Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/13 Hermana Peterson - The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!!

Last night, I survived 3 earthquakes. Pretty big ones. The middle one rang in at 5.9. People in the states would be freaking it was like nothing had happened. It was definitely a little scary, but I know what to do now in case of an earthquake so don´t fear!!

First things first. Mom. Strawberries are coming into full delicious bloom here. Last week I bought half a kilo for a dollar. Word g-man. But, my companion and I were both hard core craving freezer jam. I don´t know if you could possibly send me that recipe so we could bust out some freezer jam, but if you could, we´d be a happy little missionaries.

The wind here is C.R.A.Z.Y. Most days we´re talking 60-70 hour mile winds. I don´t know if these things are projected on the weather channel or not, but it´s pretty insane. It´s still pretty cold, but I´m NOT complaining.  Last Monday we had like 70-75 degree weather here and the people were DYING. All week they talked about how hot it had been on Monday. I couldn´t help but laugh a little, because the hottest it gets here, in any part of my mission is like 90 TOPS. And that´s like death hahaha I didn´t know I would ever say this, but I´m really glad I was raised in Arizona. Don´t know if I´ll ever live here again, but I´m going to be able to withstand the heat like a boss!

So this week was a great one. We had some great lessons with Marcelo, Danay, and Marcelo and things are still looking up for Danay on the 12th. We´ve still got to teach the law of chastity this week, but other than that, they have ALL the lessons! They are a rock solid family that are going to bless the ward so much. All of the family of Marcelo are members, but completely inactive. They left the church when Marcelo was like 15, and his younger siblings were never baptized. BUT, since we´ve started teaching them, one of his brothers (Manuel) and his wife have shown interest, and one of his other brothers (Herman) and his wife who are both inactive have desires to come back. PLEASE keep this family in your prayers, that they can all become REALLY strong members in the church. It´s amazing to see the Lord working with and preparing his children to accept and come back to the Gospel. I´m almost done with my study of the Gospels (Mateo, Marcos, Lucas, y Juan), I still have a few chapters left in Luke and John, but this last week I read the chapter about the losts (sheep, coin, and prodigal son). The Lord is so interested in the salvation of all of his children, and will look for them until they come unto him! We have seen so many miracles with this family, and I know that they are in it for the long run!

We also were only able to find Natalie once this week, but she told us that she´s been reading the Book of Mormon and that she loves it. Last minute she had to leave town for work, so she wasn´t able to come to church, but she´s awesome too. Keep her in your prayers, and hopefully she´ll come to conference this next week!

We found a couple of really good new investigators this last week, but our return appointments were for this next week, so I´ll have more information then, but our efforts increased this last week, and so did everything else. It was an incredible week, and this next week is only going to be better!
So this last week, I received a letter from mom from Austin. It was such a powerful letter, and I have been thinking about it a ton. It really helped me to think about some things, and I´m really grateful my mom sent it to me. So I have been doing a lot of thinking, and a lot of studying this week. My mission has changed my life. Not just my mission, but my realization of what I´ve had for my whole life. I was blessed to be born into the Gospel, and I before my mission, I didn´t realize what I had. As much as it hurts to say it, I was more of a Sunday attender. I attended church on Sunday, read my scriptures here and there, but it wasn´t really until I was submersed in the Gospel as a missionary, and I took hold of what I´ve had my whole life and I´m repentant that I didn´t take hold of it sooner. I want to second that Elder Zimmerman said. I want to challenge everyone in the sight and sound of my email to listen to the missionaries. Even if you´re a member of the church, invite the missionaries over to teach. Help them improve, so that they can help more souls to come unto Christ. There isn´t a catch. Just invite them to your house, listen to the message that they have, and if you don´t like it, they don´t have to come back. In a world where religious freedoms and all sorts of other freedoms are dwindling, take advantage of the opportunities that we have. They message is simple. Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. He came to the earth, to atone for our sins, because he wants us to have the opportunity to live with our Father in Heaven again.  Because our Father in Heaven love us and is never changing, he has restored his church back on the earth through his chosen prophet, Joseph Smith. Through Joseph Smith, we have the ability to have the SAME CHURCH that Jesus Christ had when he was on the earth. We have the Priesthood, we have the ability to be sealed with our families forever, and so much more. PLEASE, I invite you to listen to them. This Gospel has changed my life, but I too had to find out for myself. They have a book that is KEY to all. Take a copy, and read a little bit of it. If the book is true, this church is true. I know without a doubt and this church is true. And for this, I´m out here trying to help others have the Gospel in their lives. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity I have to serve. I LOVE Chile, and the people here. My ward is amazing, with members that are more than willing to help us out in this great cause. EVERY MEMBER IS A MISSIONARY. There is nothing scary or weird about our message, so don´t be afraid to share it. If you have fears, pray, because I know that our Father in Heaven listens. We are his children, and he wants to listen to us. I know this church is true. Find out for yourself. It´s worth it, I promise.

