Monday, November 25, 2013

11/25/13 Elder Peterson - Things are getting crazy out here!

Well, this is Elder Peterson again. Wow, this week has been a blur.

Things are going so fast now it is insane! I already have another transfer under my belt. Turns out that I am going to be moving to the Capitol area for this transfer! President Cooke is doing transfers differently now and letting us know where we are going and who we are going to be serving with before transfer meeting. Usually we were told if we were staying or going and then on Wednesday we would find out who and where. It is so crazy! Now I have a couple of days to think about my next area and reflect on how the past couple months have been. I am really going to miss Bowie so much! I have grown to love the ward a ton and have made so many friends out here it is crazy. But I am excited to start in a new area with new people and new experiences. I love being a missionary!

Well, so last week we did a lot more service for people. We had a lot of rakes to leave....I mean leaves to rake. Just making sure you were paying attention. We were able to go to the Zasadil family and rake their backyard up. We made a giant pile of the leaves and we jumped from their trampoline into the pile. It was a blast! We got a really cool video of it. But I cant send it yet. Ya'll have to wait for another year! Also we went and helped out a less active guy with his leaves too. It was a good time.

Something else that happened this last week was our ward has a really cool thing they do where they send out Thanksgiving baskets to the less fortunate in our ward boundaries. It was a really great time. We were able to help out with the packing the baskets and going out to hand them out to the families. We got a few referrals for the Sister missionaries. It was a real good time.

Wow, I am really excited for this upcoming week. Thanksgiving is going to be so much fun! I hope that everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving!

Love you all!
Elder Peterson

Sweet. Congrats to Ashley! (His cousin just got engaged)

11/25/13 Hermana Peterson - It's beginning to look a lot like summer!!

Well, this week was a good one. Nothing too crazy to report. On Wednesday and Thursday, my companion had a conference for the new missionaries, and I got to be companions with Hermana Taylor! It was good to talk to her, and good to catch up. She´s just the zone over from us, but it was really fun to work with her! Then on Friday, we had a mini cambio and I got to work with Hermana Moran from Equador. She´s a very happy and chipper missionary, and sometimes I just wish I was like that. I just have decided that I will never be like that, and that´s okay. I like being me.

Could I get the email address and physical address of Natalie Stewart so I could send her a letter and message? I´m so happy and proud of her for serving! :)

Okay, in the Liahona (Ensign) this month, there is a picture of Scott Fox! I was flipping through it the other day, and was like HEY I KNOW HIM! It sometimes is a little weird to think that of the people I know from Mesa and went to school with, there are like 10 of us here in Chile, all spread out!

So, this week was a little difficult for us. We as a companionship are working really hard, but we´re not seeing a ton of success, which is frustrating. BUT, something that I have learned, is that there is never a bad day on the mission if we try our best! I know that everything happens for a reason, and we´re going to learn from this! I sometimes just feel like we walk and walk and walk, and no one listens. This last week we received lots of references and actually succeeded at contacting some of them, and we´re going to keep working with them! We found a new contact last week, Stephanie, who is 16 years old. She was a reference from the office, and we found out that her dad is an inactive member. We invited her to a baptism this last week for the 14th, but then her date fell because she got sick and couldn´t come to church :( But, we have a lesson with her tomorrow and are going to put a fecha with her for the 21st of December. If you could please keep her in your prayers, and us too that we will be guided to know what to say to help her. She´s so sweet and is so prepared for the Gospel! I know that with a little more strength, she will realize how the gospel will bless her life.

Please keep praying for us, to be lead to those who are ready for the Gospel. On Saturday, Juan´s mom was baptized in another city, and he was able to baptize her. In this world, we will just NEVER see the effect that we have in helping others come unto Christ. We are always planting seeds, even with just a smile. Keep pushing on and being missionaries there!

Happy birthday this week to Paige, Max, Heidi, and Ashley and also congratulations to Ashley who got engaged!!!! Oh how happy!! Yay for her!!!
Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hump day to me! I hope everyone has an amazing week and please eat tons of food :) I love being a missionary, I love being a missionary, and there are 30 days until Christmas.

Hermana Peterson

On our way to the beach for a zone activity

Our zone


Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/13 Elder Peterson - This Week Was Great!

