for switching missions and getting a new president. But, I feel super humble that President was inspired to send me down to do this. Only 5 of us from Concepción are in Talcahuano. We´re getting all of Talcahuano (2 zones) added to our mission. Our ward is INCREDIBLE! Our ward mission leader is a recently returned missionary of 2 or 3 years from the mission Rancagua and he´s awesome. He knows what missionary work is all about! He met with us on Sunday and laid out his plans, gave us names of old investigators, and he´s going to help us get this ward excited about missionary work. The broadcast last night was such a help too! I´m so so pumped! The ward is so willing to help too! There is a guy that is 22 that we´re trying to get on a mission, and there are SO many that want to help! We are going to do so much good here, through guidance and help from our Heavenly Father! One of the guys in our ward is a returned missionary from WASHINGTON D.C. NORTH!! He´s awesome too, and his wife is from Mexico. What are the chances?! I showed him the blog last night, so he´s going to keep tabs on the areas where Jake is and see if he knows anyone. Jake sent a picture a few days ago of a brother Armstrong and last night Roberto showed me a picture with the SAME MAN. So weird haha but it´s crazy! We have tons of investigators who attend church all the time, but NONE of them have baptismal dates. We think that the mission Concepcion South works a little differently with baptisms, so we´re going to try to put fechas with all of them. We´ve also got some great plans to work with the menos activos, members, and really retain the converts!
Well that´s all I´ve got time for. Pictures are coming. All in all, I love my area, I love my companion, I love being a missionary, and I love my Savior. This is the ONLY TRUE CHURCH ON THE EARTH. Be a member missionary. Share this with everyone you meet!

Hermana Peterson

p.s. Sorry my brain is kind of all over the place today. It was a long morning... if I wasn´t specific about something specific, tell me and I´ll fix it next week!  I LOVE YOU!

p.s.s I saw Elder Layton today too!! Crazy stuff.
Elder Hyrum Layton who went to high school with Hannah!
Hermanas Mena and Mendoza

The Bishop and his family

Mandi and Miriam (with the hat)
The murals in Lirquen are crazy - this is my favorite!
Part of the Cortez Family - Sariah leaves for her mission
to Brazil in August!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/19/13 Leaving DC

Alright so this past week has been a real change in pace. So first off I am in a car and instead of biking everywhere I get to drive in a car everywhere. I will probably gain a few pounds but hopefully not we are trying to stay active in the morning. Also, it is really hard to find people to teach out here. But we are working hard and I KNOW that we are going to have success. Especially because we have an awesome Ward! I am in the Montgomery Village Ward and the people here are amazing. They definitely have the missionary mindset and are always willing to help us out when they can. It is going to be an awesome transfer. 

SO as of right now we only have two solid investigators - Alma who is a 17 year old girl and Jakob (he needs to learn how to spell :)) who is 15. Alma is really wanting to get baptized but her father won't sign the papers and so she needs to wait until she is 18 to get baptized. Jakob is progressing slowly but we are working with him. We have recently found a couple people who are promising and we a praying that they will be ready to accept the Gospel in their lives. 

One other thing that is awesome (or going to be the end of me) is that we get fed 3-4 times a week. It is a big change from the city and I am somewhat excited but it is going to make me fat. At least I won't be starving!

Alright to get into a few details. This last Saturday we had a Ward Picnic at the park and it was really great. We had a few less actives come who we invited and it was a grand ole' time. The ward is really good at fellow shipping and when we get our investigators to church I know that we are not going to have any problems with friends for them. 

This past Sunday was great as well. Church was really productive and spiritual. We were able to take that spirit we felt and teach a couple of less actives in the ward. In this ward we are going to be doing a lot of less-active work because it is so hard to find people out here. I am really excited to help out the ward in any way that I can. 

Well, that is about it for this week. Everything is going great and I hope that it just keeps getting better! I hope that you know that I love you all and I pray for you every night. Everyone just keep doing what is right and I know that you will be alright. 

I love you,
Elder Peterson

At the 5k run spoken of in last week's letter
(Wow, it is sooooo green!!)

Abraham and Caesar, our 2 investigators who came to the 5k
Caesar made a feast for Elder Radford's Birthday
Steak and Shrimp
Saying goodbye to the people I have grown to love in DC...
Bro. Christensen

Elder Radford, Nichole Jones

Bro. JS Armstrong
My new and awesome companion Elder Moss

Monday, June 17, 2013

6/17/13 She got transferred too!!

