Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/13 Hermana Peterson - Salmon, Round 2!!

I know I don´t have an allergy to fish, but seriously my stomach can´t handle it. We had salmon on Saturday. We walked in and it didn´t smell fishy, so I thought I was okay, but then the lady came out and said, I´ve got salmon for lunch! If one of you don´t like it, I can fix up an egg or something really quick. I don´t like eggs at all (before my mission I only could eat them scrambled, but no one makes them scrambled here) But I figured I could try and just stomach the fish. Er, wrong. I ate a few bites and had to stop or I would´ve thrown up. Sometimes, I really wish I could stomach it because it would make life so much easier, but I just wasn´t made to like fish. Hopefully the hermana didn´t get offended, but Hermana Garcia said she would eat it. I´ve decided in my next area, I´m just going to tell everyone I am allergic.... 
Hermana Canchan from Guatemala
I just hope this will help one of you, because I felt impressed to share it. This past week was by far the hardest week of my mission. We´ve not been seeing tons of success in our area, we got 2 new missionaries (one of whom I´m training), we had a baptism, etc. I just felt like everything was piling up against me. I´d been reading my scriptures, my patriarchal blessing, and praying so much, but I felt as though I was trying to climb out of a ditch, but the only way out was a slippery slope. I finally decided to ask for a blessing, and Roberto in our ward gladly gave me one. It´s amazing how fast we can begin to be healed, if we put our faith in the Lord. I don´t want to be a missionary that maxes out in the middle of my mission, I want to be a missionary that never stops growing, even after my mission. I know now, that this experience that I had was to help me turn to my Savior and it was to help me snap out of the norm. I resolved to put everything to the side, and give ALL OF MY HEART, MIGHT, MIND, AND STRENGTH to His work. I KNOW that our Savior never abandons us, even when we slip low. I know that He is ALWAYS there, even when our weaknesses get the best of us. I know that He has a very good vision of who we can become, and He gives us trials to shape us into that. I have started to find myself in my Savior. I read a few verses in Romans chapter 8 this week that helped me SO much. (READ ROMANS CHAPTER 8). We HAVE to turn to the Savior, or we will NEVER make it in this life. I resolved to keep being a super happy person, even when times get tough. I resolved to work on my weaknesses, and use them to become strengths. I KNOW there is a reason that I am still here in this sector, and I know that if I do all I can to qualify myself, the Lord will make up for the rest. I´m 100% determined to make these next 9 months the best months of my mission. :) I have been my greatest convert out here, and can´t wait to see even more how much I grow in these next months. I´m here with Hermana Canchán right now. She´s 23, from Guatemala and she´s a good worker. 
Juan´s baptism was so good! He´s so happy, and so is his family. We´re going to keep visiting him to help him stay strong in the church, but he´s so motivated! 
Juan and his son who baptized him

The newest member in our ward - he is so happy!
Please keep us in your prayers this cambio! It´s been a bit of a struggle to try and divide the sector and work together but seperate, but it´s been great! I´m VERY grateful Hermana Meyer still lives with me, and I´m grateful to be here in Independencia! There are less than 50 days until Christmas... I cannot believe it! I LOVE YOU all so much and thank you for your prayers. I definitely can feel them :)
Hermana Peterson :) 

My first companion Sis. Oldroyd

Hermana Canchán, Hermana Meyer, Yo, y Hermana Garcia
The other Hermana Hannah Peterson and I

We were all in Zona Penco together

Not lying... last Monday we were on our way home in the micro and saw this. A chunk of hair pinned on to the dashboard.

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