Hello everyone this is Elder Peterson. How is it going? How is life in Arizona? Probably not as good as it is out here! Well, maybe it is....but whatever. I am good and not sick at all! (I am not so sure he would tell me even if he was sick...)

So this past week was awesome! Seriously. Here is why. So we were able to have a mission conference this past Friday and Elder Zwick of the Seventy came to speak with us.  It was really good, really long, and really inspired. I learned so much! I think that the greatest thing that I learned is something that I already knew but it really stuck out to me this time. This is what it is....making mistakes is part of life. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself, repent and move on. Sometimes when I mistakes out here in the mission I really get down and beat myself up. I really need to stop having that attitude because it is not healthy for me. I need to stop being so hard on myself. It is okay to mess up! He also told us all about the storm in the Phillipines. (We were so happy to hear all of our missionaries were protected and kept safe and all accounted for...)

So something else that I learned that is super cool is that our mission is going to get Ipads...What's up!! At the end of November. And something else that is pretty cool is that we get to keep them after the mission. I think it is pretty cool but I can't wait to be able to use it because it is going to make missionary work SO much more effective. It is going to be great.

Well, that was the highlight of this past week. Some other things that happened were a lot of raking leaves. A lot. My muscles are ginormous now! haha seriously though. We were able to help out one of the ladies in our ward's mother who isn't a member and we were also able to help that lady who is a member in her yard too. It was pretty fun.

Well, Thanksgiving is coming up soon and I am excited to eat! Happy holidays everyone have a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Peterson
In case you didn't see the previous post, here is a youtube link to Night of Music and Inspiration where Elder Peterson sings in an octet...I sure do miss his voice around our home!!

11/18/13 Hermana Peterson - I KNOW CHRIST LIVES!!

Thank you for all the support, and for sending me a Christmas package, even though I´m going to be almost at the end of the earth. (Please pray that it will get there in time!!) We haven´t heard anything about Christmas yet, but I think we´ll still be able to skype. Keep that in your prayers as well as for an hour and a half. I´ll let you know what they say about times when we know.

I forgot birthdays again this week.... Sorry to everyone who had or will have birthdays in the next week. I promise next week I´ll do something cool for ya´ll! But hope they were good ones!
I decided that when I get home from my mission, I am going to move up to the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa for a month. I´m serious, when I say I don´t know if I can live in Arizona ever again after living here (so close to the ocean with amazing weather) for so long. When it´s 72 degrees I melt faster than Elphaba when Dorthy splashed her with water. I´m thinking I´ll have to move to Utah or California when I get married, or I´m never going to survive. Dad, start looking to relocate so all my homies can be close too :) The sun is SO strong here. If I wasn´t doomed to skin cancer before my mission, I am now.

Mom, this last week I got your letter with the Spiderman pictures! Thanks so much! Seba was so so happy. The note did him in. Also, all things set aside, I´m super jealous that Jake has music and inspiration nights and that he got to sing with Elder Eyrings brother. It has been a lifetime since I´ve "played" the piano. But, I´ve been really feeling impressed lately that I need to start doing some sort of music classes here in our ward. I don´t know exactly how I´m going to do it, or what I´m going to do, but I know I´ve got to do it! I´ve been thinking about maybe holding one class and teaching others how to lead music.... Also, I´m dying to teach piano again.

Also, remember in Lirquen when we found Mercedes and taught Luis and Victor (the son of Mercedes) for a long time? Well Luis was a long time, Victor was like 3 times. Well I found out last week that he got baptized and is super firm in the church! Also, yesterday Juan got the priesthood, and Marcelo will get it tomorrow night!! I´m super super happy right now!

