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10/28/13 Hermana Peterson - The Hamsters are Coming!

Every time I walk outside or open a window, I am overwhelmed by the smell of hamsters. It´s disgusting. I said it out loud the other day and my companion just laughed at me and said you´re right! I don´t know what it is, but it´s not the most pleasant smell. I´m not sure if it beats the normal smell of fish, but I miss the smells of Arizona! Chlorine, rain, citrus, etc. I wish EVERYDAY, that there was a way I could capture smell. I´ve got sight, sound, and taste down, but you will never fully understand the smells! Chuta.

Well, this week was a good one! Hermana Meyer and I worked SO hard, that we came home every night and had a hard time planning. We planned, and dropped dead in bed. But, this is how it should be. I remember when I was waiting for my call and one Sunday I was filling out tithing by the bishops office and Brother Jacobson started talking to me and said, you´ll get to the point where you are so tired everyday not only because you are working hard physically but also because the Spirit is working so hard through you. I didn´t really understand what he was saying, but it´s definitely a feeling I know VERY WELL now! We started this week off with tons of goals to work hard and improve and in most of our areas, we did work so hard! We walked tons, but we´re making tons of progress here! Even though I know I am so weak and that I have tons to improve on, it´s a good feeling to finish a week and feel that the Lord is pleased with what you did.

Speaking of working hard, the sun here is incredibly more hot that in Arizona. The other day it
was MAYBE 70 degrees and I got SO burnt. Luckily, I have aloe vera which was such a help. Mom, I promise I will buy sunscreen today. I am now sporting the infamous "dad collar." I know you all know what I´m talking about. I am SO dark on my face and neck and forearms and calves, but my core is as white as the computer screen. What a blessing it is that I will be coming back at the END of summer :)

Monday night, we went over to Danay and Marcelo´s to have our first "after baptism" lesson, and the first thing that Marcelo (dad) said was "Que es el proximo paso que necesitamos tomar para ser sellado en el templo." (What is the next step that we need to take to be sealed in the temple?) AH! I´m so so happy! Danay was a little sad when I told her that I wouldn´t be here to attend, but I told her I would figure something out. I´ll either get a job with the airlines when I get back or I´ll find someone with a spare buddy pass. I want to be there more than anything!! 

Juan is still pushing strong! He says some things that completely catch us off guard, that make us know it´s his time! He came up to us in a panic at church yesterday and said "is it true there is a cambio next week?" We told him yes, but we´re not sure what´s going to happen, and he said "NO you two are a duo, you need to both sing at my baptism like you did at the other!" For his sake, I hope we both stay!

Juan and Joselin are hanging in there. We had a lesson with them last night where the Spirit was very strong. We talked about equality in marriage (which is something they are really struggling with), and I am very grateful for the testimonies that I was able to bear because I had examples in my life OF equal marriages. Mom and Dad, thank you for being one. I remember when I was little getting so frustrated when I would ask mom something and she would say no and then I´d run and ask dad and he would say "what did mom say," and vice versa. SO frustrating, but I´m so grateful for that now. I remember getting frustrated when you told me you would never side against mom, even if she was wrong, but I´m so grateful for that now. Thank you for being faithful to one another, for being one, and for raising us the way you did/are. You are two incredible examples to me. I will definitely model my marriage after yours, or at least try to. You two aren´t perfect, but you have relied on the Lord through these 23 years, and that has made all of the imperfections less imperfect. Thank you. I KNOW we can find equality in our relationships, when there is communication and also when we base them on the teachings that are the most important, including scripture study, prayers, and family night. Thank you.
I am SO proud of Seth, and for the choices that he made, even when he got made fun of. It makes my heart hurt that he had to go through that, but Jesus Christ went through the same things. He stood up for the things He knew to be right, even when he knew what the results would be. Seth, NEVER BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. And that isn´t just for Seth. That´s for ALL of us. Hard times are coming, we heard it in Conference. BUT, we need to decide NOW, who´s on the Lord´s side, who.

We decorated out house yesterday and hard core cleaned it this morning. You´d better believe we´re rocking the Christmas spirit here in Independencia. Less than 60 days! :)
I love you all and thanks for your prayers and support. Keep up the hard work there, and happy Halloween! I want pictures this next week, and also a package of candy :)

Hermana Peterson
My companion, always brushing her teeth like a pro!

At a conference for the sisters in my area

Hermana Mena and I (she goes home in 4 weeks)

Mary Carmen, Roberto, and my companion - they fixed us real Mexican enchiladas

Guess what else we ate??!!

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