Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/13 - Hermana Peterson - Patience is measured by how many tastebuds you have left on your tongue 30 seconds after you´re given hot chocolate.

Just to let it be known, I DON´T have patience. I SCORCHED my tongue last night, drinking some of the sweetest hot chocolate I´ve ever had. It was delicious, just SUPER hot.
We´ve definitely made some progress this week, not as much as we would´ve liked, but we´re getting there. We found out that the group of missionaries that is coming in this transfer is coming Friday instead of next Monday, so we´ve got cambios on Friday. I don´t like cambios, and even though I´m positive we´ll both stay here, I´m still a nervous wreck. I knew for sure I´d be staying last cambio, but now anything is up in the air. I´m counting on the fact that Hermana Meyer is still training to keep me here. But, nevertheless, we´re gonna have a rockin semana!
This week is the 18th of September, which is the equivalent of our 4th of July. Except for the fact that there is NO school the entire week and probably the majority don´t have work. It´s a week of parties. Which stinks for us, but we´re still gonna rock it! We´ve got some HUGE lunches planned this week (which I´m more scared than excited for), because I´m guaranteed to gain probably 5 pounds this week. KILL ME. I´m trying to convince my companion to work out like run every morning, so I don´t feel like I´m gaining weight, haha but we´ll see. The whole world is crazy patriotic and I´m super excited! We´re going to hopefully learn the Chilean dance this week and learn a lot about the typical foods and games. We also bought Chilean kites which I´m SO excited about! I definitely have learned how to REALLY celebrate a holiday here in Chile.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUTUMN this week. I hope your day is fabulous and I´m so jealous you got to see Jake this last week. BUT, let it be known, I´m so not as awkward as he is haha

Okay so I was studying a lot about names this last week in my personal studies, and I have a favor to ask. If you have time, could you send me the names, definitions, promises, etc. about the names of the other kids and mine? Even if you want to send me yours and dads too. I just am super interested in it and am going to continue every once in a while studying names during my personal study. I´m still studying Jesus the Christ too and I am learning MOUNDS of information. It´s amazing what prayers and set time for scripture study can do for you.

So this last week, we met with Marcelo, Danay, and Marcelo again, and it was our goal to set a fecha with them so they have a goal to work towards. We had decided to set one for the 21st (this Saturday) because we knew they could do it. It was my turn to invite them, and I didn´t feel right about the 21st so I invited them for the 28th. They both agreed, and said that they would do their part to get an answer for that date. About 5 minutes later, they told us they wouldn´t be able to come to church because they both had work. I was SO grateful that I had listened to the subtle nudge of the Spirit to invite them for the 28th so they could come to church for the 3rd time this next weekend. It was something SO little and so subtle, but I was very grateful that the Lord listens to our prayers and helps us when we plan.

Drum roll please...... we FINALLY have a vacuum! Our house is one of like 3 in the mission with carpet, and with two girls living there, it just gets really hairy haha we´ve tried to keep it as clean as we could but it was like a breath of fresh air when we finished today haha ah clean clean clean!

This week just wasn´t very eventful. I´m sorry I don´t have much to write about... I did my best. I did get to send lots of pictures, so I don´t feel as bad :) I´ve just been doing a lot of personal reflection lately, especially because I´m training. My weaknesses are definitely more than my strengths, but I´m glad for every opportunity I have to learn this and to work on bettering them. I´ve been doing lots of self reflection too, and I am a different person than I was before my mission. We had a zone conference this last week and we watched a talk by Elder Holland from the MTC. He told us that now that we´ve started on this course, we can NEVER go back to who we were. I liked that thought, because I don´t want to be who I was before my mission. Of course I´m still the same person, still the same personality, but my weaknesses are becoming more of strengths, and I just have different goals. I have learned more in these almost 7 months than I probably will for the rest of my life. I just know that this is preparing me for more important things, and I will be forever grateful for my mission.
Enjoy this week and I want to hear about your missionary stories! Keep keepin on, and tell Seth I better not hear about him being mean to Caleb and his glasses.
Hermana Peterson

Just your typical cow cart in the street...

At a little park

Yes, we still like mac-n-cheese with chicken nuggets

This is what the feria - outdoor market looks like

And the fish REEK!!

These men at the feria love us!

Eating a pastry from the local panaderia

With Roberto and Maria Carmen

The one time I ate a whole bread bowl - bigger than my head!!
The flag wasn't cooperating, but this is in front of a Catholic cathedral in Concpecion

This book is amazing by the way

Pretty sure this is one of the Jacobson twins...

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