The work is moving pretty slow right now. We´re trying to slow down and listen to the promptings of the Spirit, but if you could keep more specifically in your prayers that we can find those who are ready for the Gospel, I´d appreciate it. We did find a MA (menos activo - less active) family the otherday, and there are 5 that are inactive! So, we´re working with them to help them come back to the church! The mom´s name is Jessica, and she has a 21 year old son, 18 year old daughter, and twins that are 15.
So a cool story, to end with, that doesn´t have an end yet, but this last Friday, we were walking out to try to find a reference that we received, and a little old lady stepped out of a collectivo (taxi) with a huge grocery bag. I didn´t even hesitate and veered right into my companion trying to go and help her. 99.9999999999999% of the time, when we ask people if we can help or what we can do to help, they say no or nothing. But I asked, "Podemos ayudarla?" y ella dijo, "¡Si, estoy bien cansado!" So I took the bag, and my companion supported her and we walked her to her house. She´s an 83 year old lady who lives alone and has lived alone for 17 years, when her husband died. But, she let us in and we wanted to share something with her, but her soap opera was on and she wasn´t going to let us stay for much longer. We shared a scripture and set up an appointment to return and she wasn´t there. Where in the world does an 83 year old lady go?! Anyways, it was a testimony builder to me about service, even if nothing grand comes from it. We were able to help a lady who really needed help, so pray for Freisa and we´re going to try and pass by tomorrow for her! I´ll keep you updated.
So I had an experience yesterday that shook me up pretty good. Someone we are working with asked me a question that I didn't have an exact answer for, and he basically said I shouldn't be out here teaching if I didn't know the answers. I wanted to cry, but I told him that I DO KNOW that this church is true. There is not a doubt in my mind, and no one could say anything that would make me deny it. I would die if I needed to for this church, because my testimony is so firm. I have prayed about it, read about it, and I know I don´t know everything about the church, but I´m here because of what I DO know. I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives, and that He is central to the plan that our Heavenly Father created for us. "His work and His glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." I know that families can be together forever, and this brings me probably the greatest joy. I´m here because the Gospel has changed my life, and I want everyone to experience the JOY I have in my life. I don´t know why that had to happen, but if anything, it helped me to become more converted. I know it was Satan trying to bring me down, but my testimony is too strong. I know this church is true. I KNOW IT!

My blood runs orange...Once a Warrior, always a Warrior!!
We had to buy new silverware, and I bought the orang

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11/12/13 Elder Peterson - So I did it again...

Sorry that I missed yesterday. Funny story about that. So, we were told that the libraries were going to be closed because of Veteran's Day and so we didn't even bother to check the library to email. When we went by later that evening the library was open.....silly us. It's all good though. We got permission to email today and here I am!
So, this past week was a great week. I love the Bowie ward so much! This past Sunday it really sunk in that I feel apart of the Bowie ward. The people are so nice, I know everyone...well I pretend I do but there are a lot of people...and I just feel at home when I am there! I know that the Lord has put me here in this area because I need it. I need to feel the joys of being a missionary here and to be reminded of how important it is to work with the members of the ward. It is really great.
Sunday night was the Night of Music and Inspiration, and I had the opportunity to sing at it. We were in an octet and we sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go."  Want to know something crazy? President Eyring's brother is serving as the Visitor's Center President and I was able to sing with was awesome. I can officially say that I have an "in" with the Eyring family...just kidding...but seriously though. It's legit.
So, Jen and Randy are doing pretty good. They still haven't been able to make it to church which is unfortunate but we are working on it! They were super busy this past week but should be pretty available this week to go by. We are hoping to pop in tonight for a visit. We are also planning on visiting with the Zasadils as well.
This Friday we have a huge Mission conference and Elder Zwick of the Seventy is coming to speak to us. It is going to be super awesome! I can't wait to hear from him. Hopefully I will be able to learn a thing or two.

Well, I think that is it from me. Have a great week!
Love, Elder Peterson

Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/13 Elder Peterson - There will be a letter tomorrow!! I sure hope so! :)

Sorry I only have a couple minutes. We had our Zone activity today and it is Veterans' Day and the family history center is open for only 5 more minutes. We got permission to email tomorrow because of the holiday.

Where we usually email is the library and it might be closed so I might email today or I might email tomorrow. Just wanting to let you know...

Love you!
Elder Peterson

11/11/13 Hermana Peterson - Salmon, Round 2!!

