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7/1/13 Keep Cool! I'm freezing! Hermana Peterson

So we found a place today that we can print photos at for cheap, and I printed a few to send home, but they don´t fit in my envelopes. Kill me. But, I´m going to improvise with them this next week, and hopefully send a few home next week!! Woo!

1. Daddy, you´d be so proud of me. First of all, I have a budget. My companions laugh at me, but I have to have everything laid out or I´ll go crazy. But, in June I did SO good with my money. I didn´t do so good with keeping extra weight off, but that´s another story. BUT, you´d seriously be so proud. I´m seriously thinking about going into Finances when I get home.

2. Hace 3 semanas, we bought bananas and sprinkles, and we had bananas, sprinkles, in milk. It was delicious and took me back to childhood!

3. Caleb, last week I bought a can of "Spanish" Pringles and I thought of you the whole time I ate them. I promise I´ll bring some home for you to try :) Mom, I also bought "Spanish" kettle corn. It was rockin`

4. Okay Dad, I know I´m not the bishop, but I have an idea to help the missionaries in our ward. Our ward mission leader, along with our bishopric gave us a list of all the members in our ward that were blessed but never baptized. I don´t know if there are many in the States with this same problem, but if so and you could figure it out, I think it would really open some doors for the missionaries!

5. Okay the rain here is a joke. Seriously it is a joke. But, I love it. Haha I just have to laugh and life is good. The other day we had a little miracle that happened. It was pouring rain, and we stopped by a less active family, who the daughter (11 years) is an investigator. Well the uncle that lives in the house, had two ponchos that he never uses. He told us we could use them, if we took care of them, until we leave the sector! What a blessing! 2 days later we used them in the rain, and I was D.R.Y. Oh, finalmente! hahaha

6. Okay otra pregunta. My hair is a joke too. It always looks like I stuck my finger in a socket. But, the gospel is true, so I try not to dwell on my hair. I´ve heard some pretty scary horror stories from the other hermanas about not letting anyone here cut your hair. Mom, could you ask maybe Sister Oaks for some tips of things that I could do instead of cutting it to keep it not looking ratty and or dry? Thanks :)

7. I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON. What an incredible experience. I couldn´t even wait until the next day to start it again. But, this time I´m reading it in Spanish. :) I have an incredible testimony of the Book of Mormon. WITHOUT a doubt, The Book of Mormon is true. I love that book with all of my heart and hope that all of you that aren´t reading it, start! I have had my eyes opened to the number of families don´t read, pray, or have family home evening together every day/week. Mom and Dad, THANK YOU for establishing this for me when I was little. It is something that I will forever do with my family, because even with the active families here, I can see a difference in the families that do these things, and those that don´t. The majority DON´T! Ah, it breaks my heart. These things are the MOST important, the most simple, and the easiest to do. PLEASE, keep doing these things, because they will bless your life forever!

8. Henri. Oh dear, dear Henri. His baptism was awesome! I got there and Hermana Oldroyd said, you have a solo. Haha what a joke. I talked her into letting me play, but we sang Teach me to Walk in the Light, she sang first verse, I sang second, and we harmonized on the 3rd. I miss having a companion that can sing! But, oh it was so good and it was SUCH a miracle that I was able to go. I was able to find a lady in our ward (Hermana Coloma) to come with us (She is an ANGEL!) and it was awesome. She is the mom of our ward mission leader, she knows the family Osses, and she is just an incredible woman! Henri´s family was there too, and hopefully Hermana Oldroyd and Hermana de Léon can teach some of them. BUT, she said that received the Spirit on Sunday and this next Sunday he´s going to get the Priesthood! WOO! Oh what a marvelous miracle. Henri is awesome and he was SO surprised when I walked in! Haha it was AWESOME! My picture on my camera, I don´t have a head, and so I´m going to email Hermana Oldroyd and ask her to send me hers and hopefully I´ll get it before I´m done!
9. Could you send me the conversions like between Celsius and Fahrenheit, miles and kilometers etc. Everything down here is different, and I really want to know what´s going on haha Thanks!
Okay, I think that´s all. I was seriously busting up when Mom said that Jake forgot about her birthday and paid almost 6 bucks to send a card and it was STILL late haha oh Jakie poo! Well life here in Talcahuano is life here in Talcahuano. We haven´t found any new investigators, but we have a few that are promising!

Juan and his (almost wife) Joselyn are a family with 3 kids. Joselyn is menos activo, and Juan isn´t a member. Their oldest daughter is 9 and was baptized a yearish ago, and they have 2 more, one who is 3 weeks old! I SO wish we could hold babies! But, long story short, the system with marriage and all the jazz is crazy down here, and while she was pregnant she couldn´t divorce her husband and marry Juan, but they have a date to be married on the 27th of July! Juan has received the lessons before, but we´re going to reteach them and we´re hopefully going to put a fecha with him tomorrow night for the same day, the 27th!

Raul, is a widower of 13 years and is a firecracker. He cracks me up! He has prostetic (sp?) legs and has a fear about this for his baptism. BUT, he knows EVERYTHING! We´re working with him too, but if you could keep Raul and Juan and his family in your prayers, I´d appreciate it!

We have a few others, but a lot of the situations are just not progressing. We have some plans to work with them this week and really find out where they are at and what their desires are, but other than that, the work is progressing!

I´m sorry this letter is all over the place. It´s been a crazy week and hopefully things will turn up this week. The work is hard, but the gospel is more true than ever! I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else. I probably say that more than necessary, but I´m serious! I love it here and love this work!

Keep cool (122 degrees is a joke), and Happy 4th of July to everyone! Wish I could be there, but I think I´ve got it better than all of you here :)
Your Chilean Hermana!

At the fountain in the center of Concepcion
Kiwis the size of oranges - fruit here is AWESOME!!

The Plaza - Concepcion
I felt like Mary Poppins - Feed the Birds!!

The cows are EVERYWHERE!

With a completo - basically a loaded hot dog - so good!!
Hermana Coloma and Lorena

Learning to make Calcones Roto (ripped underwear??)

Hermana Urizar my new companion - these are so good!

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