Get ready for Conference. We´re listening to Mormon Tabernacle Choir over here getting all excited. I´m so excited, I want to scream!! I´m loving this time of year. Write down questions and go to conference prayerfully, because they´ll be answered.

Peace, love, and earthquakes.
Hermana Peterson

At the glad my hair can fit in a side braid now!!

The ladybugs are different here

At the University of Concepcion
These murals are all over here in Chile

  At the Dinosaur Park 
p.s. we´re going to the zoo today, where the animals are separated from us by chain link fences. I´m going to try to pet the tiger. Wish my fingers luck :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25/13 Elder Peterson - Miracles!

Hello Everyone!

Well, this past week has been pretty good. So, I don't even know where to start. Things are becoming a blur now.
So, this weekend has been filled with TONS of service. We helped a less active lady in our ward organize her garage last Thursday and I was so impressed with all of the stuff that she had. It is crazy how much stuff can pile up over 40 years!! We didn't even finish and we have been helping her for the past 3 weeks. Also, we helped our Bishop's neighbor clean up in her house and she gave us a whole bunch of food for it. It was crazy. She gave us some Japanese Curry and it was sooooo good. I enjoyed it so much.

Then , this Saturday was our Stake's "Day to Serve". We went down to a farm out in the middle of nowhere and helped harvest potatoes. There were so many potatoes! IT WAS CRAZY!! I think that we harvested a total of 72,000 pounds of potatoes that day. And E. Galuvao and I did it all by ourselves...just kidding there was a whole bunch of people there. It was a great turnout. I have a few pictures I will be sending out (but not THIS week, because he forgot his cord AGAIN! I still love this guy to the moon and back!)

OH I am so tired. We had a lot of service and it is starting to get to me. But it is worthwhile service.

Alright, now is a time for a miracle. So we had a dinner with a lady in our ward Sis. Kaleo and her boyfriend is not a member of the church. We were able to meet with him and have a great dinner and conversation with both of them. Sis. Kaleo texted us and asked if we could set up another dinner because her boyfriend (who's name is Beau) has really enjoyed meeting with us and getting to know us. We are going to be meeting with her next Wednesday. Super Exciting!!
So, another miracle for this week. We had exchanges on Monday and I was with E. Tolman in our district. We were feeling pretty down in the morning but we were able to turn to the scriptures and get some real motivation! We went out and the first thing we did was pick up a new investigator! Her name is Joyce and she is a former investigator. We sat down with her for a little bit and taught her about the Book of Mormon. We set up an appointment for this Saturday. Also, we were able to talk to Josie (who is the 15 year old girl we have been working with). She is a member but her boyfriend David is not. We talked with both of them and set up an appt. for this Saturday as well! It is really exciting!
Well, that is about it for this week. I love you all and will talk to you soon!
Elder Peterson

Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23/13 Hermana Peterson - Some more photos...

I'm not sure why, but the past few weeks, some straggler emails have come in from Hermana Peterson much later than the others. Today, I received a picture of her around 11:30 even though she sent it around 9:30 in the morning. Weird! This is from the party on September 18th.

 This is her companion, Hermana Meyer from California

9/23/13 Hermana Peterson - Win Win Chicken Dinner

The morning of the 18th

This week was the 18th of September. Here, the 18th is like our 4th of July (Independence Day), but they celebrate for the whole week! Literally, the festivities started Monday and ended last night, it was CRAZY! I loved every second of it, except for the fact that it made missionary work a little bit harder! On Wednesday morning, they had a little flag raising ceremony and a breakfast, and we got there late (my fault) and missed the flag raising and the dance, but made it for the breakfast, which is the most important anyway, right?! :) We were there for a smidge, and then went back to the house to study and get ready for the day. We then had lunch with the Familia Jimenez. There were 14 of us in total, and we ate more food than I have the last 5 Thanksgivings combined. I have NEVER been more full in my whole life. It was CRAZY!
Check out all the meat!

