Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25/13 Elder Peterson - Miracles!

Hello Everyone!

Well, this past week has been pretty good. So, I don't even know where to start. Things are becoming a blur now.
So, this weekend has been filled with TONS of service. We helped a less active lady in our ward organize her garage last Thursday and I was so impressed with all of the stuff that she had. It is crazy how much stuff can pile up over 40 years!! We didn't even finish and we have been helping her for the past 3 weeks. Also, we helped our Bishop's neighbor clean up in her house and she gave us a whole bunch of food for it. It was crazy. She gave us some Japanese Curry and it was sooooo good. I enjoyed it so much.

Then , this Saturday was our Stake's "Day to Serve". We went down to a farm out in the middle of nowhere and helped harvest potatoes. There were so many potatoes! IT WAS CRAZY!! I think that we harvested a total of 72,000 pounds of potatoes that day. And E. Galuvao and I did it all by ourselves...just kidding there was a whole bunch of people there. It was a great turnout. I have a few pictures I will be sending out (but not THIS week, because he forgot his cord AGAIN! I still love this guy to the moon and back!)

OH I am so tired. We had a lot of service and it is starting to get to me. But it is worthwhile service.

Alright, now is a time for a miracle. So we had a dinner with a lady in our ward Sis. Kaleo and her boyfriend is not a member of the church. We were able to meet with him and have a great dinner and conversation with both of them. Sis. Kaleo texted us and asked if we could set up another dinner because her boyfriend (who's name is Beau) has really enjoyed meeting with us and getting to know us. We are going to be meeting with her next Wednesday. Super Exciting!!
So, another miracle for this week. We had exchanges on Monday and I was with E. Tolman in our district. We were feeling pretty down in the morning but we were able to turn to the scriptures and get some real motivation! We went out and the first thing we did was pick up a new investigator! Her name is Joyce and she is a former investigator. We sat down with her for a little bit and taught her about the Book of Mormon. We set up an appointment for this Saturday. Also, we were able to talk to Josie (who is the 15 year old girl we have been working with). She is a member but her boyfriend David is not. We talked with both of them and set up an appt. for this Saturday as well! It is really exciting!
Well, that is about it for this week. I love you all and will talk to you soon!
Elder Peterson

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