Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7/24/13 Elder Peterson - Happy Birthday Week!!

Some cool fireworks from 4th of July

This is Elder Peterson, how is everyone doing? Well, it is official I have been out for over 6 months. I know I shouldn't be keeping track and stuff but it is hard not to since I have a pretty good gauge of tracking. Time is flying by so fast. It is insane.

Well, transfers happened this week and Elder Moss and I are staying together. But, Elder Moss is going to be training so we are now in a threesome! Our new companion is Elder Jacob Manning. He is actually waiting for his Visa to go down to the Curitiba, Brazil Mission. It is going to be weird to have 3 people to be honest. It is going to have its benefits but the space in the apartment is limited. He is a pretty cool kid. he is from Oregon and is taller than ego was kind of shot again. It got shot really bad with Elder Gremillion who was 6'8". He is doing great by the way.
Elder Manning
 So this past week has been pretty stressful and awesome at the same time. We finally were able to meet with Mike! We were having a hard time meeting with him. We don't know how sincere he is about learning and keeping commitments but we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and to do the homework in the back of the pamphlets. He said that he was going to do them. Also, we had a great turnout at church on Sunday. It was awesome! One of the nonmembers that came was a friend of one of the ward members. His name is Sam and he is really cool. Every Tuesday we play basketball up at the church and it is pretty sweet. Sam has been coming with us a couple times and we invited him to church and he came! Working with ward members is sweet.
So I received the package today. I got it at transfer meeting. It is really hard to wait to open it on Friday I am not about to lie. Transfer meeting was so crazy. only 3 missionaries went home this transfer and 19 came out! There are a lot of trios right now. Also, it was fun to see Pres. Cooke at his first transfer meeting. He is still getting into the swing of things. But he is working so diligently. I love him so much. He is really teaching us all how to work hard and still have fun. Something that I am working on heavily.
Well, congratulations to all of the wonderful success at the swim meet! Good job Seth, Leah and Caleb. And by the way how was the Cabin trip? 

I love you all and I hope that you are all trying to be great missionaries. Share the Gospel with EVERYONE! 

Elder Peterson
The Gaithersburg 1st District
From Left to right: Elder Snow (Roommate), ME!!, Elder Queen (Frenchie), Elder Schoemig (Roomie), Elder Bledsoe (Frenchie), Elder Nollet (Frenchie and he is from Belgium),
and Elder Moss (my companion)! I'm guessing "Frenchie" means they are part of the French Speaking Mission...

This is what my wall looks like.  I see it every day.

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