The cookers...Eric, Hermano Jimenez, and Henry

Actually WE were the cookers...ha ha
These are empanadas

We had carne asada, with meat galore, sausage, soda, salad, potatoes, empanadas (see picture), and then we had pajaritos and mote con huesillos which is a grain and peach drink. It´s hard to explain, but I´ll send a picture next week of it. We had SO much food! We were so scared that we´d get tons more food that day too, but turns out we didn´t get any. I was still full the next morning when I woke up. So on Thursday we had lunch with Juan and Joselin and it was empanadas again. I ate 4 and then we had ice cream for lunch. That night we went out to the Familia Muñoz for an asado and that´s where we ate all of those delicious desserts (see picture)!
These were so good!!
Friday we had a huge lunch too, and then had our ward activity that night. It was a HUGE success. It started out with typical Chilean games for like 4 hours and I´m still sore from playing some of them. One the trompo, is so legit. I´ll have to send pictures this next week because it´s my favorite! We also played a bunch of other games, and just laughed and had tons of fun! They also had a group come and perform, but we had to leave and then came back real quick to see a number or two but missed it all. Ooops... and then Saturday we had lunch again with the familia Muñoz and it was SO good. Basically, I ate so much food this last week, and it was an incredible week.
At our ward FIESTA!!

Amazing ward members

Marcelo, Mireya, Manuel, and Danay

At the fiesta, we played a bunch of typical Chilean games. One is to put your face in flour and search for gum, take off the wrapper, and blow a bubble. Yes, I did this part of the race!!

A typical Chilean outfit

Concentrating on throwing trompos (spinning tops)

My companion has a ton of pictures on her camera, that I don´t have time to send today, but I´ll look at them this next week and send a bunch. I´m sorry. I took a lot of time sending my photos today and didn´t leave a whole lot of time for much else. Even though, it was a rough week missionary wise, we did see some miracles. I don´t know if I told you about Natalie, a young mom that we found 2 weeks ago, but we had been trying to find her all week to no avail because of the holiday. But we passed by on Friday night during the party to invite her to come down with us and her boy (Benjamin who is 7), and she let us in to teach her. We taught her lesson 3 and talked about a lot of really good things with her. She´s preparing to be baptized in the Catholic church right now, but told us that since we have come and met with her, she hasn´t gone because she´s really confused now as to which is the correct path for her. She has a niece that was baptized about a year ago who has been talking to her a lot about it too, but she´s reading the Book of Mormon and we promised her that she can know which is the correct path for her if she keeps reading and praying. She needs some good solid direction in her life, and we know that this is where she is going to find it. I LOVE seeing the Gospel change people´s lives! Todavía she doesn´t have a fecha, but she said if she feels like it´s right, she´ll definitely get baptized!
We also are still working with Marcelo and Danay. Danay has a fecha now for the 12th of October, and her son is still thinking about it. The dad is menos activo but it totally coming back. We passed by accidentally this last week to visit them and found them with one of the brothers of Marcelo (the dad) and him and his wife are now interested in the church! They don´t live in our sector though, but they live in the sector of the zone leaders, so we´ll see what happens. Apparently, Manuel (the brother) was NEVER baptized, but he has good memories of primary. The wife isn´t a member, but she has family that is members, so pray for them please! We´ve been working really hard with this family, and with a few more prayers I KNOW they´ll do it! PLEASE, pray for Marcelo, Marcelo, Danay, Manuel, Mireya, and Natalie. We´ve got some great animo and some great ideas for this week, and we know that the Lord will bless us. Here´s to a new cambio here in Talcahuano with Hermana Meyer! We´ve seen tons of success, and only expect to see more. Please also keep praying for Henry, Juan, and Catalina, that all can keep staying strong! I LOVE this gospel and the things that it does and WILL do for us. Thank you for all of your continued support, and I promise this next week I´ll write before I send pictures, so my letter isn´t lame anymore. BUT, just know we´re working hard here. The scriptures are amazing, and they have SO much power. Share the Gospel with everyone, keep smiling, and take pictures. Life´s too short to be grumpy or sad :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOE and DEBRA tomorrow. I hope your days are the best ever! Joe, are you going to be 14?! Go get them ladies at the stake dances!!! Hope it´s a good one :)

Also, my hair fits good in a side braid now. Boom shack-a-lacka.
Nos vemos. Les amo TANTO.
Hermana Peterson
We stopped by a birthday party for a young boy...more food!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/23/13 Video of Elder Peterson singing in a missionary choir

Here is a link to a video from a Night of Music and Inspiration at the Washington DC Temple Visitors' Center. It is a fabulous missionary choir singing a medley of missionary songs. Elder Jacob Peterson is in the top left corner.
What a powerful group!! Love and miss him singing around here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9/17/13 Elder Peterson - Yet another wonderful week in Maryland!!

