Monday, June 17, 2013

6/17/13 She got transferred too!!

It´s official. I´m leaving Lirquen :( I´m heart broken. I absolutely love Lirquen, my companion, the other hermanas, and the people here. Really, I´m so so sad to be leaving here. I didn´t know before my mission that cambios would be this hard. Pretty cool story real quick though. So all week Hermana Oldroyd has been FREAKING out because she was convinced that she was leaving. I wasn´t feeling like I was going to be leaving but knew that anything could happen and since we didn´t know, I kept telling her to take a chill pill haha. Last night before bed, I thought to myself, "I´m going to go down to Talcahuano, Elder Blomfield is still going to be my zone leader (BACKTRACK. Elder Blomfield is one of my zone leaders that only has this next cambio and then he goes home but he was told a few weeks ago that he´d be going down to transition Talcahuano into our mission. Long story short, we´re losing Talca and Curico to the Rancagua mission, and we´re getting a few zones from the Concepción South mission, Talcahuano being one of them. Starting this week, we´ll have all of Concepción and Talcahuano in our mission, and the upper region is not part of our mission anymore). Okay back to the story (hope that all made sense haha). So last night I thought (and I´d thought of all of the possibilities of this cambio), I´m going to go down to Talcahuano, Elder Blomfield is still going to be my zone leader, and Hermana Oldroyd is going to stay here and train. I didn´t say anything because obviously anything is possible, but then this morning... it happened. I´m headed to Talcahuano North! It´s an area about 20 minutes South of Concepción. I´m going from a zone of 8 hermanas and 6 elders, to a zone where my companion and I are going to be the ONLY hermanas. CRAZY! My new companion is Hermana Urizar, from the South mission. She only has this next cambio and then her mission is up! So, it´s basically set that I´ll be in Talcahuano for a while because when she leaves, I´ll need to teach the sector to someone else! I´m super super excited! I know that I had that experience last night to prepare me for today. I don´t really feel anything right now, but probably because it hasn´t hit me. BUT, I´m super excited to have a Latin companion, you don´t even know. My Spanish is going to SKY ROCKET! Woo hoo! I´m super excited to learn from someone who has so much time in the mission too. It´s going to be a crazy adventure. I´m super sad to be leaving Lirquen, and zona Penco because it truly is the best district/zone in the whole mission. But, maybe I´ll head back someday!
Speaking of our zone.... our rap was an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS! Oh snap it was so sick. Haha but it´s too big to send :(

I just realized that I don´t have my list of things I wanted to tell you this week, so this letter´s going to be REALLY short haha but I´ll catch up next week.

We also saw a few miracles this week that I´m SUPER sad I won´t be able to see the end of. Henri had a interview with Elder Carter (one of my zone leaders) and he has a fecha for the 29th! His only holdup is smoking. PLEASE please keep him in your prayers that he can get baptized next weekend. Also please keep Miriam in your prayers! We also lost contact with Miriam for like a week and a half, and we thought her family was going cold on us, but we found her on Saturday, and she told us she´s been praying about the Book of Mormon, and she knows it´s true. She also knows that the church is true, but lacks her answer for baptism. So that´s what she´s praying for right now, BUT IT´S PROGRESS! Also, yesterday we had 5 people in church. It was a miracle for sure! We had 3 lined up (Miriam, and 2 kids that we found who are the niece and nephew of an active family in our ward), and then Henri was able to come and Samuel came too! Henri and Miriam both have 3 astistencias in church and so they can both be baptized at any time!

The weather is freezing, the food is good, I´m packing on the weight regardless of what I do, and I´m changing sectors. Hopefully I don´t have fleas in my next house. But everyone I talk to has fleas for their whole mission, so it´s whatever at this point. I´ll have to take a picture tonight of  what I look like when I go to bed haha it´s a joke, but I´m super warm and new flea bite free for a week now! YAHOO!
I pray for you always, and love and miss you. Sorry this letter is super lame and short. I feel like Jake and Daniel now. I´ll repent, I promise :) Keep me in your prayers the next few days as everything changes. I´m super excited about it all though. PAZ.

Hermana Peterson
A typical lunch

With Bishop Osses and his family

This is Miriam

Having lunch with a member family

One of our areas

Our bathroom

Won't be able to listen to it for awhile...

Teaching piano

Ya, I showered with a worm this week...gross!

We produce a ton of trash!

The other Hannah Peterson (great minds think alike...)
Same skirt we both bought at different places in the United States

Cleaning the tortilla machine

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