Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/13 Hermana Peterson - I KNOW CHRIST LIVES!!

Thank you for all the support, and for sending me a Christmas package, even though I´m going to be almost at the end of the earth. (Please pray that it will get there in time!!) We haven´t heard anything about Christmas yet, but I think we´ll still be able to skype. Keep that in your prayers as well as for an hour and a half. I´ll let you know what they say about times when we know.

I forgot birthdays again this week.... Sorry to everyone who had or will have birthdays in the next week. I promise next week I´ll do something cool for ya´ll! But hope they were good ones!
I decided that when I get home from my mission, I am going to move up to the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa for a month. I´m serious, when I say I don´t know if I can live in Arizona ever again after living here (so close to the ocean with amazing weather) for so long. When it´s 72 degrees I melt faster than Elphaba when Dorthy splashed her with water. I´m thinking I´ll have to move to Utah or California when I get married, or I´m never going to survive. Dad, start looking to relocate so all my homies can be close too :) The sun is SO strong here. If I wasn´t doomed to skin cancer before my mission, I am now.

Mom, this last week I got your letter with the Spiderman pictures! Thanks so much! Seba was so so happy. The note did him in. Also, all things set aside, I´m super jealous that Jake has music and inspiration nights and that he got to sing with Elder Eyrings brother. It has been a lifetime since I´ve "played" the piano. But, I´ve been really feeling impressed lately that I need to start doing some sort of music classes here in our ward. I don´t know exactly how I´m going to do it, or what I´m going to do, but I know I´ve got to do it! I´ve been thinking about maybe holding one class and teaching others how to lead music.... Also, I´m dying to teach piano again.

Also, remember in Lirquen when we found Mercedes and taught Luis and Victor (the son of Mercedes) for a long time? Well Luis was a long time, Victor was like 3 times. Well I found out last week that he got baptized and is super firm in the church! Also, yesterday Juan got the priesthood, and Marcelo will get it tomorrow night!! I´m super super happy right now!

The work is moving pretty slow right now. We´re trying to slow down and listen to the promptings of the Spirit, but if you could keep more specifically in your prayers that we can find those who are ready for the Gospel, I´d appreciate it. We did find a MA (menos activo - less active) family the otherday, and there are 5 that are inactive! So, we´re working with them to help them come back to the church! The mom´s name is Jessica, and she has a 21 year old son, 18 year old daughter, and twins that are 15.
So a cool story, to end with, that doesn´t have an end yet, but this last Friday, we were walking out to try to find a reference that we received, and a little old lady stepped out of a collectivo (taxi) with a huge grocery bag. I didn´t even hesitate and veered right into my companion trying to go and help her. 99.9999999999999% of the time, when we ask people if we can help or what we can do to help, they say no or nothing. But I asked, "Podemos ayudarla?" y ella dijo, "¡Si, estoy bien cansado!" So I took the bag, and my companion supported her and we walked her to her house. She´s an 83 year old lady who lives alone and has lived alone for 17 years, when her husband died. But, she let us in and we wanted to share something with her, but her soap opera was on and she wasn´t going to let us stay for much longer. We shared a scripture and set up an appointment to return and she wasn´t there. Where in the world does an 83 year old lady go?! Anyways, it was a testimony builder to me about service, even if nothing grand comes from it. We were able to help a lady who really needed help, so pray for Freisa and we´re going to try and pass by tomorrow for her! I´ll keep you updated.
So I had an experience yesterday that shook me up pretty good. Someone we are working with asked me a question that I didn't have an exact answer for, and he basically said I shouldn't be out here teaching if I didn't know the answers. I wanted to cry, but I told him that I DO KNOW that this church is true. There is not a doubt in my mind, and no one could say anything that would make me deny it. I would die if I needed to for this church, because my testimony is so firm. I have prayed about it, read about it, and I know I don´t know everything about the church, but I´m here because of what I DO know. I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives, and that He is central to the plan that our Heavenly Father created for us. "His work and His glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." I know that families can be together forever, and this brings me probably the greatest joy. I´m here because the Gospel has changed my life, and I want everyone to experience the JOY I have in my life. I don´t know why that had to happen, but if anything, it helped me to become more converted. I know it was Satan trying to bring me down, but my testimony is too strong. I know this church is true. I KNOW IT!

My blood runs orange...Once a Warrior, always a Warrior!!
We had to buy new silverware, and I bought the orang

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