Dear Everyone,
This is Elder Peterson reporting on what has been yet another wonderful week in Maryland!! This week was really great no joke. I loved it so much. So here I go telling you all about it.
So, first of, the members of the ward are SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! They love to feed us which is a total plus. And it is really good food. So, you know how i have been telling you that the area is kind of a struggle sometimes? So Elder Galuvao and I have been brainstorming some ideas on how to find people and thought that it would be a great idea to go and visit some of the active members in the ward. We have visited a few of them already. we have been inviting them to invite someone to watch General Conference with them. They have been agreeing for the most part and we are awaiting to see what happens. We have really been working hard on finding the past weeks and it is starting to pay off. Something that I know is that working with the less active members in the ward helps so much! It is a blessing to be able to reactivate families and bring them closer together through the gospel! Also, one thing that really helps with finding is working with the former investigators in the ward. It is amazing! This past week we dropped by a couple of formers. One in particular is a family of 3 generations. Dianne the grandma, Lisa the mom and Kennedy the daughter. we were able to sit down with Dianne and Lisa and teach them the restoration and picked them back up again as investigators! Can't wait to see how it unfolds!!
Alright so to talk about the less actives. Two of the less actives we have been focusing on are Josey  and Kim. Josey is 15 years old and is going through a lot of struggles right now. We seem to run into her everywhere! When we are checking on other people she will be walking down the street and we will talk to her for a little bit. We stop by her house and talk with her. The Lord has really been working with her. This past Sunday she was able to attend the Why I Believe fireside and she loved it so much! She is a great girl and we hope to get her active again! Also, yesterday we were able to meet with Kim. She is super cool but doesn't get to church because her sons Taylor and Josh are in sports and they play on Sunday. They are not members of the church and we are going to start teaching them the lessons and hopefully help them to become members! Kim really wants it but just doesn't know how to do it. And she is super busy. But we will work with her and help her rekindle the fire that she had. 
Alright, so this past Friday we were able to go to another Nationals Game!!!! IT was really fun. The reason why we went was because out here we are having a Day to Serve this Saturday and the Nationals donated to the cause. Pres. Cooke thought it would be a great idea and I was totally okay with it. We had a great time and we won!! The Phillies lost...that's too bad. It was fun.

 Party at the Nats game!

Elders Anderson, Farley, Me and Johnson

Bro Armstrong is the new Executive Secretary for President Cooke

Alright and for the best part of this week! I was able to visit with my wonderful grandparents on their way home from their mission. What a blessing it was to be able to see them and to catch up for the brief time we were together. Also, it was great to see Autumn and Dave as well. What a surprise it was! We had and wonderful time. Thanks for the fun!

Aunt Autumn and Uncle Dave Prince, Elder Galuvao, Me and Grandma and
Grandpa Peterson - lunch at Applebee's. Do you like my Westwood tie?

Well, I probably should get going now. I love you all so much! The work is hastening and I am so glad to be apart of it. Let's catch the wave everyone! 
Elder Peterson

(Answers to some questions or responses from other emails):
I am in a car. My area is huge!! Probably an hour from bottom to top. We definitely need a car. Please send more mission appropriate CD's.

Caleb has to wear glasses? Since when!!? Only the coolest of the cool have to wear glasses...

Only the leaders of the mission can get on Facebook. We will be able to get on Facebook next month sometime. They are doing the test run this month.
Bishop Slade's cousin IS Ian Slade from our previous ward.

Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/13 - Hermana Peterson - Patience is measured by how many tastebuds you have left on your tongue 30 seconds after you´re given hot chocolate.

Just to let it be known, I DON´T have patience. I SCORCHED my tongue last night, drinking some of the sweetest hot chocolate I´ve ever had. It was delicious, just SUPER hot.
We´ve definitely made some progress this week, not as much as we would´ve liked, but we´re getting there. We found out that the group of missionaries that is coming in this transfer is coming Friday instead of next Monday, so we´ve got cambios on Friday. I don´t like cambios, and even though I´m positive we´ll both stay here, I´m still a nervous wreck. I knew for sure I´d be staying last cambio, but now anything is up in the air. I´m counting on the fact that Hermana Meyer is still training to keep me here. But, nevertheless, we´re gonna have a rockin semana!
This week is the 18th of September, which is the equivalent of our 4th of July. Except for the fact that there is NO school the entire week and probably the majority don´t have work. It´s a week of parties. Which stinks for us, but we´re still gonna rock it! We´ve got some HUGE lunches planned this week (which I´m more scared than excited for), because I´m guaranteed to gain probably 5 pounds this week. KILL ME. I´m trying to convince my companion to work out like run every morning, so I don´t feel like I´m gaining weight, haha but we´ll see. The whole world is crazy patriotic and I´m super excited! We´re going to hopefully learn the Chilean dance this week and learn a lot about the typical foods and games. We also bought Chilean kites which I´m SO excited about! I definitely have learned how to REALLY celebrate a holiday here in Chile.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUTUMN this week. I hope your day is fabulous and I´m so jealous you got to see Jake this last week. BUT, let it be known, I´m so not as awkward as he is haha

