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7/15/13 Hermana Peterson

This is the entire mission before President and Sister Humphrey left

Okay first off before I forget, I bust up every time I read a letter from Jake and it says, "This is Elder Peterson." Thank you Jacob for letting us know. Also, I could hear Jake´s voice saying he´s still a "shawty." I miss that kid so much.

Okay, I don´t have a killer amount of time today, because I was busy reading and responding to other letters. Daddy, I´m printing yours off to read so I have time to write a little bit, but I´m so proud that I didn´t have to remind you to write me this week :)

So life here in Chile is fantastic. A little slow, but good. We´re really really struggling to find new investigators, and it´s starting to frustrate us both. If anyone has good finding ideas, send them our way please. We received a good idea from one of the other hermanas and we´re starting it tonight! We´re going to have Noche de Hogar (FHE) every night with different members and menos activos. If investigators live close, we´re going to bring them, and we´re encouraging every family to bring a nonmember. Through the rest of July, we´re having these Noche de Hogar in the houses of various members, but starting in August we´re going to reverse it! We´re going to have all of our Noche de Hogar in the houses of the menos activos! We´re hoping that we´ll definitely be able to find people this way, and pray that things work out! The families are really animated about it, and we know that we can see miracles!

Also, our ward mission leader asked us to start a thing with the Book of Mormon with everyone in the ward. He´s concerned because there are many active members, but not so many that read and pray everyday. We´ve been inviting the members and they have been responding like crazy! One couple wasn´t reading, but they started and when we visited them on Tuesday they were finishing 1st Nephi that NIGHT! They are probably over halfway through 2nd Nephi right now! They read every night together after they both get home from work. We also challenged a menos activo to do the same and she came to ALL 3 hours of church yesterday and was so excited to tell us she´d started the Book of Mormon over and was reading it! I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and I am challenging all who read this email to start reading it. I want to hear about your experiences, and where you are at. I´m reading it in Spanish, but English is good too :) Or really whatever language!! If you are reading daily, keep reading, but if you aren´t, start over with us!!! This book has power, and I´m seeing it´s effects. It has changed me and I know that this book is so so so true!

1. The other Hermana Peterson, she´s pretty cool. But wanna hear something crazy? Not only do we have the same name, the same skirt, almost the same birthday and we´re serving in the same mission, but we both have an 18 year old brother named Jacob and a sister named Rebekah. What the freak?! (side note, this is a phrase that a lot of the Chileanos say to me because it´s English and with their accents it is my favorite thing).

2. I KNOW that Christmas is a long way a way, but I´m thinking of things I would like to get, so I´ll send a list your way. Don´t worry, I´m not high maintenance...but I´m just thinking. hahaha

3. Mascara here is almost 10 bucks. Forget make-up.

4. Okay, so I have been thinking. I know, shocker :) But, I was really lame and didn´t put much music on my ipod before I left. If you feel the need, you could buy another ipod, send it to me loaded with Conference talks and Church Music and I could send you back mine for one of the kids. Just a thought haha

5. Also, something else a little random. Could you send me some origami patterns? I´ve discovered that my brain pays more attention when I´m doing things with my hands and the only 2 things I know how to make are the bird and a heart. The kids love them, but I want to expound and be able to make a few more things! Thanks!
Raul is progressing, but doesn´t want to commit to a fecha (date) until he feels right about it. I totally understand this and would rather him be baptized in 5 months than right now if he doesn´t feel ready. We´re working with him and are going by with our ward mission leader tonight to give him a blessing for support. Keep praying for him please!

Gaby was at church yesterday! Her dad is menos activo and he works in the North, but he was in town and he was there too! They´re coming to our noche de hogar tonight and we´re going to talk to him tonight about permission for Gaby. Right now she has a fecha for the 3rd of August, but we´re hoping it´ll be this next weekend the 27th!
We´re still working with all of the others, and ARE going to find new investigators this next week! Thank you for your prayers, support, and love! This Gospel is true! I promise I´ll have a better letter next week!

Hermana Peterson

p.s. Mom you´d be so proud of me. We "gung hoed" our house this morning (it was filthy when we got here and we haven´t had time to do much to it), but we cleaned for about 4.5 hours this morning. Scrubbed, washed, threw away, borrowed a vacuum and FINALLY vacuumed. Thank you for teaching me how to clean.

The Best Zone in the World
We found these huge sweaters in the closet

At the feria (outdoor fresh market)

The trees here are beautiful!
President and Sister Arrington (our new mission president),
the Talcahuano North Zone, the assistants, The Baldens and The Pulsiphers.

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