Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9/13 Hermana Peterson - That one time scripture mastery saved my life

So, before I start, I´m sorry but my computer doesn´t have an attachment so there won´t be pictures this week. But that´s okay, because my hair is going crazy frizzy. But more horror stories on this side of the world, so my thoughts still stand about NOT cutting or taming my hair until I am home. Sorry to all!

So about the title. I wasn´t thinking about this, but dad maybe you could share this in class!!! So this last week we found a mom (Natalie) and her boy (Benjamin) and are starting to work with them. We found them on Thursday night and then had a lesson with them on Saturday and left a folleta(pamphlet) with them to read. We taught it to her, and then we got to the reinos de gloria (kingdoms of glory). She asked us if it talked about this ever in the bible. In my mind flashed the reference 1 Cor. 15:40-42. I KNOW that scripture mastery is inspired and if we can do all that we can to memorize them and also just the scriptures in general, the Lord WILL put words into our mouths when we need them! She had never known that this was in the Bible, and she still wants to meet with us! She´s got lot of doubts, but they are doubts that can be answered through the church! Pray for them please! Also, please pray for Juan and Joselin. They are REALLY struggling right now, and by really, I mean really. It´s pretty bad. We´re still trying to figure somethings out, but they could use some extra prayers. Also, I don´t remember if I told you that Hernan went to work in the north, but he comes back for a week and a half on Wednesday. PLEASE pray that he´ll have a softened heart and that they will get a date taken out to get married! As soon as they have a date to get married, they can have a fecha to be baptized!
Happy birthday this week to Zack, Owen, Sarah, and Tia Lisa!! I hope all of you have amazing birthdays! Wish I could celebrate with you, but keep celebrating anyway :)
The familia de Marcelo y Danay are doing great! They don´t have a fecha todavía, but they are loving church! We´ve got a lesson with them tonight, and we´re really going to discuss the Book of Mormon. I know that she´ll get her answer, and with her it´s just the transition in changing churches, but they really like it and they´ve already had some amazing experiences and felt some amazing things. Keep them in your prayers too :)

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, I read a talk in a past Ensign this last week that was AMAZING! Please look it up and maybe use it for Family Night. It´s in the Ensign from March of this year. It´s The Power of the Word of God. It´s incredible. I LOVE the scripture that he quotes in D&C 26:1. Before I left on my mission, Dad told me that he was really happy that I was going on a mission because I would learn things out here that I couldn´t have learned anywhere else. I didn´t necessarily know what he was talking about, but I don´t have a doubt that this was one of the things he was talking about. I love the scriptures more than I ever have, and seeing the effect that they have in my life and in the life of others, I have promised myself NEVER to go a day without studying them ever. I will read them with my family too, and am more and more grateful everyday for parents who did/do this. The scriptures hold the key to all. READ THEM. STUDY THEM. USE THEM in your daily life, for your benefit and for the benefit of others. I know that if we especially take the time to read them every morning before we start our day, the Lord will be able to guide us in the directions we need to go that day. He will be able to speak to us, through the scriptures, to help others. I know the scriptures are true. I don´t have any doubt. The Book of Mormon is the KEYSTONE of our religion. Without it, we aren´t a religion.

Also, this last week I started reading Jesus El Cristo (Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage). Holy cow. This book is amazing! I would encourage those of you who have extra time, to start studying this. I have learned things that I didn´t know, or didn´t necessarily think about before. It´s an amazing book!

So this next week is our last big week before the 18th of September! It´s their day of Independence and it´s crazy! But they don´t only celebrate for the day, but the WHOLE WEEK! I don´t know if our p-day will get changed or not, but we´ll probably still have the chance to write on Monday. If not, I´ll write Wednesday. But, I´m super excited! Last week we bought Chilean flags that are so nice! We´re also going to gain a million pounds. GREAT..... But, hey. It´s legit food, okay?!

We´re working hard here, and my testimony gets stronger everyday. I´m sorry that this letter is all over the place, but I KNOW that the church is true. Without a doubt! I know our Savior lives and that he is the head of this church. This is HIS church here on the earth, and I want to keep inviting others to come unto Him for the rest of my life. We had 100 contacts this week, and we´re going to have 140 this next week. We´re improving everyday, and helping others and ourselves to be more converted to this work. Remember, that without the Spirit, NOTHING is possible.
Keep working hard, sharing the gospel, and smiling.


p.s. also, I´ve decided I´m going to be a mail woman when I get home.

Scripture of the week... read Abinadi´s story (Mosiah 11-17) and pay attention to the effect that his words had not only in one persons life but in MILLIONS.

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