Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12/30/13 Hermana Peterson - Happy New Year!

Okay, this week is gonna be a little bit shorter. We had our leadership meeting today and then played sports, and we´ve got to head out of Concepción soon to get back up to the North. Also, I had to play major catch up on pictures, so I hope you enjoyed them! I too would´ve liked more time with Mom and Dad, but I´m super glad I got to talk to my siblings too! I´m glad to see everyone happy and healthy. It did me good to talk to you, and I can´t believe that I have less than 8 months left.... i don´t know where in the world the time has gone. I love being a missionary and have grown SO much here in the mission. I only have more room to grow, so here´s to the next few months! Sometimes it feels like a lifetime, sometimes, it flies!
At Stephanie's baptism

SO this past weekend I had 3 BAPTISMS! Not that the numbers matter, but I am the happiest person in the world right now! So on Friday, Stephanie was baptized! I hope the picture from Hermana Canchan came through (that I forwarded). I was so sad I couldn´t be there, but that´s not the most important thing! I´m so happy for her! Also, about 2 months ago, we started teaching a young man named Jorge (I don´t remember if I mentioned him). The one who´s girlfriend lived in our ward, and he always came and we were teaching him because he wouldn´t give us his address of where he lived? Well we taught him all the lessons, and then he told us the chapel that was closest to his house and that he was going to attend on Sunday there instead. We called the missionaries to let them know about him, and on Friday, one of the elders from the other zone told me that he passed his interview and was getting baptized on Saturday! And he did! Oh snap, I almost cried when he told me that. I was SO happy!!! He´s amazing, and I know he and Stephanie will both do such great things for the church! Also, we had the baptism of Juan this Saturday too! I think I mentioned that he suffers from epilepsy and after sacrament meeting on Sunday, during Sunday school he leaned over and said hermana I can´t breathe.... he put some liquid on his face to help him breathe and said that he was fine. About 2 minutes later, he put some of the stuff on again, and then he shouted something and fell into my lap, as rigid as a board. I freaked out and helped try and lower him to the ground, and he stayed like that for about 3 minutes and then snapped out of it. He was fine for about 3 minutes and then another attack happened. So needless to say, it was an eventful Sunday. But, he´s so happy so life is good. Please just keep him in your prayers so that his epilepsy doesn´t get worse.
At Juan's baptism
So we had a great lesson in the combined meeting on Sunday about Committing to Christ. Many times, when the new year rolls around, we make silly goals that we never plan on keeping, we try to look better, make more money, and worry about the things that aren´t going to do a whole lot for us. This year, I´m going to commit myself to Christ. I´m going to make a few goals and work really hard to become more Christlike. THESE, in the end are the things that really matter. I´m going to work on  becoming perfected through Him. I want to challenge each of you to really take a look at your lives. Pick a few things that you can control, can truly change, and that are going to push you to become better people. Smile more, give more service, and together let´s become more like Christ. This is my wish for the new year. If you don´t mind, do it together as a family or something and send them my way so I can see what they are. I´m going to write my list this week and send it to you, so you can keep me in line on the things I´m trying to better!
I love you so much and hope you have a happy new year! Let´s make 2014 a year full of memories, but even more, full of helping others come unto Christ!

Hermana Peterson

Saying goodbye to my daughters (those I trained) in Talcuahano...
Hello Cauquenes!!

Some really creepy Wisemen in a nativity.
  Some dehydrated horse meat - yuck!!
The "other" Hermana Hannah Peterson and me downing an entire gallon of ice cream,
not the brightest idea ever!

The cutest baby award!!
  And opening up my Christmas Stocking
 This little Star Wars fan and me having a light saber battle. He says "I will choke you!" And using the force, he did!! :)

12/30/13 Elder Peterson - Hey Everyone!!

Well, Happy Holidays everyone!!!

This is Elder Peterson reporting on another great week out here.
Here are a couple highlights for this past week.

