Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7/10/13 Elder Peterson - Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Dear Everyone,
How is everyone doing? It is so crazy the changes that are being made around the world. I was reading Elder Wilson's letter about the changes that are happening in his mission and it is crazy! I haven't heard about those things yet but it is going to be exciting! Things are really going to be different!

And Mom, just to let you know I am not allowed to get on the blog spots...yet. I will let you know when that changes. I can only go onto church websites and email. That is it for now. 

Well, this week has been a little slow to be quite honest but things are going to be great! We picked up a new FAMILY that we are teaching. They are a family that moved into our area that has been investigating the church for a while in a neighboring area. They are really awesome! The wife is wanting to be baptized but we have to wait a little bit due to some complications in visas. But the work is moving forward! I am really excited to see how the rest of the week is going to unfold. Mike and Jerry are doing well I guess, we kind of lost contact with them, but it is all good. They are going to get baptized for sure:)

So the new additions to the home look amazing!! I can't wait to come and sit on the couch. It looks very comfortable. Hopefully the kids don't destroy it. And I can't believe that Rebekah finally passed up mom!! She is getting very tall! But she won't ever pass me up. Speaking of growing a few inches..I have grown a little bit out here. I measured myself and I am just about at 6'3'' now...
Just kidding, I am still a shorty. But I really wish I had grown a bit.
So the ward that we are in is so awesome!! I am amazed at how missionary minded they are. This past Monday we had the privilege of going over to Bishop Abbott's home and having dinner with them. They brought one of their neighbors to eat with us and it was a wonderful time. Her name is Micki and she had a great time with us. We shared a spiritual thought about having Christ in our lives and how He makes things easier for us as we turn to Him. She really liked it. We will probably be seeing more of her soon. 

Oh I almost forgot to mention about the 4th. It was a great day!! We got to march in the Montgomery Village Parade and it was a blast! We got to hand out Popsicles and just be a light to the viewers of the parade. IT was a great success! After the parade a family in the ward took us out to Baja Fresh for lunch. It was muy rico. Then we went and shopped around for a little bit and then came home and played a couple games. Then we watched the fireworks that were about a mile away from our apartment. They were pretty good for a small town. I was impressed. And that was the extent of our day. How was the 4th for the family? It sounds like you had a great time at the cabin!
Well things are going great up here in Maryland. Lots of rain, lots of shine, and lots of great people.
Last thing, Happy Birthday Old Man (Dad)! Hope that you had a wonderful birthday!
Well, I love you all! Keep cool.
Elder Peterson

2nd row up, far right - we spot our favorite missionary! This is a photo with his new mission president and family - the Cookes.  This is the Seneca Zone that he is part of.

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