It´s official. I´m leaving Lirquen :( I´m heart broken. I absolutely love Lirquen, my companion, the other hermanas, and the people here. Really, I´m so so sad to be leaving here. I didn´t know before my mission that cambios would be this hard. Pretty cool story real quick though. So all week Hermana Oldroyd has been FREAKING out because she was convinced that she was leaving. I wasn´t feeling like I was going to be leaving but knew that anything could happen and since we didn´t know, I kept telling her to take a chill pill haha. Last night before bed, I thought to myself, "I´m going to go down to Talcahuano, Elder Blomfield is still going to be my zone leader (BACKTRACK. Elder Blomfield is one of my zone leaders that only has this next cambio and then he goes home but he was told a few weeks ago that he´d be going down to transition Talcahuano into our mission. Long story short, we´re losing Talca and Curico to the Rancagua mission, and we´re getting a few zones from the Concepción South mission, Talcahuano being one of them. Starting this week, we´ll have all of Concepción and Talcahuano in our mission, and the upper region is not part of our mission anymore). Okay back to the story (hope that all made sense haha). So last night I thought (and I´d thought of all of the possibilities of this cambio), I´m going to go down to Talcahuano, Elder Blomfield is still going to be my zone leader, and Hermana Oldroyd is going to stay here and train. I didn´t say anything because obviously anything is possible, but then this morning... it happened. I´m headed to Talcahuano North! It´s an area about 20 minutes South of Concepción. I´m going from a zone of 8 hermanas and 6 elders, to a zone where my companion and I are going to be the ONLY hermanas. CRAZY! My new companion is Hermana Urizar, from the South mission. She only has this next cambio and then her mission is up! So, it´s basically set that I´ll be in Talcahuano for a while because when she leaves, I´ll need to teach the sector to someone else! I´m super super excited! I know that I had that experience last night to prepare me for today. I don´t really feel anything right now, but probably because it hasn´t hit me. BUT, I´m super excited to have a Latin companion, you don´t even know. My Spanish is going to SKY ROCKET! Woo hoo! I´m super excited to learn from someone who has so much time in the mission too. It´s going to be a crazy adventure. I´m super sad to be leaving Lirquen, and zona Penco because it truly is the best district/zone in the whole mission. But, maybe I´ll head back someday!
Speaking of our zone.... our rap was an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS! Oh snap it was so sick. Haha but it´s too big to send :(

I just realized that I don´t have my list of things I wanted to tell you this week, so this letter´s going to be REALLY short haha but I´ll catch up next week.

We also saw a few miracles this week that I´m SUPER sad I won´t be able to see the end of. Henri had a interview with Elder Carter (one of my zone leaders) and he has a fecha for the 29th! His only holdup is smoking. PLEASE please keep him in your prayers that he can get baptized next weekend. Also please keep Miriam in your prayers! We also lost contact with Miriam for like a week and a half, and we thought her family was going cold on us, but we found her on Saturday, and she told us she´s been praying about the Book of Mormon, and she knows it´s true. She also knows that the church is true, but lacks her answer for baptism. So that´s what she´s praying for right now, BUT IT´S PROGRESS! Also, yesterday we had 5 people in church. It was a miracle for sure! We had 3 lined up (Miriam, and 2 kids that we found who are the niece and nephew of an active family in our ward), and then Henri was able to come and Samuel came too! Henri and Miriam both have 3 astistencias in church and so they can both be baptized at any time!

The weather is freezing, the food is good, I´m packing on the weight regardless of what I do, and I´m changing sectors. Hopefully I don´t have fleas in my next house. But everyone I talk to has fleas for their whole mission, so it´s whatever at this point. I´ll have to take a picture tonight of  what I look like when I go to bed haha it´s a joke, but I´m super warm and new flea bite free for a week now! YAHOO!
I pray for you always, and love and miss you. Sorry this letter is super lame and short. I feel like Jake and Daniel now. I´ll repent, I promise :) Keep me in your prayers the next few days as everything changes. I´m super excited about it all though. PAZ.

Hermana Peterson
A typical lunch

With Bishop Osses and his family

This is Miriam

Having lunch with a member family

One of our areas

Our bathroom

Won't be able to listen to it for awhile...

