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6/10/13 Hermana Peterson

Something really bad happened this week. I was told that 2 elders in our mission about a year ago, converted a whole family because they street contacted the son by rapping.... and now I´m determined to do the same. I´m 100% dead serious. Hma. Oldroyd is such a good sport, with my gangster dreams, and the zone leaders challenged us to write a rap for the zone. It´s almost done, and if I do say so myself, it´s pretty stinking cool! :) But, in the future, I´m hoping I can rap to just ONE person. I cracked up when I read Daniel´s story about almost rapping. Tell him he should´ve done it! We also wrote a rap about the rain 2 weeks ago, and I´ll try to send the video. I don´t know if it will work, but it´s hilarious!
1. This past p-day we had a zone activity, and I ate 10 French Toast. Hma. Oldroyd and I called it a tie at 10. Hahaha it was awesome!
2. So occasionally, Hma. Oldroyd and I will give each other words to throw in in a contact. Hace 3 semanas, she said hamburguesa in one, and the other week she told me I had to say lavarse, which means to wash yourself. I told a lady that through baptism, she could wash herself and become clean from all her sins. Haha Hma. Oldroyd was impressed for sure.
3. So Hma. Oldroyd uses this website with her family called She can upload pictures AND videos to it. I don´t know if that´s something that could be looked into or not, but it´s an idea!
4. When is girls camp? And how are trek preparations coming?
5. Mom and Dad I got your letter from the 19th on Thursday, and Mom I´m pretty sure I mentioned something about getting my package with my rainboots, but I´m sorry if I didn´t! I got it a while ago and they´ve been working great. They hurt my feet a smidge (but this is fault of walking so much), but with time they´ll be perfecto! Gracias!
6. Hma. Oldroyd´s family had Elder L. Tom Perry in their Stake Conference last week, and this is part of the email from her mom. CRAZY HUH?!?!

"He said none of the council of the 12 had any idea of the missionary age change until the Thursday before Saturday Conference and “it blew us away!” Usually there are two apostles that assign mission calls on Fridays but now there are 6. Also, 25-30% of the missionaries now are sisters. And instead of each mission President caring for 150-160 missionaries, they will now care for over 250 each. In September there will be 80,000 missionaries with only 28,000 wards in the church so that means basically every ward in the church will have a set of missionaries. This means that ward mission leaders will be really important. It will be the Mission presidents’ responsibility to train them and watch out for their health and well-being, but the ward mission leader will now be like the mission president with help from the auxiliaries of the church to move the work along. He said that tracting, or going door to door now, in this day and age is “degrading” and people want to chase you away with their broom. The world is different. So, the members need to help in finding and letting us teach those they know. The ward council should get ready to arrange teaching assignments for the missionaries and have 20 discussions for them every week. If we’re going to help the missionaries, we need to go with them, learn the discussions, be in the forefront, help them, give them encouragement. There will soon be 1,600,000 man hours every week from the missionaries and we can have the greatest joy participating in this work that we can every experience. It is not just an earthly experience, but an eternal experience. This is “Our Hour” and the Lord has sent us here to do this great work – to gather Israel. “I promise you the windows of Heaven will be opened to you” He is directing this work. It is not man-made."

7. Children, how is swim team going?! I want to hear all about it!

8. Part of our ward mission plan is to have a Noche de Hogar every Thursday night in the home of a member, and invite investigators and menos activos. This last week we had it up in Geo Chile, and a family member of the Familia Garces lives next door to them, and he isn´t a member. So we ran over to get him and invite him, and obviously it was pitch black. So we come back without him, and sat down and started talking. I started to smell something FOUL and thought it was the little boy who was crawling around. But, then I noticed that I had dog poop caked (and I mean CAKED) on the bottoms of both my shoes. And so did Hermana Oldroyd. Hahaha it was horribly embarrassing. So we did our best to go out and scrape it off of our shoes, but the damage was done. It was ALL over the floor. Oops... As I have said before, I do not like dogs.