- I got to skype with my family!!!!! and I got to see my Sister as well which was amazing. and my extended family the Wilsons and Elder Wilson on a mission. It was truly a blessing!

- I was able to sing at the Visitors center Christmas night.

- All of my investigators are doing great!

- I was able to give a talk in church about missionary work. I hope the ward is pumped now!

- That's about it for this past week.

Thanks to everyone who sent me gifts! I sure do appreciate it a lot. It was really great to be able to have Christmas out here on the mission. It didn't feel the same without my family around though but that is okay. I only have to do it one more time!
Everything is going great and I don't have much to say. Hopefully I will have more to say this next week!! (I will second that!!)

I love you all! Sorry that this letter is all over the place but happy early new years! Celebrate the good times!

-Elder Peterson

12/23/13 Elder Peterson - OK, This One is Going to be Short!

Dear Everyone,
Alright this letter is going to be really short. This is the reason why. We have a practice today for our performance that we will be having at the Visitor's Center on Christmas Night. I don't have a lot of time to email today. (10 minutes). But I will get to talk with my family on Wednesday!! Yay!!!!

Alright this past week was really awesome. So we found a few more investigators. Their names are George and Ben. And another lady named Cyniatha. We are pretty excited. They all agreed to read the Book of Mormon and said that they would be baptized if they came to know if it was true. We are super excited for them! I know that the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon them as they read and pray about this book. I know it. This will happen to anyone who reads it. They will know that it is true through the Holy Ghost.

Also, we were able to get Jasmine to church! She loved it and there were some great talks given about Christmas and she really needed to hear them. We have an appointment with her this next Thursday.
I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays so far! I know that I am. I love Christmas so much. It is definitely a great season for me to reflect that much more on what the Savior has done for me in my life. He truly is the greatest gift that any of us can get for Christmas. May we all strive to have Him as our focus not only for this wonderful season, but for each day of our lives.
Well, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I love you all and I hope everyone stays warm.

Elder Peterson

12/23/13 Hermana Peterson - When Sickness Comes to Town

When you take a family vacation, you get a little behind in the blog, sorry!

¡Hola de Cauquenes! Cauquenes is SO SO HOT. I´m melting up in hur. I never thought it was possible to be this hot. Seriously. A few weeks ago when I said I couldn´t move back to Arizona, I was being serious, but now I´m being even more serious. It´s a boiling pot. But the missionary work is great! It´s a lot different than Talcahuano. We talk to someone in the street and no problem they give us their address and tell us to come by, or they let us pass in and offer us jugo. It´s like "what is happening, but okay, if you insist" :) My companion Hermana Miskin looks a lot like the Larsen cousins that Dad has. Especially like the daughter of his cousin who went to or goes to MV. I forgot my camera today, so no fotos (sorry). We haven´t had a whole lot of time to work together this past week because of different stuff for Navidad, but we get along really well, which is a plus.  

I live in the campo, which is the country. Now I know why no one wants to come to church because they're going to the campo.. it makes sense (no offense to church). It´s SO pretty and SO green! I wake up in the morning to the sun shining through my windows and the roosters crowing. There´s pig heads for sale, horses and every souvenir you can imagine. It´s like a small (big) little town. We have to travel an hour each week for district meeting to Parral, the city next to us. So this last week was crazy. I left Talcahuano on Tuesday morning, and traveled 3-4 hours to get here to Cauquenes. We worked Tuesday, Wednesday had district meeting in Parral, worked Wednesday and then Thursday we were in Parral all day, practicing for the Christmas devotional we had on Sunday. We left Parral at 5 to head down to Chillan (chee-yawn) for our mission conference Friday. We had a practice there at 7 at night and then spent the night with the Pulciphers (who had homemade bread, and strawberry freezer jam. I died.), had our conference all day Friday, came back, went back to Parral Saturday morning to practice again for Sunday, worked, and then spent all day Sunday after church in Parral for the devotional. Turns out I got here just in time to play ALL of the songs for the devotional. :) I haven´t played the piano that much (practices and performances) in 10 months and it was SO therapeutic for me! But, the worst part about this week was that I got REALLY sick. I woke up on Thursday with the aches, and knew I was going to be sick. And I was... really bad. I got the shakes and the aches and I literally thought I was going to die. I probably had about a 103 fever, but kept going because we had to practice our songs! We got to the Pulciphers and I did my best to sleep (don´t worry she took great care of me) and got up the next morning feeling just as terrible, but we had our mission conference so I went. I was dying though. Saturday I was sick all day...Needless to say, menos el dolor en mi cabeza, I´m doing SO much better!