Teaching piano

Ya, I showered with a worm this week...gross!

We produce a ton of trash!

The other Hannah Peterson (great minds think alike...)
Same skirt we both bought at different places in the United States

Cleaning the tortilla machine

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/12/13 I Got Transferred!! Elder Peterson

Hello family!! 
Alright so this week has been the craziest one yet. No joke. So to start off, I have been transferred to a new area. It is called the Montgomery Village Area and it is in the Seneca Zone. It is the most Northern point in the mission. Today has been my first day in it. My companion is named Elder Moss and he is from Hawaii. I am really excited to be able to serve with him because he is a really cool guy. And something that is great about this area is that I am in a car now!! The car we drive is a 2013 Chevy Cruise....oohhh ahhh.. it is really nice. I am really excited to drive. This new area is going to be sweet.

Alright, well I want to sum up this last week in the DC 3rd South area. I am really going to miss serving there. I left right when things were getting exciting!! It was a let down but I am grateful for the time that I spent there. I am really going to miss being with Elder Radford but I know that he is going to continue to do a great job there. I am really excited for the work that is going to be done. In my old area we have two really solid investigators Caesar and Abraham. They both are doing fantastic!! No joke. This past week we were able to meet with Abraham for the first time and it was a wonderful meeting. He committed to baptism during our first lesson! Also, on Saturday we had a memorial 5k run for a kid in our ward who was shot and killed a couple of years ago. The run was a fundraiser for the ward  scout camp. I ran the whole thing and guess what my time was? Not very fast and I was super sore. I still kind of am actually. But it was a great time. Abraham and Caesar both came to the 5k run. Also on Saturday we had a puppet show about the Word of Wisdom. It is a puppet show that a Senior Couple in our mission put together Elder and Sister Oaks. I got to be one of the puppeteers. It was pretty fun. Also, Jenny Oaks Baker came to the Visitor's Center and performed a bunch of Disney songs. We took one of our investigators Sophie. It was a great time. Also on Sunday we had 4 of our investigators come to church!!! It was awesome. They all had a wonderful time. 

Alright the week is just getting crazier. Monday was Elder Radford's birthday and we also had our last district meeting for the transfer. It was a great one. Every last week in the transfer wherever in the mission we always have a testimony meeting which is really sweet. After district meeting we went to Ruby Tuesday's in honor of Elder Radford's b-day. That night our investigator Caesar had us over for dinner for Elder Radford's birthday. It wasn't just a dinner it was a feast!! I have pictures to send about it but I am going to have to wait because I forgot my cord to plug my camera into the computer. We had shrimp, and steak, and cake. It was so good. Also, we got caught in the biggest rainstorm ever and I got a flat tire!!  And by crazy I mean it. The streets turned into rivers and we had to pedal harder because of how much water there was. But it was fun.

Tuesday was pretty awesome too. I found out that I was leaving Monday and so Tuesday was a packing day/ work day. We got a few potentials that are pretty sweet. It was crazy that I packed everything up and fit it all in the back of Elder Porters car.I also had F.H.E for the last time and it was great. We had a testimony meeting and I felt the spirit very strong. I got some pictures with some of my favorite people. I am really going to miss D.C.

Well, that is about it for this week. I am excited for the new experience I am going to have out here in a car. 
Also, Happy Father's Day Dad. I probably won't be able to say it to you any other time. 

In this area I am going to have more time to write letter because we have a car and it doesn't take as long to do things. So expect more letters from me! 
Well, I sure do love you all!! And I miss you a bunch but the work of the Lord must go on!! 

