Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2/13 Hermana Peterson - there can be miracles, when you believe!

So last Sunday, we were sitting in Sunday School and our ward secretary Roberto came and got us and said, "Hermanas, there´s kind of a spontaneous investigator here. You should grab a pen and paper and come out here." We grabbed something, and ran out and Marcelo was standing in the foyer. He wanted a Book of Mormon and had sent in an email for a copy of one a few weeks ago and hadn´t received one, so he googled the closest LDS church and came to ours. We gave him a Book of Mormon, got his address and number, and set up a cita with him the following night. So we went out the next night with Roberto and his wife Maria Karmen, and the address didn´t exist. I had forgotten the paper with his number, so we made it up to call him the next day. So we call him on Tuesday and he told us that his wife and boy and he were waiting for us! He had written down the wrong address, so we got the correct one and set up a cita on Wednesday night. We went out with Diego (a boy in our ward who leaves this next week for his mission in Brazil) and they were there, LITERALLY waiting for us. We started the lesson and the wife started to cry. They begin to tell us that for the past 2 years they´ve been separated because of work. Marcelo was working up in Santiago and Danay (sounds like Da-nigh) and Marcelo Jr. have been living here. They are SO humble and so grateful for all of their blessings and just want to join with a church and give thanks to God. We talked about how this life is to give thanks to God and lots more other things. The lesson was incredible, probably the most spiritual lessons of my mission, and at the end of the lesson, THEY ACCEPTED FECHA. Danay and Marcelo Jr. are going to be baptized on the 21st of September!! Marcelo Sr. thinks he was baptized when he was little but afterwards his family NEVER attended church. We´re looking into that, so that if he is a member, he could get the priesthood and baptize his family! We went back on Friday night for another lesson, and Danay said I want to show you something I found this morning. She came out with her Bible and Book of Mormon and told us that that morning before Marcelo had left for work, they had looked up a movie about Joseph Smith and watched it. When Marcelo left for work, she wanted to know if this is the right route for her or not. She got down on her knees and prayed, asking to know if the church was true and if she was doing the right thing for her family. She had a prayer in her heart that Heavenly Father would show her an answer in the scriptures. She opened up 2 different times, to scriptures that basically said yes. (I´ll ask for the references for sure tomorrow night). She just cried and told us that she knows this is the right path for her! We then proceeded to teach the first lesson and invited them to keep praying about it. They committed to come to church, EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD WORK UNTIL 9 IN THE MORNING. She´s a paramedic and she worked all night and was STILL at church. They only stayed for sacrament (because Marcelo got called into work that night too (he´s a cop)), but they were there! We´ve got another lesson with them on Tuesday, but PLEASE keep them in your prayers! When we have the faith to find, we find. I know that the Lord is preparing people for all of his missionaries, and this just happens to be one of those golden families. They have been prepared all of their lives for this, and even though they haven´t had the easiest road, they just want to live forever, giving thanks to Heavenly Father because they really do have it so good! She told us before we left on Friday, that she had all of her house packed up to move and live closer to her husband in December of this last year, and right before she went through with it, she felt like she needed to stay here because God had something planned for her and her family. A few weeks later, Marcelo got a job here and moved back. Mom and Dad, I´m telling you, they are AMAZING! So dedicated to this cause together and to their family! What a miracle!!
We also had a conference this past weekend with Elder Walter Gonzalez from the 70. It was SO INCREDIBLE! I have my notes at home, because I forgot to bring them in, but it was amazing. He talked SO much about the Book of Mormon, which has been something that my testimony has only gotten stronger of during my mission. He said the Book of Mormon is going to be what´s going to save families in these last days. I know I´ve already said this so many times, but thank you Mom and Dad for reading with us everyday, even if we weren´t paying attention. I´m sorry that I didn´t realize it was such a big deal until now, but PLEASE keep doing it. PLEASE be reading individually, and talking about what you´re reading. There is no doubt in my mind, and I testify that this book contains POWER from on high. I know the Book of Mormon is true with every fiber in my being. I started the Abinadi chapters today and I´m stoked! Keep reading the Book of Mormon. Share it with everyone!! I love you all so much! He also talked about the importance of families. Thank you for raising me the way you did, and for never making me feel little. I have my struggles and my weaknesses, but you always helped me to see that these aren´t the most important things and especially that you don´t judge me by them.
Juan, Catalina, and all of the rest of our investigators are doing great! Keep praying for them please, especially for this new family. The familia Calvo Jorquera (Marcelo´s y Danay!)
I know the church is true. Go to the temple, read your scriptures, do missionary work, and perserverar hasta el fin. I promise, it´s vale la pena.
I slacked this last week with birthdays, so happy birthday last week to Austin and Tanner, and yesterday to Uncle Jack and Dennalei!!! And happy birthday this next week to Dylan and Crystal! Hope your days are the!!

Okay and I think that´s all! Sorry it´s so short this week.
Hermana Peterson
Trees native to Chile (I can't remember the name)

We found a trail through the woods by our home

Of course when we see teeter-totters we HAVE to stop and try them out!

Roasting cookie smores on our little gas heater

Our baby gift to baby Nicholas (Catalina's baby) we put in a balloon - aren't we cool?
MTC companions together again at a conference


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