Okay so I was studying a lot about names this last week in my personal studies, and I have a favor to ask. If you have time, could you send me the names, definitions, promises, etc. about the names of the other kids and mine? Even if you want to send me yours and dads too. I just am super interested in it and am going to continue every once in a while studying names during my personal study. I´m still studying Jesus the Christ too and I am learning MOUNDS of information. It´s amazing what prayers and set time for scripture study can do for you.

So this last week, we met with Marcelo, Danay, and Marcelo again, and it was our goal to set a fecha with them so they have a goal to work towards. We had decided to set one for the 21st (this Saturday) because we knew they could do it. It was my turn to invite them, and I didn´t feel right about the 21st so I invited them for the 28th. They both agreed, and said that they would do their part to get an answer for that date. About 5 minutes later, they told us they wouldn´t be able to come to church because they both had work. I was SO grateful that I had listened to the subtle nudge of the Spirit to invite them for the 28th so they could come to church for the 3rd time this next weekend. It was something SO little and so subtle, but I was very grateful that the Lord listens to our prayers and helps us when we plan.

Drum roll please...... we FINALLY have a vacuum! Our house is one of like 3 in the mission with carpet, and with two girls living there, it just gets really hairy haha we´ve tried to keep it as clean as we could but it was like a breath of fresh air when we finished today haha ah clean clean clean!

This week just wasn´t very eventful. I´m sorry I don´t have much to write about... I did my best. I did get to send lots of pictures, so I don´t feel as bad :) I´ve just been doing a lot of personal reflection lately, especially because I´m training. My weaknesses are definitely more than my strengths, but I´m glad for every opportunity I have to learn this and to work on bettering them. I´ve been doing lots of self reflection too, and I am a different person than I was before my mission. We had a zone conference this last week and we watched a talk by Elder Holland from the MTC. He told us that now that we´ve started on this course, we can NEVER go back to who we were. I liked that thought, because I don´t want to be who I was before my mission. Of course I´m still the same person, still the same personality, but my weaknesses are becoming more of strengths, and I just have different goals. I have learned more in these almost 7 months than I probably will for the rest of my life. I just know that this is preparing me for more important things, and I will be forever grateful for my mission.
Enjoy this week and I want to hear about your missionary stories! Keep keepin on, and tell Seth I better not hear about him being mean to Caleb and his glasses.
Hermana Peterson

Just your typical cow cart in the street...

At a little park

Yes, we still like mac-n-cheese with chicken nuggets

This is what the feria - outdoor market looks like

And the fish REEK!!

These men at the feria love us!

Eating a pastry from the local panaderia

With Roberto and Maria Carmen

The one time I ate a whole bread bowl - bigger than my head!!
The flag wasn't cooperating, but this is in front of a Catholic cathedral in Concpecion

This book is amazing by the way

Pretty sure this is one of the Jacobson twins...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-11-13 Elder Peterson - I love my new area!!

