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9/23/13 Hermana Peterson - Win Win Chicken Dinner

The morning of the 18th

This week was the 18th of September. Here, the 18th is like our 4th of July (Independence Day), but they celebrate for the whole week! Literally, the festivities started Monday and ended last night, it was CRAZY! I loved every second of it, except for the fact that it made missionary work a little bit harder! On Wednesday morning, they had a little flag raising ceremony and a breakfast, and we got there late (my fault) and missed the flag raising and the dance, but made it for the breakfast, which is the most important anyway, right?! :) We were there for a smidge, and then went back to the house to study and get ready for the day. We then had lunch with the Familia Jimenez. There were 14 of us in total, and we ate more food than I have the last 5 Thanksgivings combined. I have NEVER been more full in my whole life. It was CRAZY!
Check out all the meat!

The cookers...Eric, Hermano Jimenez, and Henry

Actually WE were the cookers...ha ha
These are empanadas

We had carne asada, with meat galore, sausage, soda, salad, potatoes, empanadas (see picture), and then we had pajaritos and mote con huesillos which is a grain and peach drink. It´s hard to explain, but I´ll send a picture next week of it. We had SO much food! We were so scared that we´d get tons more food that day too, but turns out we didn´t get any. I was still full the next morning when I woke up. So on Thursday we had lunch with Juan and Joselin and it was empanadas again. I ate 4 and then we had ice cream for lunch. That night we went out to the Familia Muñoz for an asado and that´s where we ate all of those delicious desserts (see picture)!
These were so good!!
Friday we had a huge lunch too, and then had our ward activity that night. It was a HUGE success. It started out with typical Chilean games for like 4 hours and I´m still sore from playing some of them. One the trompo, is so legit. I´ll have to send pictures this next week because it´s my favorite! We also played a bunch of other games, and just laughed and had tons of fun! They also had a group come and perform, but we had to leave and then came back real quick to see a number or two but missed it all. Ooops... and then Saturday we had lunch again with the familia Muñoz and it was SO good. Basically, I ate so much food this last week, and it was an incredible week.
At our ward FIESTA!!

Amazing ward members

Marcelo, Mireya, Manuel, and Danay

At the fiesta, we played a bunch of typical Chilean games. One is to put your face in flour and search for gum, take off the wrapper, and blow a bubble. Yes, I did this part of the race!!

A typical Chilean outfit

Concentrating on throwing trompos (spinning tops)

My companion has a ton of pictures on her camera, that I don´t have time to send today, but I´ll look at them this next week and send a bunch. I´m sorry. I took a lot of time sending my photos today and didn´t leave a whole lot of time for much else. Even though, it was a rough week missionary wise, we did see some miracles. I don´t know if I told you about Natalie, a young mom that we found 2 weeks ago, but we had been trying to find her all week to no avail because of the holiday. But we passed by on Friday night during the party to invite her to come down with us and her boy (Benjamin who is 7), and she let us in to teach her. We taught her lesson 3 and talked about a lot of really good things with her. She´s preparing to be baptized in the Catholic church right now, but told us that since we have come and met with her, she hasn´t gone because she´s really confused now as to which is the correct path for her. She has a niece that was baptized about a year ago who has been talking to her a lot about it too, but she´s reading the Book of Mormon and we promised her that she can know which is the correct path for her if she keeps reading and praying. She needs some good solid direction in her life, and we know that this is where she is going to find it. I LOVE seeing the Gospel change people´s lives! Todavía she doesn´t have a fecha, but she said if she feels like it´s right, she´ll definitely get baptized!
We also are still working with Marcelo and Danay. Danay has a fecha now for the 12th of October, and her son is still thinking about it. The dad is menos activo but it totally coming back. We passed by accidentally this last week to visit them and found them with one of the brothers of Marcelo (the dad) and him and his wife are now interested in the church! They don´t live in our sector though, but they live in the sector of the zone leaders, so we´ll see what happens. Apparently, Manuel (the brother) was NEVER baptized, but he has good memories of primary. The wife isn´t a member, but she has family that is members, so pray for them please! We´ve been working really hard with this family, and with a few more prayers I KNOW they´ll do it! PLEASE, pray for Marcelo, Marcelo, Danay, Manuel, Mireya, and Natalie. We´ve got some great animo and some great ideas for this week, and we know that the Lord will bless us. Here´s to a new cambio here in Talcahuano with Hermana Meyer! We´ve seen tons of success, and only expect to see more. Please also keep praying for Henry, Juan, and Catalina, that all can keep staying strong! I LOVE this gospel and the things that it does and WILL do for us. Thank you for all of your continued support, and I promise this next week I´ll write before I send pictures, so my letter isn´t lame anymore. BUT, just know we´re working hard here. The scriptures are amazing, and they have SO much power. Share the Gospel with everyone, keep smiling, and take pictures. Life´s too short to be grumpy or sad :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOE and DEBRA tomorrow. I hope your days are the best ever! Joe, are you going to be 14?! Go get them ladies at the stake dances!!! Hope it´s a good one :)

Also, my hair fits good in a side braid now. Boom shack-a-lacka.
Nos vemos. Les amo TANTO.
Hermana Peterson
We stopped by a birthday party for a young boy...more food!!

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