Monday, October 21, 2013

10/21/13 Elder Peterson - Monday P-day now!!

Well, how is it going everyone? Things are going pretty good out here in Maryland. It feels like a blur since I have last written...oh yeah it is Monday. It has only been 4 days! Sorry I really don't have much to write about. I am sorry!

So, I am in a trio now and with that comes a few quirks in the system. 3 beds, 3 desks, 3 people trying to get ready in the can get pretty hectic but it is all good! We are having a pretty great time.

A couple of miracles for the past few days. So on Friday this past week we were able to stop by and visit one of our potential investigators Jen. She is from the Philippines and she is super cool! She is married to Randy who is one of our investigators now but he wasn't there when we stopped by. We were able to answer a few of her questions and pick her up as a new investigator! She is really prepared to accept the gospel in her life. So is her husband. We are really excited to finally be able to teach some people who are prepared! It truly was a miracle.
Also, last night we went to the "Why I Believe" fireside and it was really great. The guest speaker was Bryan Kehl who plays for the Redskins. He really has a strong testimony of the Gospel and it was really cool to be able to hear from him. Also, a recent convert in our ward Bro. Gentry was able to speak at the fireside to and he did a great job! And there was a lot of ward support too at the fireside which was really great to see too. We were supposed to meet Sis.Zasadil and her boys but it didn't work out. It would've been so great for them! But the Lord works in mysterious ways. Hopefully they will be able to come to the next Why I Believe fireside.

Yesterday was a really great day. Church was so great and I have a wonderful testimony of attending church. There is a wonderful spirit that comes from the chapel that can't be described. I LOVE CHURCH!!! Everyone needs to go to church.
Well, that's about it for the past few days. Nothing too exciting...yet. My next letter is going to be great don't worry. It was just a weird transition phase from Wednesday P-days to Monday P-days.
I love you all! And I miss you all so much! Keep on keepin' on and happy early Halloween.
Elder Peterson

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