Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-11-13 Elder Peterson - I love my new area!!

Well, I love my new area!! It is super chill to say the least. The ward is really awesome! My Bishop is Bishop Rick Slade and he was actually born and raised in Lehi, Arizona. I am pretty sure somebody has got to know him. He is a really humble and amazing man. I am excited to be able to work with him. I really feel at home in this ward. My other wards were really awesome but there is something about this ward that I just like. This ward is the Bowie Ward and it is filled with a bunch of humble people who are just chugging along in the gospel.
Well, the area that I am in is really nice, but the work here...not so nice...things are really slow. The area that we do the most work in is Crofton, Maryland. Throughout the ward and the mission, it is known for the people here not being open to hearing anything. But, E. Galuvao and I are coming up with some new ideas for finding and we are going to try them. We basically have no one in our investigator pool right really stinks, but we are going to find some people soon!! I know that we will as we work really hard. E. Galuvao is a really great guy. He really has a strong testimony and just wants to get things done. And boy are we going to get things done. 
So, this past week in the area it was kind of a struggle though. We had a few appointments but they were cancelled. All of them were like this. It really was a test of my faith and testimony. It really hit me hard. This area has really struggled the past few transfers and it has really hit home as I am trying to work really hard but nothing is working. But, the Lord requires us to keep working hard. I know that as we put our trust in the Lord that we can do all things. He is really there to help us. I need to start putting faith in Him more if I want to see results of my labors.
Yesterday we had our District Meeting and I had the opportunity to give a workshop on the Book of Mormon and using it to answer questions and concerns of our investigators. I really learned a lot from preparing for it. And I really learned a lot while I was giving the workshop. The missionaries in my District are super awesome. They really know a lot and it is helping me to increase in my knowledge of the gospel. Something that I learned is that it is great for us as missionaries to answer people's questions about the gospel, but it is important that they take the time to search things out on their own. We can give them the materials to find the answers but they have got to search for them. That is where they will really gain their testimony of our teachings. That is where the conversion will come from...their efforts. There really is no other way to become truly converted. 
Something that I forgot to mention is that we share the Bowie Ward with Sister Missionaries. They are pretty cool. It is the first time so far in my mission that I have had Sisters anywhere near me. But, they are cool.
Well, that's about it for this past week. I hope that everything is going well! I love you all!
Elder Peterson

PS-we cleaned our apartment really good today. Everything is so shiny! haha it looks great!
PPS-I don't care too much for Christmas ties but thanks for asking. Don't worry about sending me any.

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