I know I don´t have an allergy to fish, but seriously my stomach can´t handle it. We had salmon on Saturday. We walked in and it didn´t smell fishy, so I thought I was okay, but then the lady came out and said, I´ve got salmon for lunch! If one of you don´t like it, I can fix up an egg or something really quick. I don´t like eggs at all (before my mission I only could eat them scrambled, but no one makes them scrambled here) But I figured I could try and just stomach the fish. Er, wrong. I ate a few bites and had to stop or I would´ve thrown up. Sometimes, I really wish I could stomach it because it would make life so much easier, but I just wasn´t made to like fish. Hopefully the hermana didn´t get offended, but Hermana Garcia said she would eat it. I´ve decided in my next area, I´m just going to tell everyone I am allergic.... 
Hermana Canchan from Guatemala
I just hope this will help one of you, because I felt impressed to share it. This past week was by far the hardest week of my mission. We´ve not been seeing tons of success in our area, we got 2 new missionaries (one of whom I´m training), we had a baptism, etc. I just felt like everything was piling up against me. I´d been reading my scriptures, my patriarchal blessing, and praying so much, but I felt as though I was trying to climb out of a ditch, but the only way out was a slippery slope. I finally decided to ask for a blessing, and Roberto in our ward gladly gave me one. It´s amazing how fast we can begin to be healed, if we put our faith in the Lord. I don´t want to be a missionary that maxes out in the middle of my mission, I want to be a missionary that never stops growing, even after my mission. I know now, that this experience that I had was to help me turn to my Savior and it was to help me snap out of the norm. I resolved to put everything to the side, and give ALL OF MY HEART, MIGHT, MIND, AND STRENGTH to His work. I KNOW that our Savior never abandons us, even when we slip low. I know that He is ALWAYS there, even when our weaknesses get the best of us. I know that He has a very good vision of who we can become, and He gives us trials to shape us into that. I have started to find myself in my Savior. I read a few verses in Romans chapter 8 this week that helped me SO much. (READ ROMANS CHAPTER 8). We HAVE to turn to the Savior, or we will NEVER make it in this life. I resolved to keep being a super happy person, even when times get tough. I resolved to work on my weaknesses, and use them to become strengths. I KNOW there is a reason that I am still here in this sector, and I know that if I do all I can to qualify myself, the Lord will make up for the rest. I´m 100% determined to make these next 9 months the best months of my mission. :) I have been my greatest convert out here, and can´t wait to see even more how much I grow in these next months. I´m here with Hermana Canchán right now. She´s 23, from Guatemala and she´s a good worker. 
Juan´s baptism was so good! He´s so happy, and so is his family. We´re going to keep visiting him to help him stay strong in the church, but he´s so motivated! 
Juan and his son who baptized him

The newest member in our ward - he is so happy!
Please keep us in your prayers this cambio! It´s been a bit of a struggle to try and divide the sector and work together but seperate, but it´s been great! I´m VERY grateful Hermana Meyer still lives with me, and I´m grateful to be here in Independencia! There are less than 50 days until Christmas... I cannot believe it! I LOVE YOU all so much and thank you for your prayers. I definitely can feel them :)
Hermana Peterson :) 

My first companion Sis. Oldroyd

Hermana Canchán, Hermana Meyer, Yo, y Hermana Garcia
The other Hermana Hannah Peterson and I

We were all in Zona Penco together

Not lying... last Monday we were on our way home in the micro and saw this. A chunk of hair pinned on to the dashboard.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/5/13 Elder Peterson - Better late than never!!

Hello everyone this is Elder Peterson.

Yesterday was the Arlington Trip. It is a trip where the missionaries who are going home in the next 6 months go to the Arlington Cemetery and they go all day. E. Galuvao went and we didn't get the time to email. I would've let you know in advance but we didn't know how long it was going to take. But we have some time this morning... This last week was pretty good. Let me tell you why.

First off some of the greatest news....we were able to put Taylor and Josh on a date for baptism!! They are going to be baptized on December 15. Taylor and Josh are Sis. Zasadil's boys that we have been working with for about a month now. They are so cool and really want to be baptized. We just need to help them understand the purpose of baptism more and really help them to feel the Spirit in their lives so they can truly feel the happiness that comes from living the Gospel. We are so excited!!

So my companions this past week had a great idea on how to fellowship with the ward and our investigators. We made brownies. And some cookies too. We took them to some of the members in our area and they were super surprised. We also were able to take some to Jen and Randy our investigators as well. It was a great idea and even though it took a while to get everything set up it was worth it. I know that the ward is starting to trust us and I am so excited to be able to continue to work with them.

