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7/5/13 Hermana Peterson - Juan got baptized!!

Okay I´m going to apologize first, but my letter this week is going to be really small. I´m trying to take advantage of Hermana Urizar´s camera before she leaves. I got tired of it and gave up and am just going to keep everything on my flash drive to sift through them later, so I won´t send many pictures this week, but will send a ton this next week so I can get a few words in today!

First off, JUAN WAS BAPTIZED! I don´t even know how to explain it, but he is a different person. When we met him a few weeks ago, he was different. But now, he´s got a light in him. He was confirmed on Sunday, his baby was blessed, AND he´s in line to get the priesthood this next Sunday. Happy happy times. Juan and Joselin have plans to get to the temple in a year. And that is what this work is all about. Helping families to be together forever. This whole thing was a miracle, but now he´s happy, and his family is too. Ah, happy happy times!

  At Juan's baptism

After Juan's baptism, a family in the ward fed us!!
I got an email from Henri (I emailed him last week) and he told me that he´s so happy and that because we brought the Gospel to him, he isn´t living in his bad times anymore. Oh it´s so good to hear that he´s still doing so good!

Everything too is in line for the baptism of Catalina this next week. We saw a little miracle with Carol this week (her mom) and are hoping that we will only see more, but she said that every time she reads the Book of Mormon that she wants to get married faster and get baptized. This was like "Alllllelluja!" Catalina is super excited for her baptism and we have her interview on Wednesday. Please keep her and her baby in your prayers that the baby comes after her confirmation on Sunday!! Please please please! She also told us yesterday that when she starts working again, she´s going to not work on Sundays and this too was like "Allllelluja!" We are seeing miracles with this family! Someday, someday, all will come to the knowledge that this is the true church enough that they´ll all be baptized. It´s a frustrating situation, but they are opening up more and more!!! Wooo!!

Okay mom and dad. Our bishop and his wife are almost you two to a T. Our bishop reminds me so much of dad, and his wife is mom. It´s so funny, but it´s a constant reminder of the incredible parents I have! I have been shocked of the number of families that don´t have prayers, read scriptures, and have family night together. I´m so grateful that I had ALL 3 OF THESE THINGS growing up! This is probably so repetitive, but THANK you!!!!!

Happy birthday this next week to baby Katlyn who isn´t a baby anymore, and to Uncle Dave and my one and only beautiful Grandma Peterson!! I hope you all have such good days :)
Also, there is a brother in our ward who is Uncle Sterling, only Chilean. It´s hilarious. He´s short, hysterical, and he´s just a ball of energy all the time. Hope things are going well for you Sterling! I miss you!!

Okay. Ready for the nasty story of the week. It actually happened last week and I forgot to tell you. So one night I was brushing my teeth. I got done brushing my teeth, and was brushing my retainers to put them in my mouth (obviously). I pulled out my top retainer and I don´t even know what happened, but before I new it, my retainer was barrelling slow motion straight into the toilet. Yup you heard me. The TOILET. And not just a toilet, a Chilean toilet, which is pretty gross. Oh my gosh my hand was in the toilet faster than lightning and I just stood in the bathroom thinking, "this would happen to me." We boiled some water and I scrubbed it so much with hot hot water and soap and I´m still living, so life is good.

I´m so sorry that this letter is really lame this week. I was taking care of some other computer things in my time, so it was shorter. But, I know now more than I did this last week that my Savior lives and that this gospel is true! This is my last week with my companion, and then we have cambios on Monday! Wish us luck! We have a goal of 20 lessons with members this week!! We´re going to help others come unto Christ!

The church is true. Read, pray, and go to church.
I Love you!

Hermana Peterson

Hermana Jimenez - I love this picture!

My district - but not for long - most go home this next transfer...

Me in Talcahuano

I kept thinking about my Grandma Z and my brothers and how much they would love this!

Yep, just saw these today!!

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