Well, I love my new area!! It is super chill to say the least. The ward is really awesome! My Bishop is Bishop Rick Slade and he was actually born and raised in Lehi, Arizona. I am pretty sure somebody has got to know him. He is a really humble and amazing man. I am excited to be able to work with him. I really feel at home in this ward. My other wards were really awesome but there is something about this ward that I just like. This ward is the Bowie Ward and it is filled with a bunch of humble people who are just chugging along in the gospel.
Well, the area that I am in is really nice, but the work here...not so nice...things are really slow. The area that we do the most work in is Crofton, Maryland. Throughout the ward and the mission, it is known for the people here not being open to hearing anything. But, E. Galuvao and I are coming up with some new ideas for finding and we are going to try them. We basically have no one in our investigator pool right really stinks, but we are going to find some people soon!! I know that we will as we work really hard. E. Galuvao is a really great guy. He really has a strong testimony and just wants to get things done. And boy are we going to get things done. 
So, this past week in the area it was kind of a struggle though. We had a few appointments but they were cancelled. All of them were like this. It really was a test of my faith and testimony. It really hit me hard. This area has really struggled the past few transfers and it has really hit home as I am trying to work really hard but nothing is working. But, the Lord requires us to keep working hard. I know that as we put our trust in the Lord that we can do all things. He is really there to help us. I need to start putting faith in Him more if I want to see results of my labors.
Yesterday we had our District Meeting and I had the opportunity to give a workshop on the Book of Mormon and using it to answer questions and concerns of our investigators. I really learned a lot from preparing for it. And I really learned a lot while I was giving the workshop. The missionaries in my District are super awesome. They really know a lot and it is helping me to increase in my knowledge of the gospel. Something that I learned is that it is great for us as missionaries to answer people's questions about the gospel, but it is important that they take the time to search things out on their own. We can give them the materials to find the answers but they have got to search for them. That is where they will really gain their testimony of our teachings. That is where the conversion will come from...their efforts. There really is no other way to become truly converted. 
Something that I forgot to mention is that we share the Bowie Ward with Sister Missionaries. They are pretty cool. It is the first time so far in my mission that I have had Sisters anywhere near me. But, they are cool.
Well, that's about it for this past week. I hope that everything is going well! I love you all!
Elder Peterson

PS-we cleaned our apartment really good today. Everything is so shiny! haha it looks great!
PPS-I don't care too much for Christmas ties but thanks for asking. Don't worry about sending me any.

Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9/13 Hermana Peterson - That one time scripture mastery saved my life

So, before I start, I´m sorry but my computer doesn´t have an attachment so there won´t be pictures this week. But that´s okay, because my hair is going crazy frizzy. But more horror stories on this side of the world, so my thoughts still stand about NOT cutting or taming my hair until I am home. Sorry to all!

So about the title. I wasn´t thinking about this, but dad maybe you could share this in class!!! So this last week we found a mom (Natalie) and her boy (Benjamin) and are starting to work with them. We found them on Thursday night and then had a lesson with them on Saturday and left a folleta(pamphlet) with them to read. We taught it to her, and then we got to the reinos de gloria (kingdoms of glory). She asked us if it talked about this ever in the bible. In my mind flashed the reference 1 Cor. 15:40-42. I KNOW that scripture mastery is inspired and if we can do all that we can to memorize them and also just the scriptures in general, the Lord WILL put words into our mouths when we need them! She had never known that this was in the Bible, and she still wants to meet with us! She´s got lot of doubts, but they are doubts that can be answered through the church! Pray for them please! Also, please pray for Juan and Joselin. They are REALLY struggling right now, and by really, I mean really. It´s pretty bad. We´re still trying to figure somethings out, but they could use some extra prayers. Also, I don´t remember if I told you that Hernan went to work in the north, but he comes back for a week and a half on Wednesday. PLEASE pray that he´ll have a softened heart and that they will get a date taken out to get married! As soon as they have a date to get married, they can have a fecha to be baptized!
Happy birthday this week to Zack, Owen, Sarah, and Tia Lisa!! I hope all of you have amazing birthdays! Wish I could celebrate with you, but keep celebrating anyway :)
The familia de Marcelo y Danay are doing great! They don´t have a fecha todavía, but they are loving church! We´ve got a lesson with them tonight, and we´re really going to discuss the Book of Mormon. I know that she´ll get her answer, and with her it´s just the transition in changing churches, but they really like it and they´ve already had some amazing experiences and felt some amazing things. Keep them in your prayers too :)

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, I read a talk in a past Ensign this last week that was AMAZING! Please look it up and maybe use it for Family Night. It´s in the Ensign from March of this year. It´s The Power of the Word of God. It´s incredible. I LOVE the scripture that he quotes in D&C 26:1. Before I left on my mission, Dad told me that he was really happy that I was going on a mission because I would learn things out here that I couldn´t have learned anywhere else. I didn´t necessarily know what he was talking about, but I don´t have a doubt that this was one of the things he was talking about. I love the scriptures more than I ever have, and seeing the effect that they have in my life and in the life of others, I have promised myself NEVER to go a day without studying them ever. I will read them with my family too, and am more and more grateful everyday for parents who did/do this. The scriptures hold the key to all. READ THEM. STUDY THEM. USE THEM in your daily life, for your benefit and for the benefit of others. I know that if we especially take the time to read them every morning before we start our day, the Lord will be able to guide us in the directions we need to go that day. He will be able to speak to us, through the scriptures, to help others. I know the scriptures are true. I don´t have any doubt. The Book of Mormon is the KEYSTONE of our religion. Without it, we aren´t a religion.

