Monday, June 3, 2013

6/3/13 Rain, rain go away! Hermana Peterson

Hola familia! So a few things real quick before I get. Today is a good day because....

1. NO RAIN. It is such a beautiful day today. This week we got poured on almost everyday, and to have a little break, especially on p-day is fantastic!

2. I got Jon and Kristin´s wedding announcement. I don´t even know if they read my weekly emails, but I literally screamed because I was so happy! Kristin, write me and tell me the whole story! Ah Ah Ah I´m so happy for you two! I´ll write you a letter when I get a second. AH!!

3. I have the Conference Edition of the Ensign, I have the Conference Edition of the Ensign, I have the Conference Edition of the Ensign HEY HEY HEY HEY! Freaking out over here. I am SO excited. If you don´t hear from me next week, it´s because I´m laying in bed studying it. I apologize in advance :)

Okay so real quick, about my week.

1. Rebekah, I FINALLY mastered the french braid in my bangs, and I do it EVERY day. I think it´s a blessing of the mission, and especially with the rain, and I´m convinced that after my mission I won´t be able to do it anymore. But I did it. If you want to put the braid back in a ponytail, make the braid wider, if you just want to pin it or let it hang, do it thinner. That´s all.

2. So we take out trash out 2 days every week. Monday and Thursdays. But since there are so many stray dogs, we have to hang out trash in the trees. If I have time, I´ll send pictures, because it´s hilarious. We hang out trash in the trees, and it gets picked up haha 

3. Dad, could you send me your take on the story of the refiner´s fire in Malachi and Alma 5:14. When you taught us this one time a few years ago it really stuck with me, but not ALL of the details. THANKS! I know you´re busy, so whenever works.

4. So you know in movies, when cars drive through the puddles and a wall of water drenches the people on the side of the street? TOTALLY happened to us this week haha on Thursday night we had a FHE in the Conquista and we were walking back in the pouring rain with our bishop, and a bus drove by and probably 2 feet of water drenched our lower halves. We were busting up because that´s not supposed to happen!

5. Mom, chuta y pucha are words here that are like dang it or shoot. Whenever I drop something, or write something wrong, chuta is the word!

6. Have you gotten any of my letters yet?!?!

7. Mom, did you ever add Hma. Llanos on Facebook?

8. I got a letter this last week from Tonya Freestone. It made my day. It was such a sweet thought of her, and if you run into her, tell her thank you. I have her on my list of people to write back in the next few weeks, but tell her sincerely thanks.

9. So on Saturday, Hma. Oldroyd and I had a morning of service. We went to teach a lesson to the mom and sobrino of a recent convert in our ward, and they sell bread on the weekend. They type of bread is called tortillas, and we limpiando la tortillas. It was SO fun. I guess the way to cook them is to burn them a little so that they get cooked all the way through, and then they basically sand off the burnt stuff. I have a picture of it too haha we told her we´d come do it every week for her. And we got some free bread out of it, so life´s good!

10. So, our bishop´s house is not tolerating the rain very well. They´ve never had this problem, but the whole back side of their house floods every time it rains. We´re talking a foot of water. They stay up all night soaking towels, ringing, and soaking again. If you could keep them in your prayers, I´d appreciate it and I know they would too. They´re trying to figure out what to do because the water is basically seeping up from under the house... and they need a new roof too. it doesn´t make sense when I try to explain it, but they´re working on it. It´s so sad, because there is NOTHING that we can do to help. Except, we told him to llamanos when he´s putting on the new roof and we´ll help! So, I´m learning some pretty cool things out here! Bread, roofs, etc.

11. How is dear dear Sister Coombs doing? I thought about her the other day, and hope she´s doing fantastic!

Okay, so I think that´s all of the other stuff. Now on to my investigators.
So Miriam. She came to church again, and she has all of the teaching except for the law of chastity and the law of tithing, which we are teaching her this next week. She has a testimony of Joseph Smith and of the Book of Mormon, but she refuses to accept a fecha. We think a lot of this is because of her brother-in-law, Pepe. He is super not ready to accept the gospel, and he dominates every conversation that we have. He doesn´t listen in lessons, and he constantly reminds us that he´s been Catholic for his whole life and that he´s not ready and that the date is too soon. This is basically the mentality that Miriam has taken on too. We think that if he wasn´t in the picture, she would be baptized already. She is one of the greatest people I´ve ever met, but she just has fears of actually being baptized. We´re trying not to be pushy, but at this point, we´re going to have to stop teaching her if she dosen´t progress, and the only way to progress is to be baptized. We have plans to get her to a members house this week WITHOUT Pepe, and she came to church without him yesterday, so we taught her before without him, but we´ll see. She absolutely loves us, and the church, but we have to help her get past this fear. Our district leader is meeting with her on Tuesday to talk to things about her and then they´ll teach a lesson to us with them, so hopefully we´ll all gain more insight in this lesson. Speaking of Miriam, Lisa. I didin´t think it was possible to meet someone who loved all things Disney more than you, but I think Miriam takes it. She LOVES Mickey Mouse and talks about Disney all the time. I think you would be best friends (on more accounts than Disney) if you met. Just saying.

Henri. We taught him the word of wisdom because he smokes and he agreed to work on it. The other day he was down from 20 to 7, and then he didn´t come to church. AGAIN. We´re going to try to help him more this week, and he keeps all of his other commitments except for coming to church. I think our goal to not teach Henri and Miriam without members will help them both to continue to progress. We think he just lacks the self-motivation. But as of right now, we have no investigators with fechas because he didn´t come to church and neither did Luis. We found Luis again, twice this week, put specific plans to help them get married, taught the W of W and the law of chastity and they agreed to come to church, and then they weren´t there. Chuta! Missionary work is so much more stressful than I thought it was going to be! My heart breaks for these people, who now know the truth, but don´t accept it. But, this just increases my testimony of the church because I am feeling so so so sorrowful for these people. I know what they all are missing in their lives, and it really gets to me that they don´t accept it! I have never prayed more in my life or racked my brain more in my life.

BUT, with bad there is always good, and the good will always triumph. One more quick story, and then a few pictures.
So this last week we visited with one of the members in our ward, Patty Cortez. 3 of her sisters also live in our ward, and this is probably my favorite family here. I love them! They are all older with kids my age, but that´s beside the point. Anyways, we visited with Patty and was talking to us about a friend of hers. She then started to cry and said that the missionaries in the past haven´t visited her. She also said that she has been waiting for US, to teach this friend of hers. The friend is married with I don´t know how many kids (2?) and she has cancer. The cancer is REALLY painful for her and she doesn´t leave her house a lot. But Patty told us that she´s been waiting for us, specifically us, to introduce the gospel to her friend. She said she prays and fasts for them all the time, and we´ve finally come! It was SUCH a humbling experience for me to know that the Lord really does have people prepared for us. We have an appointment with them later this week, to meet them and to hopefully begin teaching. Patty is convinced that her friend is ready! Ah, regardless of what happens, I was the answer to someone´s prayer, and that is quite possibly the most humbling experience in the world.

Last story, so when we were teaching Luis and Mercedes the law of chastity, at the end of the lesson we were talking about having them come with us to the registro civil to set a date to be married. I tried to say, "Ustedes pueden venir juntos" but I accidentally said, "Ustedes pueden vivir juntos."
And that´s a wrap!

Hermana Peterson :)

Eating at Rincon Merino (a restaurant owned by some ward members)
Smack dab in the middle of Conce

This picture is for Grandpa Z


No, I'm not really this fat, I just have lots of layers!!

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