Elder Peterson

Monday, June 10, 2013

6/10/13 Hermana Peterson

Something really bad happened this week. I was told that 2 elders in our mission about a year ago, converted a whole family because they street contacted the son by rapping.... and now I´m determined to do the same. I´m 100% dead serious. Hma. Oldroyd is such a good sport, with my gangster dreams, and the zone leaders challenged us to write a rap for the zone. It´s almost done, and if I do say so myself, it´s pretty stinking cool! :) But, in the future, I´m hoping I can rap to just ONE person. I cracked up when I read Daniel´s story about almost rapping. Tell him he should´ve done it! We also wrote a rap about the rain 2 weeks ago, and I´ll try to send the video. I don´t know if it will work, but it´s hilarious!
1. This past p-day we had a zone activity, and I ate 10 French Toast. Hma. Oldroyd and I called it a tie at 10. Hahaha it was awesome!
2. So occasionally, Hma. Oldroyd and I will give each other words to throw in in a contact. Hace 3 semanas, she said hamburguesa in one, and the other week she told me I had to say lavarse, which means to wash yourself. I told a lady that through baptism, she could wash herself and become clean from all her sins. Haha Hma. Oldroyd was impressed for sure.
3. So Hma. Oldroyd uses this website with her family called She can upload pictures AND videos to it. I don´t know if that´s something that could be looked into or not, but it´s an idea!
4. When is girls camp? And how are trek preparations coming?
5. Mom and Dad I got your letter from the 19th on Thursday, and Mom I´m pretty sure I mentioned something about getting my package with my rainboots, but I´m sorry if I didn´t! I got it a while ago and they´ve been working great. They hurt my feet a smidge (but this is fault of walking so much), but with time they´ll be perfecto! Gracias!
6. Hma. Oldroyd´s family had Elder L. Tom Perry in their Stake Conference last week, and this is part of the email from her mom. CRAZY HUH?!?!

"He said none of the council of the 12 had any idea of the missionary age change until the Thursday before Saturday Conference and “it blew us away!” Usually there are two apostles that assign mission calls on Fridays but now there are 6. Also, 25-30% of the missionaries now are sisters. And instead of each mission President caring for 150-160 missionaries, they will now care for over 250 each. In September there will be 80,000 missionaries with only 28,000 wards in the church so that means basically every ward in the church will have a set of missionaries. This means that ward mission leaders will be really important. It will be the Mission presidents’ responsibility to train them and watch out for their health and well-being, but the ward mission leader will now be like the mission president with help from the auxiliaries of the church to move the work along. He said that tracting, or going door to door now, in this day and age is “degrading” and people want to chase you away with their broom. The world is different. So, the members need to help in finding and letting us teach those they know. The ward council should get ready to arrange teaching assignments for the missionaries and have 20 discussions for them every week. If we’re going to help the missionaries, we need to go with them, learn the discussions, be in the forefront, help them, give them encouragement. There will soon be 1,600,000 man hours every week from the missionaries and we can have the greatest joy participating in this work that we can every experience. It is not just an earthly experience, but an eternal experience. This is “Our Hour” and the Lord has sent us here to do this great work – to gather Israel. “I promise you the windows of Heaven will be opened to you” He is directing this work. It is not man-made."

7. Children, how is swim team going?! I want to hear all about it!

8. Part of our ward mission plan is to have a Noche de Hogar every Thursday night in the home of a member, and invite investigators and menos activos. This last week we had it up in Geo Chile, and a family member of the Familia Garces lives next door to them, and he isn´t a member. So we ran over to get him and invite him, and obviously it was pitch black. So we come back without him, and sat down and started talking. I started to smell something FOUL and thought it was the little boy who was crawling around. But, then I noticed that I had dog poop caked (and I mean CAKED) on the bottoms of both my shoes. And so did Hermana Oldroyd. Hahaha it was horribly embarrassing. So we did our best to go out and scrape it off of our shoes, but the damage was done. It was ALL over the floor. Oops... As I have said before, I do not like dogs.

9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO G&G Z!!! Holy cow, I cannot believe you have been married for 50 years! I hope that the family spoils you like crazy. Thank you for your weekly letters and the stickers. You two are a hoot and I look forward to them! I got the one from the 28th today. No tan malo! I love you and hope your day is fantastic!!
10. The other day, we had a rough day and accidentally had plans ALL over the place. We kept track of how many stairs we climbed, and we climbed over 1,000 that day! How many stairs are in the Great Wall of China?