9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO G&G Z!!! Holy cow, I cannot believe you have been married for 50 years! I hope that the family spoils you like crazy. Thank you for your weekly letters and the stickers. You two are a hoot and I look forward to them! I got the one from the 28th today. No tan malo! I love you and hope your day is fantastic!!
10. The other day, we had a rough day and accidentally had plans ALL over the place. We kept track of how many stairs we climbed, and we climbed over 1,000 that day! How many stairs are in the Great Wall of China?

11. Paps. HAPPY FATHER´S DAY on Sunday! I hope it´s a great day and I´m sorry that we can´t skype you too. But just know, that I´ll be thinking of you that day! I love you!
So as of right now, we only have Henri that is progressing. BUT, we had 3 investigators at church yesterday!! Also, we had 5 menos activos. I don´t know if I´ve been telling you about them or not, but I truly believe reactivating a menos activo is just as important as a baptism. One of them is Rudolfo Parra, the wife of an activo, Hma. Luka. We had FHE at their house 2 weeks ago, and I guess he´s been super inactivo for a while. BUT, he´s been to church for 2 weeks now AND he gave the closing prayer yesterday! Also, Ana Ramirez is a super sweet lady in the RS Presidency. She is the only active member in her family, and her husband and 2 sons are inactive. Well last Saturday, we went by to share something with Ana and instead shared something with her husband and one of her sons. The son, has come to church the past 2 weeks too! Tambien, la mama de Ana! Oh we are seeing miracles here in Lirquen!!

3 investigators at church.
1. Henri, who now has a fecha for the 22nd! If you could keep him in your prayers, specifically that he can stop smoking, it would be greatly appreciated. He´s progressing really well, and he´s in line for next Saturday! We´ll see how things keep going, but we know he´s felt the Spirit and he´s reading the Book of Mormon super fast!

2. Samuel, who doesn´t have a fecha, and is so so. His son Boris is a member, and we´ve taught him a few times, but the only commitment he has kept was coming to church yesterday. So, we´ll see where he goes this week.

3. Betsabe. We met her in the street Friday night, she´s a teacher who wants to speak English, and so we were going to go to her house on Saturday and do service with English. We invited her to church and she came for Sunday School and half of Sacrament meeting! She´s super sweet, lives an interesting life though, and as of right now doesn´t have a fecha. We´ll see where she goes too.

Miriam didn´t come yesterday, but as of now, she has 95% of the teachings and 2 church attendances. It´s super frustrating that she doesn´t want to commit to baptism right now, because we know she´s ready. She just has lots of fear of change, but we feel like we´ve done almost all we can. We´re going to teach her the rest of the teachings, and then we might have to drop her. It breaks my heart, literally, to see someone feel something, and then not accept it. It´s so hard for me to accept that they have their agency and I need to accept their decisions, because I know this is right!

We´re also still working with Pedro & Ingrid. Ingrid is menos activo but has huge desires to come back, Pedro is scared to pray because he knows he´ll receive an answer and he knows this is right, but doesn´t want to be baptized. We´re working too with Miguel & Yolanda, and a few various others. We had a firecracker week this week. We found 12 new investigators and taught 24 lessons. Our goal this next week is 28. We were more obedient this week, not that we´re super disobedient before, but with the little things we focused on being obedient with exactness and we have plans to be even more obedient with exactness this week. With obedience comes more influence of the Spirit, more unity in companionships, and more righteous desires. We were super focused this week, and followed the Spirit so much. It´s amazing the confidence that our Heavenly Father has in each of us (missionaries or not), to help His other children come into the fold. I´ve been reading tons of Conference talks this week, and I started Helaman today. I can´t believe the growth that I´m experiencing and the incredible difference that my mission is making in my life. I´m so grateful for this opportunity and for the things I´m learning. I love you all, and stay cool back in the states. I´m FREEZING here. It´s so ridiculously cold. But, I love love love it! We have cambios this next week, and Hma. Oldroyd feels like she´s leaving. I´m a little nervous that she´s right, but we´ll see next week. I feel like I´ll stay here in Lirquen. Spanish is coming along great, and the more effort I put into learning it, but faster I´m learning it. Spanish is the language of Heaven. :)

Hermana Peterson

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