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7/12/13 Hermana Peterson - I'm a trainer!!

How is life in good ol´ Arizona?! Life in Chile is good! Today is a little nippy, but the weather is starting to warm up a bit! I´m so so sorry, but the connector for pictures doesn´t work on my computer. I´ll have to send a bunch this next week...

So first news first. Hermana Urizar left this morning. I´m gonna miss her like crazy. Although things started out really rough, they got better with time, and she turned out to be one of my best friends. I learned SO much from her, and I learned mainly that communication is key. I´m glad I´m not the only one who has had to learn that (Elder Peterson). One thing that I have learned though is that our assignments are inspired. I KNOW I was supposed to be with Hermana Urizar, and I am so grateful for these past 8 weeks. She truly is more than just my companion. I know that we will be friends forever. We had a meeting with our ward mission leader last night and he told us that we have changed the ward in these past 8 weeks. He even got a little emotional as he was saying thanks. He said that we have done more in the past 8 weeks than the missionaries have done in this ward in the past year. He told me that she has been a blessing for me, to learn from someone who has so much experience! I agree 1000000%. He also told Hermana Urizar, "it was a blessing for you to have a companion who has as much fire and animo as Hermana Peterson. I don´t know where it comes from, but it´s so awesome!" I´m glad that I have a Savior and Heavenly Father who know ME, and who know where I can be used as a tool, and I´m so grateful to be here in Independencia!
Welp, we got the calls this morning. I´M TRAINING! I will meet my new companion tomorrow, and no, I don´t know if she is a gringa or not. I´m praying for another Latina because I still am not 100% with my understanding, but I know that whatever happens is meant to happen! I´m hoping that I can help my companion in the ways that she needs, and I know that she will help me tons too! I have learned more than anything in these last 8 weeks that the members are THE KEY to everything! We (my companion, Rodrigo, and I) are going to work so hard to use the members for everything in this next cambio! We are working with the menos activo list that the Pulsiphers gave us and we are going to RIP CITY here in Independencia! I´m so excited for this cambio! A little nervous, but so pumped!
Last week Hermana Urizar and I were talking about our missions and how they basically are "the plan of salvation." Before our missions, we need to make the decision to "come to earth," to gain a body (a testimony) and to learn and grow. Once we´ve made the decision, we will have trials and we will have good times, but the ultimate goal is to share this plan with everyone and help them to make the correct decisions. We are here on "earth" to prepare us for the mission that is most important, life for the eternities "marriage with my husband and kids." Cool analogy huh?!

CATALINA WAS BAPTIZED! It was such a good service, and she is so happy. Her little Nicholas still hasn´t come yet, and I know he hasn´t because he wanted to be born into the church :) I know that she is going to be such an example and a help to her family! Keep praying for Carol and Hernan that their hearts will be softened and they will realize that being married is more important than money for school. I know that if we can help them to see this, the Lord will work miracles in their lives so that they will want for nothing. BUT, the obstacle is getting there. Juan is also doing SO good. His family is thriving now and there is a different Spirit in their house. They did have a week of trials though. Joselin´s mom was in an accident, then Juan was in an accident, and the week ended with Joselin and baby Agustina in bed sick. We called them and she asked for a blessing so we went over with Rodrigo to give them both one. Sunday morning we called to see how they were feeling and BOTH were 100% better. I asked them if they were coming to church and she said, "Obvio Hermana!" I am so so happy right now. Life is good.

We don´t have hardly any other investigators though, so that´s a struggle. BUT, we made plans last night to work with the menos activos lists and we know we will find tons of part member families. Please pray that we will be led to the people that are ready so that we can teach investigators!

Grandma and Grandpa Z. I don´t know if I have said anything before now, but if not, I´m so sorry. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your weekly letters. It may be something super simple, but it´s probably the best gift I could get. I absolutely love P-day because I know I´ll get a letter from you two!! They make me laugh, cry, and I love that you are so involved with my investigators! I miss you two like crazy and thank you for your support!
So a little story this week. There is a family in our ward. The dad was the stake president, and he has a wife and 3 kids. Well, they are all completely inactive. Everyone in the ward tells us to visit them, and this last week was the first time we had a chance. We talked to the wife on Tuesday, and the husband on Friday. Within 5 minutes of being in their house, they both said that they are active because they read and pray, but they struggle SOMETIMES to go to church. In the 2 months that I´ve been here, neither have been in church. There isn´t a very good spirit in their house, and they just kept bashing on the members in the ward, like it was their fault they are inactive. Both times we left really frustrated and upset. To them, callings in the church are all about power and position, like "look at me". It´s so sad to see someone who had such influence in the ward and stake be so hateful. It truly breaks my heart. I don´t really know what to do to help, because their hearts are so cold to everyone and everything. Well when we were talking to the dad, we were talking about our families and such and I mentioned that dad was the new bishop in my home ward. His response was, "Well I bet he´s struggling and suffering so much right now." Without even thinking I responded "No actually it´s been a huge blessing for my family and the only thing that´s different is that my dad is praying a little bit harder." He just kind of looked at me with a blank stare like "oh." I then proceeded to bear my testimony of this calling and even though things may be a bit challenging, all callings in the church are blessings. Later that night I was talking with my companion and she said "Hermana, when you said that it was like you reached out and slapped him. I was like YA GO HERMANA GO! Where did that come from?" I told her I had just spoken the truth because it is and I didn´t like what he said. I didn´t try to say something that was like a slap, I was just responding, but I know the Spirit prompted me to say that. They weren´t at church on Sunday, but I was more and more grateful for the influence of the Spirit in my life and for the life of my dad and his example. No calling if done right in the church is easy, but I´m grateful for a dad who looks at the good instead of the hard. My testimony was also strengthened that activity comes from keeping the commandments. Someone can read their scriptures and pray everyday, but going to church is probably the most important thing because we have the opportunity to renew our baptismal covenants with the Sacrament. For this, I am truly grateful!

Happy birthday this week to Kaylee and Emily! I hope your birthdays are so fun! Is Emily old enough to be baptized now?! :)

Also, drum roll please........ HAPPY SWEET 16 TO MY LITTLE SISTER. Watch out boys, here she comes! Holy cow, Bekah I can´t believe you´re 16. Be smart, and date tons. I love you so much and hope your day is SO awesome!
And that´s a rap folks! Please pray for us, pray for Independencia, and pray that I can be an instrument for the Lord here in Independencia. I´m nervous, but I know this will teach me so much! Keep keepin' it real in Arizona and be reading your scriptures! :)

Hermana Peterson 
We borrowed bikes for 2 hours the other day, and I am SO sore!
Also, we had our Noche de Postres on Saturday. We had a competition with big marshmallows to see who could catch the most in their mouth. Catch, and push to the side. I caught 7. It was a proud moment in my life :)
Oh Ashley Carroll!!!! SO excited for her! Meredith Christian is her name. I´ll send a message to her to look out for her! How exciting for the Carroll family. (A family in our stake's daughter is going to Madrid Spain on her mission, and Hannah's good friend Meredith is already there...same mission, small world!) Good luck, Ashley! You will be great!!

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