11. Paps. HAPPY FATHER´S DAY on Sunday! I hope it´s a great day and I´m sorry that we can´t skype you too. But just know, that I´ll be thinking of you that day! I love you!
So as of right now, we only have Henri that is progressing. BUT, we had 3 investigators at church yesterday!! Also, we had 5 menos activos. I don´t know if I´ve been telling you about them or not, but I truly believe reactivating a menos activo is just as important as a baptism. One of them is Rudolfo Parra, the wife of an activo, Hma. Luka. We had FHE at their house 2 weeks ago, and I guess he´s been super inactivo for a while. BUT, he´s been to church for 2 weeks now AND he gave the closing prayer yesterday! Also, Ana Ramirez is a super sweet lady in the RS Presidency. She is the only active member in her family, and her husband and 2 sons are inactive. Well last Saturday, we went by to share something with Ana and instead shared something with her husband and one of her sons. The son, has come to church the past 2 weeks too! Tambien, la mama de Ana! Oh we are seeing miracles here in Lirquen!!

3 investigators at church.
1. Henri, who now has a fecha for the 22nd! If you could keep him in your prayers, specifically that he can stop smoking, it would be greatly appreciated. He´s progressing really well, and he´s in line for next Saturday! We´ll see how things keep going, but we know he´s felt the Spirit and he´s reading the Book of Mormon super fast!

2. Samuel, who doesn´t have a fecha, and is so so. His son Boris is a member, and we´ve taught him a few times, but the only commitment he has kept was coming to church yesterday. So, we´ll see where he goes this week.

3. Betsabe. We met her in the street Friday night, she´s a teacher who wants to speak English, and so we were going to go to her house on Saturday and do service with English. We invited her to church and she came for Sunday School and half of Sacrament meeting! She´s super sweet, lives an interesting life though, and as of right now doesn´t have a fecha. We´ll see where she goes too.

Miriam didn´t come yesterday, but as of now, she has 95% of the teachings and 2 church attendances. It´s super frustrating that she doesn´t want to commit to baptism right now, because we know she´s ready. She just has lots of fear of change, but we feel like we´ve done almost all we can. We´re going to teach her the rest of the teachings, and then we might have to drop her. It breaks my heart, literally, to see someone feel something, and then not accept it. It´s so hard for me to accept that they have their agency and I need to accept their decisions, because I know this is right!

We´re also still working with Pedro & Ingrid. Ingrid is menos activo but has huge desires to come back, Pedro is scared to pray because he knows he´ll receive an answer and he knows this is right, but doesn´t want to be baptized. We´re working too with Miguel & Yolanda, and a few various others. We had a firecracker week this week. We found 12 new investigators and taught 24 lessons. Our goal this next week is 28. We were more obedient this week, not that we´re super disobedient before, but with the little things we focused on being obedient with exactness and we have plans to be even more obedient with exactness this week. With obedience comes more influence of the Spirit, more unity in companionships, and more righteous desires. We were super focused this week, and followed the Spirit so much. It´s amazing the confidence that our Heavenly Father has in each of us (missionaries or not), to help His other children come into the fold. I´ve been reading tons of Conference talks this week, and I started Helaman today. I can´t believe the growth that I´m experiencing and the incredible difference that my mission is making in my life. I´m so grateful for this opportunity and for the things I´m learning. I love you all, and stay cool back in the states. I´m FREEZING here. It´s so ridiculously cold. But, I love love love it! We have cambios this next week, and Hma. Oldroyd feels like she´s leaving. I´m a little nervous that she´s right, but we´ll see next week. I feel like I´ll stay here in Lirquen. Spanish is coming along great, and the more effort I put into learning it, but faster I´m learning it. Spanish is the language of Heaven. :)

Hermana Peterson

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6/5/13 Elder Peterson

Hello Everybody!!

So, guess what? This week has been really amazing!! First off I want to tell you about the most amazing Sunday I have had on my mission. To start off 3 of our investigators came to church!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome. Their names are Caesar, Abraham, and Bessie. They all had a wonderful time. Caesar is the man. He is from El Salvador but prefers English so we are teaching him. He is one of the funniest most coolest guys ever! Abraham was a man that we talked to on the street last week and we set up an appointment with him for last Friday. He called us and told us that he would have to reschedule but instead we invited him to attend church with us. He came and he said that he wants to do everything he can to become active in our church. It was definitely a miracle. Bessie is a 90 year old lady and she is really funny. She enjoyed church but it was a little too long for her. We are meeting with her tomorrow for a lesson. Hopefully it turns out well.

Anyways the day got even better. Caesar and Abraham both came to the Night of Music and Inspiration with us and they both had the best time of their lives. Caesar told us that he hasn't had a Sunday like this in a very long time. He felt the Spirit very strong that day. It was so amazing!! We are definitely receiving a lot of blessings this week!