Also, this last week I started reading Jesus El Cristo (Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage). Holy cow. This book is amazing! I would encourage those of you who have extra time, to start studying this. I have learned things that I didn´t know, or didn´t necessarily think about before. It´s an amazing book!

So this next week is our last big week before the 18th of September! It´s their day of Independence and it´s crazy! But they don´t only celebrate for the day, but the WHOLE WEEK! I don´t know if our p-day will get changed or not, but we´ll probably still have the chance to write on Monday. If not, I´ll write Wednesday. But, I´m super excited! Last week we bought Chilean flags that are so nice! We´re also going to gain a million pounds. GREAT..... But, hey. It´s legit food, okay?!

We´re working hard here, and my testimony gets stronger everyday. I´m sorry that this letter is all over the place, but I KNOW that the church is true. Without a doubt! I know our Savior lives and that he is the head of this church. This is HIS church here on the earth, and I want to keep inviting others to come unto Him for the rest of my life. We had 100 contacts this week, and we´re going to have 140 this next week. We´re improving everyday, and helping others and ourselves to be more converted to this work. Remember, that without the Spirit, NOTHING is possible.
Keep working hard, sharing the gospel, and smiling.


p.s. also, I´ve decided I´m going to be a mail woman when I get home.

Scripture of the week... read Abinadi´s story (Mosiah 11-17) and pay attention to the effect that his words had not only in one persons life but in MILLIONS.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/4/13 Elder Peterson Off to a New Start!

Well, I am writing to tell you that I have been transferred from Montgomery Village. I was very sad to leave but excited to have a new experience in a new area! Before I give you any more information, I want to talk a little bit about this past week.

So, I want to start off by letting you know that Darius Walker was baptized on Sept. 1st 2013. The baptism went great. We were so excited for him! He was a former investigator from a year ago and we were able to meet with him again. This time, he was ready to commit and change his life around. We were able to visit him last night before I left and he looks so much happier! It is amazing the change in countenance that the Gospel can bring. He looks great, and he feels different. I know that the message we share has the power to change lives. I know it!! Sam and Dominique are also both still doing great! I am hoping that my old companions will continue to teach them well. 
Darius's Baptism

That was our big miracle this past week. It took a lot out of us. I was really tired the next day. Speaking of tired. This past Saturday we had the opportunity to help move two people. I am pretty sure that I have never had to lift so much stuff in one day. I almost couldn't get out of bed on Sunday. But it was well worth it. There is a new couple moving into the Montgomery Village Ward that is really going to be a great benefit to the area. I wish I could have been there to see what happens. But oh well.
So, I have been transferred to the Bowie Area. It is at the eastern most part of the mission. It is pretty cool so far. I have been in it for about 2 hours now. My companion's name is Elder Galuvao. He is from California and he has only 2 transfers left. He is pretty seasoned. He is cool. I think we are going to have a great time together. The apartment we are in is as fit as a fiddle and as clean as  Clorox bleach. (Just kidding). It could use a little work and use a big cleaning, though. I am glad to have a mother who has taught me how to clean :)
Well, that is about it from me today. I am excited to have a new start in a new place. We are going to rock people's worlds the next 6 weeks.

I love you all and I hope that you are staying out of trouble!
Elder Peterson

A sister in our ward that we have been able to perform many acts of service for recently. She is amazing!

Me, Elder Manning and Elder Moss at the temple

Our District - Elder Sterr, Me, Elders Shoemig, Manning, Sheit, Brimhall, Moss and Queen
Our District and all our ties!

Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2/13 Hermana Peterson - there can be miracles, when you believe!

