Monday, October 7, 2013

10/7/13 Hermana Peterson - It all begins with a tender mercy.

These are photos and a video of their trip to the zoo from last week. So basically the only thing separating them from the animals is a chain link fence!!

They are like little dear rabbits. I have no clue what they are!

Basically warning us of the dangerous tiger and not to stick anything in gate...
This tiger almost killed me. I have a video, and I´m not lying.

Glad it made you laugh, because I´m still having nightmares. My camera was literally touching the fence. I was SO close to that tiger! It was SO scary, and I didn´t think it would do that. It was SO tame up until then!

Just my luck I would be sick on a p-day. I´m urpy with a sore throat, fever, and the chills, but nevertheless, it´s p-day! So this morning, I was literally out of money (we had plans to pull out money for October today, but needed to take the bus). I had to pull out some change from the little bit I have set aside to bring home. In my mind as we were walking, I thought "why didn´t I have enough faith to think about praying for a miracle. Well, maybe I could find money on the ground or maybe the bus driver won´t make us pay." But, it´s not that big of a deal because I could always replenish my coin collection. So we flag down a bus, and it was a brother from my old ward and he let us ride for free. It may not seem like something huge for you, but it was something really big for me. I know that even if we don´t take the time to kneel and ask, we have a Heavenly Father who is ALWAYS aware of our thoughts, and the desires of our hearts. I know this to be true. 10 minutes later, a Michael BublĂ© song came on the radio. I believe in tender mercies.

So, happy birthday to Jeremiah, Lyneah, Cali, and Katie Budd this last week! Sorry I slacked and forgot to mention anything, but now I am and I hope they were good days! Also, happy birthday to Forrest (TODAY), and Preston and baby Payton later on this week. I hope birthdays are still being good in the USA.

So this last week was a good one. Slow, but good. We, however are losing a huge chunk of our focus because this weekend Danay AND Marcelo are getting baptized! We have their baptism this Saturday at 7:00pm. I have been totally humbled by their experiences and their desires and am so excited for them to take this step. Please especially keep them in your prayers this week, that they can stay strong and that all will be well! We´ve got great plans this next week (as always), but conference was a huge help to pin point our weaknesses. I hope that all of you are taking the challenge of Elder Ballard seriously, to individually find ONE person by Christmas and invite them to hear the lessons. I KNOW that this was a challenge from our Heavenly Father, and you will be blessed when you do it.

I went in to Conference with many questions. I had many that were answered so clear I couldn´t deny them, and others that were more like "it´s in your hands" answers. I think my favorite talk by far was Elder David M. McConkie, about how to be a better teacher. What a POWERFUL talk that I will study for the rest of my life. It all begins with our own personal knowledge and our own personal study. We need to do our best to prepare, but then have the faith to follow the Spirit! What powerful words! I also loved President Monson´s talk and Robert D. Hales´ talk was super powerful. HARD TIMES ARE COMING, BUT THOSE WHO PREPARE WILL NOT HAVE TO FEAR. This begins with the little things (personal and family scripture study and prayer, family home evening, and following the words of the prophets). THANK YOU mom and dad for the examples that you have always been of this. I love you so much, and I know that these things are still going on, even though I´m far away. I am on a spiritual high and so grateful for the opportunity we have to have Conference every 6 months. My only wish is that we could have it every weekend. I´m saddened that many people don´t watch Saturday sessions, but thank you for instilling in me the joy and love for Conference. I was probably so annoying to my companion this last week with my excitement for Conference.

I LOVE You all and make it a good week!
Hermana Peterson
Our family has the tradition of having French Toast sticks on Sunday morning of General Conference weekend. These photos are of Hermana Peterson eating her version of Chilean French Toast sticks! This is what she said:

We have a little weeney stove that we figured out works! We borrowed a pan from Hermana Margarita and they were delicious. I was so excited this whole weekend. Sometimes, I really like my excited about life personality :)

Seriously?? 5 photos? She WAS excited!!
These are statues, and only because people in Chile like naked people statues.


  1. Oh my goodness! Hermana Peterson's family! This is Hermana Meyer's sister! I was so excited to see that you guys have a blog for Hermana Peterson. It's fun to see pictures and hear stories from the other side of the companionship! :-) If you want to check out Hermana Meyer's blog... its There are some great pics of the two of them on there! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks for the reply!! We've been to Hermana Meyer's blog and we love it, too! Isn't technology so wonderful!