So, besides that everything is going pretty normal. We are preparing ourselves for transfers next week. Today was the last time that the Matsumori's were able to attend the temple with all of the missionaries. It was a wonderful experience this morning to go into the House of the Lord. The Spirit was definitely strong.

It is really weird for me to think that I will probably be leaving this next week from my area. I have really enjoyed the DC 3rd South area. I most likely will be transferring out of here. Anyways...

Thanks for the pictures!! It is great to see all of the activities going on at home. Seth's project looks awesome! You should print it out and send it to me. As a matter of fact I love when you send hard copy pictures! I put them in my journal so I can look at them often. And as for the birthday ideas I will write about them next week cause I am out of time today.

But I love you all so much!!! And I miss you! Stay cool in the AZ!

Elder Peterson

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Here is a link to a video of Elder Peterson and Elder Farley singing at a musical fireside with the Washington DC temple as a back drop!! I sure miss his singing!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

6/3/13 Rain, rain go away! Hermana Peterson

Hola familia! So a few things real quick before I get. Today is a good day because....

1. NO RAIN. It is such a beautiful day today. This week we got poured on almost everyday, and to have a little break, especially on p-day is fantastic!

2. I got Jon and Kristin´s wedding announcement. I don´t even know if they read my weekly emails, but I literally screamed because I was so happy! Kristin, write me and tell me the whole story! Ah Ah Ah I´m so happy for you two! I´ll write you a letter when I get a second. AH!!

3. I have the Conference Edition of the Ensign, I have the Conference Edition of the Ensign, I have the Conference Edition of the Ensign HEY HEY HEY HEY! Freaking out over here. I am SO excited. If you don´t hear from me next week, it´s because I´m laying in bed studying it. I apologize in advance :)

Okay so real quick, about my week.

1. Rebekah, I FINALLY mastered the french braid in my bangs, and I do it EVERY day. I think it´s a blessing of the mission, and especially with the rain, and I´m convinced that after my mission I won´t be able to do it anymore. But I did it. If you want to put the braid back in a ponytail, make the braid wider, if you just want to pin it or let it hang, do it thinner. That´s all.

2. So we take out trash out 2 days every week. Monday and Thursdays. But since there are so many stray dogs, we have to hang out trash in the trees. If I have time, I´ll send pictures, because it´s hilarious. We hang out trash in the trees, and it gets picked up haha 

3. Dad, could you send me your take on the story of the refiner´s fire in Malachi and Alma 5:14. When you taught us this one time a few years ago it really stuck with me, but not ALL of the details. THANKS! I know you´re busy, so whenever works.

4. So you know in movies, when cars drive through the puddles and a wall of water drenches the people on the side of the street? TOTALLY happened to us this week haha on Thursday night we had a FHE in the Conquista and we were walking back in the pouring rain with our bishop, and a bus drove by and probably 2 feet of water drenched our lower halves. We were busting up because that´s not supposed to happen!

5. Mom, chuta y pucha are words here that are like dang it or shoot. Whenever I drop something, or write something wrong, chuta is the word!

6. Have you gotten any of my letters yet?!?!

7. Mom, did you ever add Hma. Llanos on Facebook?

8. I got a letter this last week from Tonya Freestone. It made my day. It was such a sweet thought of her, and if you run into her, tell her thank you. I have her on my list of people to write back in the next few weeks, but tell her sincerely thanks.

9. So on Saturday, Hma. Oldroyd and I had a morning of service. We went to teach a lesson to the mom and sobrino of a recent convert in our ward, and they sell bread on the weekend. They type of bread is called tortillas, and we limpiando la tortillas. It was SO fun. I guess the way to cook them is to burn them a little so that they get cooked all the way through, and then they basically sand off the burnt stuff. I have a picture of it too haha we told her we´d come do it every week for her. And we got some free bread out of it, so life´s good!

10. So, our bishop´s house is not tolerating the rain very well. They´ve never had this problem, but the whole back side of their house floods every time it rains. We´re talking a foot of water. They stay up all night soaking towels, ringing, and soaking again. If you could keep them in your prayers, I´d appreciate it and I know they would too. They´re trying to figure out what to do because the water is basically seeping up from under the house... and they need a new roof too. it doesn´t make sense when I try to explain it, but they´re working on it. It´s so sad, because there is NOTHING that we can do to help. Except, we told him to llamanos when he´s putting on the new roof and we´ll help! So, I´m learning some pretty cool things out here! Bread, roofs, etc.

