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11/4/13 Hermana Peterson - It´s not about the money, money, money.

Well, that´s almost true. So because we´re ALWAYS walking in the streets, probably minimum of 2 times a week, we find money on the ground. Usually it´s like 5 or 10 pesos, but one time I found 100 pesos (equivalent of a quarter) and my companion was so jealous. Well the other day, we were walking from a cita with our ward mission leader, and I was with my mini missionary (this weekend we had mini missionaries and I´ll go into more detail later) but right there in the grass were two 100 peso pieces. I was so happy and I thought in my head, my companion is gonna be so jealous!! So we started to cross over Colón (the huge street in our sector) and a little boy who was 10 or 11 asked me if I had 100 pesos. I (because my Spanish processing hasn´t fully developed) thought he asked for 10 pesos, so I said no (which was dumb. Don´t judge). After he walked away, it clicked that he had asked for 100 pesos and I had just picked up two. I started to justify in my head, and then thought oh shoot. I´m such a loser, I don´t need 100 pieces, but the little boy did. Also, this is such a test to see if I´ll do the right thing. Oh no I´m gonna be struck dead. I was getting ready to turn around and right then, I looked down and saw a 500 peso piece. It was definitely in the dark, and I don´t know how in the world I saw it, but I did, and I turned around and ran back to the little boy and gave him one of my 100 peso pieces. I´m ashamed that it happened how it did, but it was just a testimony builder to me that the Lord is willing to bless us, no matter how petty the sacrifice. If we do it with the right things with the right intentions (because we love the Lord), He will "open the windows of heaven, and we will not have enough room to receive the blessings." Today, I used the 500 pesos to drop in the case of a cellist playing in Concepción. I´m such a sucker for good music!

So, we had cambios! And Independencia is STILL MINE!!!! This last Wednesday, we got a call from the Assistants and they told us that they were coming to our house at 8:00 to bring two more beds and more furniture because we were going to receive 2 more missionaries this cambio. Our house is going to be a little snug with 4 missionaries, but I´m super excited. The sad news is that Hermana Meyer and I are going to be split up. However, we will be in the same house! Her new companion is Hermana Garcia from El Salvador and she has about 2 months more than I do in the mission. The scary news is that I´m going to train, again! Todavía, I don´t know who my new companion is, but I´ll find out tomorrow. I´m super excited, and there are tons of things I am going to do differently this time. I´m SO grateful for Hermana Meyer and how easy she was to train and for all the things she taught me, and am excited to still be together, kind of, but training is also really hard. I learned so much about myself through this process, and am excited to better my weaknesses, and grow with my new companion! You´ll all get to meet her this next week!

So I forgot to tell you this this last week, but about 2 weeks ago, I REMEMBERED MY FIRST DREAM IN SPANISH (yes Uncle Eric, be jealous). Funny story, Bekah was also talking in Spanish,  but it was really REALLY gringa Spanish, it was hysterical. I woke up laughing, and then freaked out because I´d dreamed in Spanish and remembered it!

This last week, on Tuesday night, Hermana Meyer and I were both praying in our beds, and all of the sudden I started rocking pretty hard back and forth. We both sat up and looked at each other at the same time, and then stood up to make sure we could balance. Turns out the earthquake was a 5.9 (a few weeks ago, I guess they hadn´t been THAT strong... more like a 5.4 or something like that). But this one was super long, like 15-20 seconds.. It ended, and like little scaredy cats we ran and got our tennis shoes, water, flashlights, and other things and made up a plan of what we would do if a huge one happened. We finished our prayers and had been laying down for about 5 minutes when another one started; just as long, but not as strong. So, never fear. If a real big earthquake happens, I´ll know what to do. 

This last week, we had mini missionaries. It´s a thing that they do in Chile that gives the youth preparing to serve missions the chance to live the life of a missionary for 2-4 days. This time, I had a girl that was pretty rough to work with, but I definitely grew. It made me more grateful for Hermana Meyer, and helped me come closer to conquering some of my weaknesses. She was a sweetheart, but I´m happy to be back with my companion (until tomorrow).

So this next weekend, we have a baptism! Juan Seguel is going to be baptized Saturday night! His wife and 3 boys are all members, but only one son is active. He and his wife live in our ward and are super strong members! Juan has come a long way, and never investigated the church before because he didn´t "have time." I have a testimony even stronger that everyone truly has their time. Now is his time. Juan is super ready and wanna hear the best part? The only thing he is still lacking, teaching wise is the law of chastity. Tomorrow night, I´m headed to his house with my new companion to teach it :) Okay that´s not the best part, but it´s gonna be awesome! Juan got a little scared when he knew that cambios were coming, because he wants Hermana Meyer and I to sing at his baptism like we did at Danay and Marcelos. It was pretty funny. Also, about a week ago, he was really disappointed when he found out that I couldn´t baptize him, or give him the Holy Ghost. :) We cleared up the Priesthood, and now he his super excited that his son will be the one to baptize him! Please keep him in your prayers this week, that all will go well and that he can be an instrument in the lives of his family to help reactivate them. This past week, we found some great potential investigators, 2 of which came to church by themselves! I don´t know how we´re going to split everything up, between the companionships (actually I´m a little nervous), but I know that there are people here in Independencia for BOTH of us to teach! The ward is SUPER animated that there will be four of us, and I´m excited to see the fruits begin to come!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week to Charlotte (sorry I´m late) and this week to Andrew and Uncle Steve!! Steve, eat a bunch of tacos for me!! I hope your days are amazing! Andrew I can´t believe you only have 1.5 years until you leave on your mission. CRAZY!!
Grandma and Grandpa Z, thanks for your letters! I got 2 more this week, and I love hearing from you! I also got a letter from Summer chica. Thanks you cute girl! I can´t believe you are going to be in Young Woman´s next month!!! Thanks to everyone else, for your support, prayers, and love for me! I can definitely feel them all out here!
So, before my mission, I was a crier. Everyone who knows me, knows I´m a crier. In the MTC, I was still a crier. With time, however, my tear ducts have dried and shrivelled. I´m serious. There are days that I want to cry because I´m SO frustrated, or if an investigator cries, or because I´m so happy I´m going to burst. But I NEVER. CAN. Sometimes, crying just makes everything better, and I really started to think I´d never be able to cry again. Well the other night, we had about 20 minutes before we had to come in, and we passed by the house of a member (Hermana Jimenez that´s in charge of the lunches) and I thought shoot we´re going to be 4 missionaries, maybe we should pass and talk to her about it. But then I thought, no we can just get a few more contacts before turning in. I felt like we needed to go in to their house though, and so we did. We talked for a second and then before we left, I asked if we could share a scripture. I chose to share my favorite scriptures which is DC 76:22. "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!" I didn´t even finish the scripture before I started crying. I knew then, just as I´ve always known that Jesus Christ lives! He is our Savior, and as a missionary, I have felt this more than ever. I KNOW He is here with me. I love my Savior so much, and hope to keep becoming who He wants me to become. I try everyday to make Him proud, and I hope that He is. I know this gospel is true and am SO grateful that I have the opportunity to share it. I want you all to know that I KNOW JESUS CHRIST LIVES!
Keep keeping on. Seguir adelante. Peace. Paz. Happy Holidays. Feliz Navidad.
Hermana Peterson :) 

With our mini missionaries

With some friends on Halloween

With one of our favorite families!

My zone

Luke...I am your Father...er, Mother!

Water bed anyone!?

In front of the large, gorgeous bush in front of our house.

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