Monday, October 14, 2013

10/14/13 Hermana Peterson - It´s sweatin´ weather now.

This is what the Concepción temple will look like when it´s complete!

It´s 67 outside and I´m DYING. Obviously, this is why normal people don´t have a year of winter hahaha I´m trying to just think of how hot it gets in Arizona, and that helps a little, but I think I´m going to have to move in with Mitch and Lisa by the time I get home :)
So this week was a good one. Because of conflicts with work, we didn´t have a baptism this last weekend, BUT this next weekend it´s going to happen!! Last night, we had a lesson with them, and she said, "Queríamos encontrar una iglesia para dar gracias a Dios por todo lo que tenemos, pero hemos recebido MÁS para dar gracias! El cambio que hemos tenido no es algo muy grande, pero sí es algo muy grande en el mísmo tiempo. Yo no puedo explicarlo. Hemos recebido cosas que no sabíamos que estabamos faltando." I think that makes sense, if not, sorry. Sometimes, Spanish gets the best of me. But basically she said, that they wanted to find a church so that they could give thanks to God for all that they have, and they´ve only received more to be grateful for in return. We haven´t seen huge changes in our lives, but at the same time, we have. It´s super hard to describe. We have found things that we didn´t know were missing." In that moment, I had confirmed to me more and more that the things I am out here teaching ARE the truths. I KNOW that the Gospel is true and that it is ONLY through the Gospel that we can find lasting happiness. We´re still struggling to find more investigators, but I know that as we are diligent in all things, we will find those who are prepared to hear the Gospel.

This last week, was probably the longest week of my mission. I was sick ALL week, but not bad enough to stay in. I´m pretty sure I had a sinus infection, but life is good now.
Yesterday I had to give a talk in church, about how the ward could help us more as missionaries. It was super hard to not feel preachy, but I feel like I did the best that I could. I love my ward, and will be super sad when I have to leave! Mom, don´t worry. I´m being more than taken care of here. Yesterday we got a new ward mission leader, and it will be interesting to see how the transition works out, but I´m super excited! I loved our old ward mission leader, but am excited to get different ideas from a new mission leader!
So every morning, Hermana Meyer and I stretch and have a goal by the end of our missions to be able to do the splits hahaha last week I was at 14 inches between the floor and I, and when I measured this past week it was 11.7. Slow and steady wins the race, but it´s so painful and really funny actually. Life is good :) Also, this last week, someone dumped a fake Christmas tree by a huge dumpster, and you better believe my companion looked for the top so we could have a Christmas tree. It was a much needed gut laugh and I still laugh now thinking about it. But now we have a Christmas tree! Our goal this week is to have it decorated and set up and we´re going to start a chain, because guess what. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!
HOW WAS THE TREK? The trek was one of the highlights of my high school years, and I hope it was just as amazing as for Bek and Leah as it was for me! I hope it was so so good and that you take the things you learned, and really let them change your lives. Be dedicated hard workers, not couch potatoes. It will do you well in the future :)
Happy birthday this week to Madelynn and Evelynne! I hope your days are full of toys and cake and non-stop fun!! I love you two! 

What is everyone going to be for Halloween. I´ll give you five bucks if you can guess what we´re going to be. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
This week I kind of did a little bit of soul searching with different things from Conference, and just things I´ve been thinking about. I have learned SO much from the mission. I have been studying a lot of different things, and trying to figure out what the Lord has instore for me. I love this time that I have, to just kind of figure myself out and the things I really want in my life. I´m grateful to be here experiencing something that will bless me for the rest of the eternities. If anyone of you is thinking about serving a mission, or haven´t thought about it. I would encourage you to do so. This experience by far, has been the most trying experience of my life, but I´ve always believed that the good things in life are worth the fight. I wouldn´t trade my mission for all of the riches in the world. I love you all and keep living and sharing the Gospel. It´s worth the fight :)

I love you!
Hermana Peterson

p.s. sorry this letter is all over the place.... I´ll send pictures next week!

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