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7/7/13 New Mission Home Address...make a note!

Okay. So first things first before I forget. Our office changed! From now on, PLEASE send my letters/packages/whatever else to...

Hermana Hannah Lynn Peterson
Chile Concepción Mission
Casilla 2210
Castellon 1063
Oficina Norte

Muchísimo Gracias. For the next few weeks, all the rest will be forwarded to our new office, but from now on use this address!! Please change this address in your contacts...I already changed it on the blog homepage...

So life here in Talcahuano North is great! Rainy and cold, but great! My companion and I are getting along great right now, and we´ve got some great plans to pick up the work here. We think the missionaries in this area before us were more of friends than missionaries to all of the investigators here, and we truly don´t know how much they really know.
Our district: Elders Osorio, Pereira, Flores and Plummer
Hermana Urizar and ME!
Right now we´re working really hard with Raul, a 70 year old man who reminds me so much of Grandpa Z (speaking of Grandpa Z, what is their email?) He is a widower of 13 years, and lives with a daughter and a grandson. We found out yesterday that the grandson´s girlfriend is Mormon, and so we´re hoping that we can use that to start teaching the grandson too! Raul is amazing. He has the memory of who knows where, and he is such a happy man. We´re working with him, and hopefully are working towards a baptism this next weekend on the 20th with him. We´re going to go through the baptism questions with him tonight to see if we can find what he lacks, and why he is struggling to receive an answer. But, he´s great. If you could please keep him in your prayers, I´d appreciate it!
We´re also working with Juan and Joselin. Joselin was married before and has 2 kids from that marriage, but now she is getting married to Juan and they just had a baby together. Joselin is a menos activo, and their oldest daughter Catalina was baptized about a year ago (she´s 9). Joselin was at church with her 3 kids yesterday, which was such a happy thing! Joselin knows she needs to come back, start reading and praying, and all the rest. Now to work with Juan. He´s not at home a ton, and so it´s hard to try and gauge where he´s at. He´s received the lessons before, but not from us. Please keep him in your prayers too that he´ll soften his heart and that we´ll be able to teach him and help this family towards eternity together!

And right now that´s about all we´re working with. Work here is really slow. There are a lot of students in our city, who don´t have time. But, we´re going to double time everything this week and really find people who are ready. The few weeks before I got transferred here there were NO new investigators, and these last few weeks we´ve had 2 or 3, but I know we can have more of upwards 10! So, here´s to hard work!

There is a lady in our ward, who does our laundry. For free. Her husband isn´t a member, and they have a 20 year old girl and a 18 year old boy who are both working on their papers. They are an incredible family, and are such selfless servers! We had lunch with them this last week, and it was salmon. I don´t like fish. And when the people ask me if I like fish, I can´t say no, because I feel bad. They made the food for me, and then I can´t tell them I won´t eat it. So, I began to pray fervently that I would be able to eat this fish. Our appetizer was hard boiled eggs. Oh I have never prayed harder in my life. Then she brought out the salmon, and it wasn´t just salmon, it was a FULL salmon. For each of us. Pretty sure I´m never going to pray harder than I did during that meal. I just wanted to be able to eat it and like it, because I felt terrible! I should´ve just told them I didn´t like fish, but I couldn´t. I´m just going to tell you, it was a terrible experience. Oh it was terribly hard to eat it.. It was the first time in a long time that I´ve actually gagged while eating it. I made it halfway through the salmon and then these were my thoughts. Which is more rude?
1. Not finishing my food, or
2. Flying fish.
Not finishing my food won, because if I would´ve taken another bite, I would´ve vomited. I just couldn´t stomach it. I just don´t like fish! And I would´ve been known as the vomiting missionary. I´m sure that it was cooked well and that others (Dad, Jake, etc.) would´ve LOVED it, but for me, it just was hard to eat. I still to this day feel bad, but sometimes, we just don´t like foods that are given to us!
1. Burgy shmurg! I was looking up a word the other day in my dictionary, and I saw the word burgundy. Burgundy in Spanish is Borgoña, and this is what I will call you from now on, just so you know!
2. Happy birthday this week to my main man! Daddy O´ is turning the big 4-5!! Woo, happy birthday! I hope your day is fabulous! I love you so so much, and hope that Mom and the kids spoil you and that you get a break from all your worries! Know that I´ll be thinking about you all day Wednesday, and you´ve got birthday cheers from Chile! Thank you for your example, for your confidence, and for the love that you´ve given me my whole life. You are the best daddy a girl could have and I´m so glad you´re MY daddy! Also, happy birthday this week to Michelle, Jen Z, and Emily! I hope your days are fabulous too!
3. I got a letter from Jake this week. Word. I basically almost cried and I was so happy.  I´m so glad, I miss that kid so much! I also got a card from Milano´s!! Woo. I love and miss all of them so much. I hope life is hoppin´ in Milano´s! What is the email address there?

And I think that´s about all. Sorry this week wasn´t anything CRAZY. Oh, this morning, we went to the beach as a zone. It was SO WINDY AND SO FREEZING! There were a bajillion dogs, and we were going to play ultimate Frisbee but the wind was so strong. I took some pictures of the ocean with thoughts of Grandma Z, and maybe she can print one or two off for her bathroom and have a little bit of Chile there :) So we played ultimate Frisbee with a mini soccer ball and it was tons of fun. Also, good news. I still fit in my jeans. My figure is shot, but I was able to button and zip them, so life is good. And I never thought I´d say this, but I miss jeans. It was nice to put them on after almost 3 months! Woo!
Well, until next week. I love and miss you all! I started reading the New Testament this week, and was reading in Matthew. I read Matthew 5:13 (which is right before the scripture mastery), that talks about us being the salt of the earth. But if we lose our flavor, who do we profit? I have been incredibly shocked by the amount of active families that don´t actively read their scriptures, say their prayers, and have family home evening. Mom and Dad, thank you for ALWAYS doing this. It makes me so sad that there are so many families that don't do this. I´m not kidding, if you aren´t doing this, start now. It is in the little things that Satan pulls us further and further away. I´m so grateful that I grew up in a family that read, prayed and had family night together. This has been such a stable foundation for me, and thank you Mom and Dad. The flavor that we have comes from doing these little things. If we are members of the church, but we don´t "endure to the end," who or what do we profit?! NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!! Please, encourage everyone to do these things, because they are crucial. I am a different person now, than I was before my mission because I actively do these things EVERY day. I refuse to stop when I´m not a missionary either! Oh I love the scriptures :)
Read, Pray, Assist, Fulfill, and Endure.
Hermana Peterson
I think this is a falcon...I took this picture for Jacob!

The sky in Chile - gives AZ a run for its money!!

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