How was every one's Halloween? Mine was pretty boring. We had to stay in for Halloween night. We were able to update records and do stuff inside to make up the difference. We did have one little kid come up to our door to trick or treat. I had to give him some of my candy because we were not prepared... but it's all good!!
I can't believe that it is already November!!! Time is going by so fast!! Next month is Christmas and I can't wait to call and talk with my family! It is going to be awesome.

Oh something that I forgot to mention is that it is so beautiful out here. The fall colors are amazing. Don't worry I am going to send some pictures. I actually took some! :)

Well I love you all so much! Hope that you have a great week.
Elder Peterson

Me trying to be creative
Fall in Bowie, Maryland

11/4/13 Hermana Peterson - It´s not about the money, money, money.

Well, that´s almost true. So because we´re ALWAYS walking in the streets, probably minimum of 2 times a week, we find money on the ground. Usually it´s like 5 or 10 pesos, but one time I found 100 pesos (equivalent of a quarter) and my companion was so jealous. Well the other day, we were walking from a cita with our ward mission leader, and I was with my mini missionary (this weekend we had mini missionaries and I´ll go into more detail later) but right there in the grass were two 100 peso pieces. I was so happy and I thought in my head, my companion is gonna be so jealous!! So we started to cross over Colón (the huge street in our sector) and a little boy who was 10 or 11 asked me if I had 100 pesos. I (because my Spanish processing hasn´t fully developed) thought he asked for 10 pesos, so I said no (which was dumb. Don´t judge). After he walked away, it clicked that he had asked for 100 pesos and I had just picked up two. I started to justify in my head, and then thought oh shoot. I´m such a loser, I don´t need 100 pieces, but the little boy did. Also, this is such a test to see if I´ll do the right thing. Oh no I´m gonna be struck dead. I was getting ready to turn around and right then, I looked down and saw a 500 peso piece. It was definitely in the dark, and I don´t know how in the world I saw it, but I did, and I turned around and ran back to the little boy and gave him one of my 100 peso pieces. I´m ashamed that it happened how it did, but it was just a testimony builder to me that the Lord is willing to bless us, no matter how petty the sacrifice. If we do it with the right things with the right intentions (because we love the Lord), He will "open the windows of heaven, and we will not have enough room to receive the blessings." Today, I used the 500 pesos to drop in the case of a cellist playing in Concepción. I´m such a sucker for good music!

So, we had cambios! And Independencia is STILL MINE!!!! This last Wednesday, we got a call from the Assistants and they told us that they were coming to our house at 8:00 to bring two more beds and more furniture because we were going to receive 2 more missionaries this cambio. Our house is going to be a little snug with 4 missionaries, but I´m super excited. The sad news is that Hermana Meyer and I are going to be split up. However, we will be in the same house! Her new companion is Hermana Garcia from El Salvador and she has about 2 months more than I do in the mission. The scary news is that I´m going to train, again! Todavía, I don´t know who my new companion is, but I´ll find out tomorrow. I´m super excited, and there are tons of things I am going to do differently this time. I´m SO grateful for Hermana Meyer and how easy she was to train and for all the things she taught me, and am excited to still be together, kind of, but training is also really hard. I learned so much about myself through this process, and am excited to better my weaknesses, and grow with my new companion! You´ll all get to meet her this next week!

So I forgot to tell you this this last week, but about 2 weeks ago, I REMEMBERED MY FIRST DREAM IN SPANISH (yes Uncle Eric, be jealous). Funny story, Bekah was also talking in Spanish,  but it was really REALLY gringa Spanish, it was hysterical. I woke up laughing, and then freaked out because I´d dreamed in Spanish and remembered it!

This last week, on Tuesday night, Hermana Meyer and I were both praying in our beds, and all of the sudden I started rocking pretty hard back and forth. We both sat up and looked at each other at the same time, and then stood up to make sure we could balance. Turns out the earthquake was a 5.9 (a few weeks ago, I guess they hadn´t been THAT strong... more like a 5.4 or something like that). But this one was super long, like 15-20 seconds.. It ended, and like little scaredy cats we ran and got our tennis shoes, water, flashlights, and other things and made up a plan of what we would do if a huge one happened. We finished our prayers and had been laying down for about 5 minutes when another one started; just as long, but not as strong. So, never fear. If a real big earthquake happens, I´ll know what to do. 