So last Sunday, we were sitting in Sunday School and our ward secretary Roberto came and got us and said, "Hermanas, there´s kind of a spontaneous investigator here. You should grab a pen and paper and come out here." We grabbed something, and ran out and Marcelo was standing in the foyer. He wanted a Book of Mormon and had sent in an email for a copy of one a few weeks ago and hadn´t received one, so he googled the closest LDS church and came to ours. We gave him a Book of Mormon, got his address and number, and set up a cita with him the following night. So we went out the next night with Roberto and his wife Maria Karmen, and the address didn´t exist. I had forgotten the paper with his number, so we made it up to call him the next day. So we call him on Tuesday and he told us that his wife and boy and he were waiting for us! He had written down the wrong address, so we got the correct one and set up a cita on Wednesday night. We went out with Diego (a boy in our ward who leaves this next week for his mission in Brazil) and they were there, LITERALLY waiting for us. We started the lesson and the wife started to cry. They begin to tell us that for the past 2 years they´ve been separated because of work. Marcelo was working up in Santiago and Danay (sounds like Da-nigh) and Marcelo Jr. have been living here. They are SO humble and so grateful for all of their blessings and just want to join with a church and give thanks to God. We talked about how this life is to give thanks to God and lots more other things. The lesson was incredible, probably the most spiritual lessons of my mission, and at the end of the lesson, THEY ACCEPTED FECHA. Danay and Marcelo Jr. are going to be baptized on the 21st of September!! Marcelo Sr. thinks he was baptized when he was little but afterwards his family NEVER attended church. We´re looking into that, so that if he is a member, he could get the priesthood and baptize his family! We went back on Friday night for another lesson, and Danay said I want to show you something I found this morning. She came out with her Bible and Book of Mormon and told us that that morning before Marcelo had left for work, they had looked up a movie about Joseph Smith and watched it. When Marcelo left for work, she wanted to know if this is the right route for her or not. She got down on her knees and prayed, asking to know if the church was true and if she was doing the right thing for her family. She had a prayer in her heart that Heavenly Father would show her an answer in the scriptures. She opened up 2 different times, to scriptures that basically said yes. (I´ll ask for the references for sure tomorrow night). She just cried and told us that she knows this is the right path for her! We then proceeded to teach the first lesson and invited them to keep praying about it. They committed to come to church, EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD WORK UNTIL 9 IN THE MORNING. She´s a paramedic and she worked all night and was STILL at church. They only stayed for sacrament (because Marcelo got called into work that night too (he´s a cop)), but they were there! We´ve got another lesson with them on Tuesday, but PLEASE keep them in your prayers! When we have the faith to find, we find. I know that the Lord is preparing people for all of his missionaries, and this just happens to be one of those golden families. They have been prepared all of their lives for this, and even though they haven´t had the easiest road, they just want to live forever, giving thanks to Heavenly Father because they really do have it so good! She told us before we left on Friday, that she had all of her house packed up to move and live closer to her husband in December of this last year, and right before she went through with it, she felt like she needed to stay here because God had something planned for her and her family. A few weeks later, Marcelo got a job here and moved back. Mom and Dad, I´m telling you, they are AMAZING! So dedicated to this cause together and to their family! What a miracle!!
We also had a conference this past weekend with Elder Walter Gonzalez from the 70. It was SO INCREDIBLE! I have my notes at home, because I forgot to bring them in, but it was amazing. He talked SO much about the Book of Mormon, which has been something that my testimony has only gotten stronger of during my mission. He said the Book of Mormon is going to be what´s going to save families in these last days. I know I´ve already said this so many times, but thank you Mom and Dad for reading with us everyday, even if we weren´t paying attention. I´m sorry that I didn´t realize it was such a big deal until now, but PLEASE keep doing it. PLEASE be reading individually, and talking about what you´re reading. There is no doubt in my mind, and I testify that this book contains POWER from on high. I know the Book of Mormon is true with every fiber in my being. I started the Abinadi chapters today and I´m stoked! Keep reading the Book of Mormon. Share it with everyone!! I love you all so much! He also talked about the importance of families. Thank you for raising me the way you did, and for never making me feel little. I have my struggles and my weaknesses, but you always helped me to see that these aren´t the most important things and especially that you don´t judge me by them.
Juan, Catalina, and all of the rest of our investigators are doing great! Keep praying for them please, especially for this new family. The familia Calvo Jorquera (Marcelo´s y Danay!)
I know the church is true. Go to the temple, read your scriptures, do missionary work, and perserverar hasta el fin. I promise, it´s vale la pena.
I slacked this last week with birthdays, so happy birthday last week to Austin and Tanner, and yesterday to Uncle Jack and Dennalei!!! And happy birthday this next week to Dylan and Crystal! Hope your days are the!!

Okay and I think that´s all! Sorry it´s so short this week.
Hermana Peterson
Trees native to Chile (I can't remember the name)

We found a trail through the woods by our home

Of course when we see teeter-totters we HAVE to stop and try them out!

Roasting cookie smores on our little gas heater

Our baby gift to baby Nicholas (Catalina's baby) we put in a balloon - aren't we cool?
MTC companions together again at a conference