Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/12/13 I Got Transferred!! Elder Peterson

Hello family!! 
Alright so this week has been the craziest one yet. No joke. So to start off, I have been transferred to a new area. It is called the Montgomery Village Area and it is in the Seneca Zone. It is the most Northern point in the mission. Today has been my first day in it. My companion is named Elder Moss and he is from Hawaii. I am really excited to be able to serve with him because he is a really cool guy. And something that is great about this area is that I am in a car now!! The car we drive is a 2013 Chevy Cruise....oohhh ahhh.. it is really nice. I am really excited to drive. This new area is going to be sweet.

Alright, well I want to sum up this last week in the DC 3rd South area. I am really going to miss serving there. I left right when things were getting exciting!! It was a let down but I am grateful for the time that I spent there. I am really going to miss being with Elder Radford but I know that he is going to continue to do a great job there. I am really excited for the work that is going to be done. In my old area we have two really solid investigators Caesar and Abraham. They both are doing fantastic!! No joke. This past week we were able to meet with Abraham for the first time and it was a wonderful meeting. He committed to baptism during our first lesson! Also, on Saturday we had a memorial 5k run for a kid in our ward who was shot and killed a couple of years ago. The run was a fundraiser for the ward  scout camp. I ran the whole thing and guess what my time was? Not very fast and I was super sore. I still kind of am actually. But it was a great time. Abraham and Caesar both came to the 5k run. Also on Saturday we had a puppet show about the Word of Wisdom. It is a puppet show that a Senior Couple in our mission put together Elder and Sister Oaks. I got to be one of the puppeteers. It was pretty fun. Also, Jenny Oaks Baker came to the Visitor's Center and performed a bunch of Disney songs. We took one of our investigators Sophie. It was a great time. Also on Sunday we had 4 of our investigators come to church!!! It was awesome. They all had a wonderful time. 

Alright the week is just getting crazier. Monday was Elder Radford's birthday and we also had our last district meeting for the transfer. It was a great one. Every last week in the transfer wherever in the mission we always have a testimony meeting which is really sweet. After district meeting we went to Ruby Tuesday's in honor of Elder Radford's b-day. That night our investigator Caesar had us over for dinner for Elder Radford's birthday. It wasn't just a dinner it was a feast!! I have pictures to send about it but I am going to have to wait because I forgot my cord to plug my camera into the computer. We had shrimp, and steak, and cake. It was so good. Also, we got caught in the biggest rainstorm ever and I got a flat tire!!  And by crazy I mean it. The streets turned into rivers and we had to pedal harder because of how much water there was. But it was fun.

Tuesday was pretty awesome too. I found out that I was leaving Monday and so Tuesday was a packing day/ work day. We got a few potentials that are pretty sweet. It was crazy that I packed everything up and fit it all in the back of Elder Porters car.I also had F.H.E for the last time and it was great. We had a testimony meeting and I felt the spirit very strong. I got some pictures with some of my favorite people. I am really going to miss D.C.

Well, that is about it for this week. I am excited for the new experience I am going to have out here in a car. 
Also, Happy Father's Day Dad. I probably won't be able to say it to you any other time. 

In this area I am going to have more time to write letter because we have a car and it doesn't take as long to do things. So expect more letters from me! 
Well, I sure do love you all!! And I miss you a bunch but the work of the Lord must go on!! 

Elder Peterson

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