Monday, August 26, 2013

8/21/13 Hermana Peterson - training is SO HARD!!

Oh this week was not the best week I´ve had in the mission, but it was still a good week and things are looking more up now. I have truly learned this week, that everything we do in life and the outcome is based on our attitudes. Through the course of my mission (yes it´s 6 months tomorrow...), I´ve heard lots of people say that they don´t like training because it´s really hard. They said that it´s so stressful, etc. Well, being the stubborn person that I am, I didn´t believe them. Pridefully, I thought, "What could be so hard about training. You're just teaching someone else the same things that you already know." And now I´m being struck is SO HARD. SO ridiculously hard. And the reason that it´s hard, is because I want EVERYTHING to work out perfectly. I want my companion to have the best experience that she´ll ever have, so that she has a good first impression of missionary work. And when things don´t work out, I get stressed. And when I get stressed, I´m not putting my trust in the Lord and I feel like things just start to fall apart. As missionaries, we are out here teaching a perfect message as imperfect people, to imperfect people. OBVIOUSLY, everything isn´t going to be perfect all of the time, and when I was a junior companion, it was like whatever when something wasn´t perfect. But now as the senior companion, and ESPECIALLY because I´m training, it´s not just´s killer! I´m having a blast and I love my companion, and am so blessed that she wants to work so hard. It´s been a blessing to me, and it´s helped me to have someone who has the same vision with me :)

We started off our week last week, on Monday night, finding 2 new investigators. In 1 hour. It was awesome! Both of them accepted fecha, one to a specific date. One was a street contact, and one lives in the house of an antiguo investigator that we "re-contacted." It was so so awesome! Then things just started to go down hill from there. I just felt like nothing was working out, members weren´t coming with us, and our plans were falling. Because we didn´t find many new investigators when I was with Hermana Urizar, we don´t have the best back up plans, and it was just frustrating. But then on Thursday and Friday, Hermana Meyer had a new missionaries training and I got to go back to Lirquen for one of the days! I got to see Henry, who is doing incredibly fantastic which makes me so happy, and I got to see el obispo too! It was awesome, and I was with Hermana Mena who is our sister trainer, and I was with her in Lirquen for 4 weeks when I was there. She´s amazing, and she helped me answer some of my questions, find new ways to do things, and it was just a heaven sent 2 days with her. My attitude changed (which I didn´t realized had not been the best) and we finished the week off good! We didn´t meet any of our goals, but we did improve a LOT in all of our goals and that´s okay with me. I learned early in my life from one of my favorite people, that if we improve our personal best and if we´ve tried our hardest, then we have reason to be happy, because there is always room to improve. And that´s what we´re aiming for. We have improvements with Hernan and Carol, we have an investigator with almost a date, and many hopes for new investigators with dates this week. I love this work and truly have a testimony of obedience. Sorry if my comment about obedience last week was a little off color, but I´m really grateful that my companion has desires to be obedient with me, because we truly have been seeing miracles. I´m grateful for inspired leaders who give me advice when I need it most, and for a companion who is so patient with my young training skills (yes I just thought of Star wars). I KNOW without a doubt in my heart, that we have a loving Heavenly Father who listens to our prayers, and will respond in a way that we can constantly be growing. Training has been an eye opening experience for me, but I have also grown so much closer to my Heavenly Father and my companion is an angel. We´re going to get her really involved in lessons this week and fluent at Spanish. The Lord rewards us for our obedience, there isn´t anyway around it. DC 82:10.
I love you all. Be obedient. Be wise, and pray in all things. It´s the only way to find success in this life :) Faith, trust, and pixie dust, or the force. My companion and I are definitely Jedi´s.
Sorry this letter is short, and all over the place. Know that I´m happy, dry, and serving the Lord with all of my heart.
Hermana Peterson

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