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9/17/13 Elder Peterson - Yet another wonderful week in Maryland!!

Dear Everyone,
This is Elder Peterson reporting on what has been yet another wonderful week in Maryland!! This week was really great no joke. I loved it so much. So here I go telling you all about it.
So, first of, the members of the ward are SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! They love to feed us which is a total plus. And it is really good food. So, you know how i have been telling you that the area is kind of a struggle sometimes? So Elder Galuvao and I have been brainstorming some ideas on how to find people and thought that it would be a great idea to go and visit some of the active members in the ward. We have visited a few of them already. we have been inviting them to invite someone to watch General Conference with them. They have been agreeing for the most part and we are awaiting to see what happens. We have really been working hard on finding the past weeks and it is starting to pay off. Something that I know is that working with the less active members in the ward helps so much! It is a blessing to be able to reactivate families and bring them closer together through the gospel! Also, one thing that really helps with finding is working with the former investigators in the ward. It is amazing! This past week we dropped by a couple of formers. One in particular is a family of 3 generations. Dianne the grandma, Lisa the mom and Kennedy the daughter. we were able to sit down with Dianne and Lisa and teach them the restoration and picked them back up again as investigators! Can't wait to see how it unfolds!!
Alright so to talk about the less actives. Two of the less actives we have been focusing on are Josey  and Kim. Josey is 15 years old and is going through a lot of struggles right now. We seem to run into her everywhere! When we are checking on other people she will be walking down the street and we will talk to her for a little bit. We stop by her house and talk with her. The Lord has really been working with her. This past Sunday she was able to attend the Why I Believe fireside and she loved it so much! She is a great girl and we hope to get her active again! Also, yesterday we were able to meet with Kim. She is super cool but doesn't get to church because her sons Taylor and Josh are in sports and they play on Sunday. They are not members of the church and we are going to start teaching them the lessons and hopefully help them to become members! Kim really wants it but just doesn't know how to do it. And she is super busy. But we will work with her and help her rekindle the fire that she had. 
Alright, so this past Friday we were able to go to another Nationals Game!!!! IT was really fun. The reason why we went was because out here we are having a Day to Serve this Saturday and the Nationals donated to the cause. Pres. Cooke thought it would be a great idea and I was totally okay with it. We had a great time and we won!! The Phillies lost...that's too bad. It was fun.

 Party at the Nats game!

Elders Anderson, Farley, Me and Johnson

Bro Armstrong is the new Executive Secretary for President Cooke

Alright and for the best part of this week! I was able to visit with my wonderful grandparents on their way home from their mission. What a blessing it was to be able to see them and to catch up for the brief time we were together. Also, it was great to see Autumn and Dave as well. What a surprise it was! We had and wonderful time. Thanks for the fun!

Aunt Autumn and Uncle Dave Prince, Elder Galuvao, Me and Grandma and
Grandpa Peterson - lunch at Applebee's. Do you like my Westwood tie?

Well, I probably should get going now. I love you all so much! The work is hastening and I am so glad to be apart of it. Let's catch the wave everyone! 
Elder Peterson

(Answers to some questions or responses from other emails):
I am in a car. My area is huge!! Probably an hour from bottom to top. We definitely need a car. Please send more mission appropriate CD's.

Caleb has to wear glasses? Since when!!? Only the coolest of the cool have to wear glasses...

Only the leaders of the mission can get on Facebook. We will be able to get on Facebook next month sometime. They are doing the test run this month.
Bishop Slade's cousin IS Ian Slade from our previous ward.

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