11. How is dear dear Sister Coombs doing? I thought about her the other day, and hope she´s doing fantastic!

Okay, so I think that´s all of the other stuff. Now on to my investigators.
So Miriam. She came to church again, and she has all of the teaching except for the law of chastity and the law of tithing, which we are teaching her this next week. She has a testimony of Joseph Smith and of the Book of Mormon, but she refuses to accept a fecha. We think a lot of this is because of her brother-in-law, Pepe. He is super not ready to accept the gospel, and he dominates every conversation that we have. He doesn´t listen in lessons, and he constantly reminds us that he´s been Catholic for his whole life and that he´s not ready and that the date is too soon. This is basically the mentality that Miriam has taken on too. We think that if he wasn´t in the picture, she would be baptized already. She is one of the greatest people I´ve ever met, but she just has fears of actually being baptized. We´re trying not to be pushy, but at this point, we´re going to have to stop teaching her if she dosen´t progress, and the only way to progress is to be baptized. We have plans to get her to a members house this week WITHOUT Pepe, and she came to church without him yesterday, so we taught her before without him, but we´ll see. She absolutely loves us, and the church, but we have to help her get past this fear. Our district leader is meeting with her on Tuesday to talk to things about her and then they´ll teach a lesson to us with them, so hopefully we´ll all gain more insight in this lesson. Speaking of Miriam, Lisa. I didin´t think it was possible to meet someone who loved all things Disney more than you, but I think Miriam takes it. She LOVES Mickey Mouse and talks about Disney all the time. I think you would be best friends (on more accounts than Disney) if you met. Just saying.

Henri. We taught him the word of wisdom because he smokes and he agreed to work on it. The other day he was down from 20 to 7, and then he didn´t come to church. AGAIN. We´re going to try to help him more this week, and he keeps all of his other commitments except for coming to church. I think our goal to not teach Henri and Miriam without members will help them both to continue to progress. We think he just lacks the self-motivation. But as of right now, we have no investigators with fechas because he didn´t come to church and neither did Luis. We found Luis again, twice this week, put specific plans to help them get married, taught the W of W and the law of chastity and they agreed to come to church, and then they weren´t there. Chuta! Missionary work is so much more stressful than I thought it was going to be! My heart breaks for these people, who now know the truth, but don´t accept it. But, this just increases my testimony of the church because I am feeling so so so sorrowful for these people. I know what they all are missing in their lives, and it really gets to me that they don´t accept it! I have never prayed more in my life or racked my brain more in my life.

BUT, with bad there is always good, and the good will always triumph. One more quick story, and then a few pictures.
So this last week we visited with one of the members in our ward, Patty Cortez. 3 of her sisters also live in our ward, and this is probably my favorite family here. I love them! They are all older with kids my age, but that´s beside the point. Anyways, we visited with Patty and was talking to us about a friend of hers. She then started to cry and said that the missionaries in the past haven´t visited her. She also said that she has been waiting for US, to teach this friend of hers. The friend is married with I don´t know how many kids (2?) and she has cancer. The cancer is REALLY painful for her and she doesn´t leave her house a lot. But Patty told us that she´s been waiting for us, specifically us, to introduce the gospel to her friend. She said she prays and fasts for them all the time, and we´ve finally come! It was SUCH a humbling experience for me to know that the Lord really does have people prepared for us. We have an appointment with them later this week, to meet them and to hopefully begin teaching. Patty is convinced that her friend is ready! Ah, regardless of what happens, I was the answer to someone´s prayer, and that is quite possibly the most humbling experience in the world.

Last story, so when we were teaching Luis and Mercedes the law of chastity, at the end of the lesson we were talking about having them come with us to the registro civil to set a date to be married. I tried to say, "Ustedes pueden venir juntos" but I accidentally said, "Ustedes pueden vivir juntos."
And that´s a wrap!

Hermana Peterson :)

Eating at Rincon Merino (a restaurant owned by some ward members)
Smack dab in the middle of Conce

This picture is for Grandpa Z


No, I'm not really this fat, I just have lots of layers!!