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7/22/13 Hermana Peterson - Bread and Soda make you fat!

I did it. I finally did it. I stepped foot on a scale and I´m sorry that I did. BUT good news, I haven´t gained as much as I thought I had. We´re going to keep the exact number to myself, but just so you all know, weight gaining is happening here in Chile. I blame all of the pan and soda that we eat and drink, because I exercise everyday! BUT, I didn´t eat much pan before my mission and I never drank soda, so it´s an adjustment. I also know a lot of the weight that I´ve gained is muscle because of all the walking, and I know this because my legs are the nicest they´ve been in my whole life.

Moral of the Story: pan and bebida make you fat.
And moving on. Life here in Chile is cold but dry :) I almost cried when I saw the forecast via Mamá for this next week and we barely have any rain. What a blessing. Yesterday in the evening we were walking around in 30 degree weather. I had a beanie on my head and 2 jackets. It was SO cold! I know, I know, 30 degrees is nothing, but for an Arizona girl it´s a TAD FREEZING!

So this week has been just a normal week in the mission! I had my first mini cambio where I was the senior companion and it was really good! I was with another gringa, Hermana Lyons from Nevada who has less time in the mission than I do, but we survived! I learned something so crucial from her. We were talking about baptisms and how it is our main focus as missionaries, but sometimes they just aren´t ready. She said that "The thing we need to remember is that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and so we need to invite others to be baptized the way that they would. Jesus Christ didn´t say DO IT DO IT DO IT! but he didn´t say, Well it´s okay if you don´t want to." He is the happy medium to everything in this life, and if we can strive to become the most like Him, we too will find this happy medium in this world that is progressively worse and worse. I loved this! Sometimes as missionaries it is so frustrating that other people have their agency because I KNOW that this Gospel can and will bless everyone more than anything else, and I just want others to GET IT too. But, it´s part of life and I´m grateful that I have my own agency and that I can make my own decisions! We´ve been working really hard but have been having a hard time seeing results in the way of new investigators. This first week of Noche de Hogar was so good though, and we learned so much from it! We have faith that we´re going to start seeing results from it so we´re going to keep doing it! Our very first one that we had was in the house of the familia Coloma (who are my mom and dad here in this sector) and their son Rodrigo is the ward mission leader. Hermana Coloma invited one of her menos activo neighbors, Cynthia, and she´s been at church the last 2 sundays. We have another noche de hogar tonight in their house, and Cynthia is coming again, and this time she´s bringing her husband who is NOT A MEMBER! Hermana Urizar and I feel like our job here as missionaries is to strengthen the members and reactivar los menos activos más que todo. We had 2 hermanas ask us yesterday in church why we haven´t had a noche de hogar in their houses. Oops! The members are getting excited and we´re seeing results with the members! We´ve got this noche de postre (night of desserts) planned in 3 weeks and we know it´s going to be a success especially if we talk it up! We have seen a difference in the attitude of the members here and we have more plans to keep working with them and strengthening them. I know that the active members of the church are KEY to total, and with that being said, they are just as important as our investigators!
Speaking of our investigators... None of them are really progressing at this point and it´s super frustrating. I love all of our investigators, but ya. Hernana and Carol, were married, but are separated now because their kids have benefits for college because their mom is "single." But, everything is the same in their house. They are incredible people and both have said that when their kids finish college, they are going to get married and baptized as soon as they can. After our lesson on Friday night with them when they said this, I cried and cried. Sometimes, when others don´t fully accept the gospel when we want them too, it hurts more than I thought possible. But, we prayed and continued to have faith that the Lord would bless us, and he did! They have a daughter that is my age and is 7 months pregnant. She lives in the home of her parents, and told us the other night that she wants to get married in the temple someday. She loves the church and she told us not directly that she wants to get baptized. SO, we´re going to start working with her, and hopefully we can help her to that waters of baptism so that she can have a good life for her baby! We also found the mom of 2 menos activos the other day, Elena, and she was really interested. We´re going to visit her this next week, and see if she was really serious when she said she wanted to be baptized! Raul. Raul, raul, raul..... he knows it´s true but he has a fear of asking specifically because he doesn´t want to follow through with the answer. We found out this week though that basically his whole registro de enseñanzas is wrong because he had never been taught the plan of salvation! So we´re going to go back over the Restoration this week and hopefully get him with a fecha.

I was reading this morning in Matthew 13, the chapter with a billion parables. I invite you all to read this chapter, and decide which seed you are. Are you the seed that´s going to endure?

I LOVE this gospel and know it´s true with all of my heart! We´re pushing the work forward here in Talcahuano, and I hope in the states it´s moving forward too!

One more quick story....

So two weeks ago, we had a TON of rain. And I mean a TON. My rain pants had holes in them and I was really scared that my legs were going to be wet again. My rain boots are fantastic, but the area between my faldas (skirts) and my boots allows tons of water to enter. I knew my pants had holes and that it was going to be a rough few days if I didn´t think of something. I was praying so hard for an idea of how to keep the rain out of my boots. I went to bed with nothing, but the next morning remembered that I have my rain jacket. One of the menos activos in our ward lent us 2 rain ponchos for the time that we are here in the ward (and it was a miracle) and so I haven´t needed to use my rain jacket. So, I had the thought to put my rain jacket on my legs. I put it on my legs, and had to tuck everything in. I have not laughed so hard in my life, and I don´t think my companion has either. Luckily, this rain poncho is a poncho and so nobody could tell that I had my whole jacket bunched up underneath. I tucked everything in and held it up by the hood. I most definitely had to walk like a gangster, holding everything in/up with one hand. I have not laughed so hard in my whole life. We were walking and all of the sudden everything was on the ground. The hood had ripped off of my jacket, and so things got a little more complicated. I wish I could retell the story with justice, but I´ll let you imagine things with a few pictures! But, let it be known that I was dry. For 2 days :)

Happy (LATE) birthday to Clark this last week! Hope it was a good one buddie :)

Also, happy birthday this week to my favorite big brother Jakie poo! Ah, the big 1-9! I hope your day is fantastic, and I hope it´s just as fantastic for my beautiful cousin Hailey too! Party hard!
Stay warm, love one another, and preach the gospel.

Hermana Peterson

We saw and heard a bagpiper today! Word!
My completo fell into my drink :(

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