Monday, October 21, 2013

10/21/13 Hermana Peterson - Baptism of Danay y Marcelo Jr.

So this last week, we had a good week! We had some beautiful days, and some days with pouring rain! I had the chance to finally use my rain skirt, and guess what. I WAS SO DRY! Thanks again Lisa and Sarah for thinking of that and sending it! It´s perfect. My companion just kept laughing at me, but I know she was jealous, because I was dry!
My great new rain skirt!

Wednesday, Marcelo and Danay had their interviews and they passed! We finally got everything set for their baptism, and on Saturday they were baptized! She cried for a lot of the service, and afterwards, she hugged Hermana Meyer and I and said, "Thank you for opening my eyes." They are SO happy, and it makes me so happy. :) Marcelo has already said that he knows he needs to serve a mission in the future! Marcelo the dad, is completely active now, and we´re working with him to get them all ready to head to the temple! I have seen through them how the Gospel changes lives and truly makes people happy. I love being out here and being a missionary. On Sunday, she got called on in Relief Society to give the closing prayer and she started crying during her prayer and said, "Father, please don´t ever take this happiness away that I have now." It got us all. She TRULY was prepared to receive the Gospel, and I feel so honored to have been one of the instruments in all of this. The baptismal service was amazing and I´m still so so happy for them! We bought them triples today and are taking them over tonight and they are going to be so surprised!! Woo :) I love this family so much! The Gospel blesses lives!
Marcelo Jr., Marcelo Sr. and Danay

With their extended families

Mom, you might want to sit down before this next part. I cut my hair this week. I bought hair scissors, and took off a good 2 inches. Hermana Meyer kept saying, "Oh, Hermana I´m so nervous for you!" I know what I can do to improve for the next time, but for now, it will have to do.
Happy birthday this next week to Landon, Felicity, and my sweet Grandma Zimmerman. I hope your days are amazing, and I hope that your families spoil you! I love you 3!!! 

On Saturday, there was a big service project at the future temple grounds for the youth, clearing away a bunch of underbrush. We as missionaries of two different stakes got asked to sing at the service project! Afterwards we helped a little bit with all of the service, but not much because we needed to head back! It was a super neat experience though, and I am so so excited for the people here to get a temple! There are so many good members here, and seriously, I can´t wait until the temple is built!  

We didn´t have much luck finding new investigators this week, but we do have an investigator that has a fecha for the 9th of November!! His name is Juan, and he is the dad of a member in our ward who has shared with the missionaries many times, but knows that now is his time. He attended the baptism on Saturday and told everyone that he was next on the 9th of November! We over heard him and were like what?! So we´re super happy about that, and this week we are going to crank out our work and find many new investigators that are ready! 
I love you all so much and thank you for your support and prayers! :)

Hermana Peterson

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