This last week, we had mini missionaries. It´s a thing that they do in Chile that gives the youth preparing to serve missions the chance to live the life of a missionary for 2-4 days. This time, I had a girl that was pretty rough to work with, but I definitely grew. It made me more grateful for Hermana Meyer, and helped me come closer to conquering some of my weaknesses. She was a sweetheart, but I´m happy to be back with my companion (until tomorrow).

So this next weekend, we have a baptism! Juan Seguel is going to be baptized Saturday night! His wife and 3 boys are all members, but only one son is active. He and his wife live in our ward and are super strong members! Juan has come a long way, and never investigated the church before because he didn´t "have time." I have a testimony even stronger that everyone truly has their time. Now is his time. Juan is super ready and wanna hear the best part? The only thing he is still lacking, teaching wise is the law of chastity. Tomorrow night, I´m headed to his house with my new companion to teach it :) Okay that´s not the best part, but it´s gonna be awesome! Juan got a little scared when he knew that cambios were coming, because he wants Hermana Meyer and I to sing at his baptism like we did at Danay and Marcelos. It was pretty funny. Also, about a week ago, he was really disappointed when he found out that I couldn´t baptize him, or give him the Holy Ghost. :) We cleared up the Priesthood, and now he his super excited that his son will be the one to baptize him! Please keep him in your prayers this week, that all will go well and that he can be an instrument in the lives of his family to help reactivate them. This past week, we found some great potential investigators, 2 of which came to church by themselves! I don´t know how we´re going to split everything up, between the companionships (actually I´m a little nervous), but I know that there are people here in Independencia for BOTH of us to teach! The ward is SUPER animated that there will be four of us, and I´m excited to see the fruits begin to come!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week to Charlotte (sorry I´m late) and this week to Andrew and Uncle Steve!! Steve, eat a bunch of tacos for me!! I hope your days are amazing! Andrew I can´t believe you only have 1.5 years until you leave on your mission. CRAZY!!
Grandma and Grandpa Z, thanks for your letters! I got 2 more this week, and I love hearing from you! I also got a letter from Summer chica. Thanks you cute girl! I can´t believe you are going to be in Young Woman´s next month!!! Thanks to everyone else, for your support, prayers, and love for me! I can definitely feel them all out here!
So, before my mission, I was a crier. Everyone who knows me, knows I´m a crier. In the MTC, I was still a crier. With time, however, my tear ducts have dried and shrivelled. I´m serious. There are days that I want to cry because I´m SO frustrated, or if an investigator cries, or because I´m so happy I´m going to burst. But I NEVER. CAN. Sometimes, crying just makes everything better, and I really started to think I´d never be able to cry again. Well the other night, we had about 20 minutes before we had to come in, and we passed by the house of a member (Hermana Jimenez that´s in charge of the lunches) and I thought shoot we´re going to be 4 missionaries, maybe we should pass and talk to her about it. But then I thought, no we can just get a few more contacts before turning in. I felt like we needed to go in to their house though, and so we did. We talked for a second and then before we left, I asked if we could share a scripture. I chose to share my favorite scriptures which is DC 76:22. "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!" I didn´t even finish the scripture before I started crying. I knew then, just as I´ve always known that Jesus Christ lives! He is our Savior, and as a missionary, I have felt this more than ever. I KNOW He is here with me. I love my Savior so much, and hope to keep becoming who He wants me to become. I try everyday to make Him proud, and I hope that He is. I know this gospel is true and am SO grateful that I have the opportunity to share it. I want you all to know that I KNOW JESUS CHRIST LIVES!
Keep keeping on. Seguir adelante. Peace. Paz. Happy Holidays. Feliz Navidad.
Hermana Peterson :) 

With our mini missionaries

With some friends on Halloween

With one of our favorite families!

My zone

Luke...I am your, Mother!

Water bed anyone!?

In front of the large, gorgeous bush in front of our house.