Happy birthday this week to Virginia, Uncle Sheridan and Uncle Bob. I got Virginia and Summer´s birthdays mixed up (SORRY!) so happy birthday this last week to Summer too! I hope your birthdays are amazing!
I truly love Cauquenes, our branch, and my companion. I´m super excited to be working here. I love my zone, I love the hermanas that I´m working with, and I know that the Lord truly does bless us according to our needs. In this time of year, let's take the time to remember our Savior. How would you feel to have a birthday and not be remembered? 
Christmas Eve Dinner - best turkey ever!
This is Hermana Miskin, my new companion

PLEASE keep Juan in your prayers. He suffers from Epilepsy and is really struggling right now, but he´s got a fecha for Saturday! I know he needs the extra prayers and we do too! Satan is working really hard with our investigators, so please, keep praying for us! Also, as far as I know, Stephanie is still getting baptized on Friday, so send prayers her way too! :) I love you all so much and can´t wait to talk to you on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For everyone else, Feliz Navidad de Chile :)
Con amor, 
Hermana Peterson

Monday, December 16, 2013

12/16/13 Elder Peterson - Festival of Lights

Alright where to start? Things were real crazy this past week. We had a lot of things go on and I don't even know where to begin.

So we had our Ward Christmas party this weekend and it was a lot of fun! And it was really great to have Keith, Maria, and Marcola, and Jasmine there too! They really had a fun time and the ward was really great with helping them to feel welcome! It was really good. Jasmine is really progressing in the Gospel. We haven't been able to sit down and teach her a solid lesson yet. But it will happen. She really is feeling the fellowship of our church and it is exactly what she needs.

We are going this evening to the Festival of Lights with her and it is going to be a lot of fun. Jenny Oaks Baker is performing and Elder Wendt and I are going to try and get a picture with her. Speaking of that.

Last night Jenny Oaks Baker also performed and we went there with a recent convert Sis. Visencio and her son Ulises. While we were there guess who I saw? The Goss family! It was really neat. It was fun to talk with them shortly and see how they are doing. They are such a great family.

Alright next we had a fun appointment with a couple of former investigators the Navarro family. We were able to watch the "Finding Faith in Christ" DVD and it went well. She is wanting to start meeting with us again. We are meeting with them again this Thursday and we are going to try to get them to church this next Sunday.

So it turns out that this Christmas, some of the Elders in the mission are performing at the Visitors Center for the Festival of Lights, and I am going to be a part of it. It will be fun. Hopefully they will be able to record it so I can get a copy of it to y'all. We'll see what happens.

Well, I think that is about if for this past week. Oh and it snowed again. That's about it.

Love you all and have a wonderful week! I will talk with you again on Christmas Eve Eve.
Elder Peterson

We made this sign by a metro stop

Festival of Lights

Hanging up a tree with Elders Wendt, Owens and Cannon. We were at a member's home.
Here is my Christmas Day schedule: We have a Christmas party in the morning for the whole mission. We don't know what time exactly it will end. Then we have to head home which will take an hour to go to a family in the ward's home to eat dinner and skype. It should be roughly around 3:30 to 4:00. Then we have to go all the way back up to the temple for the performance we will be doing Christmas night. (I love coordinating schedules to talk to my missionaries!!) Can't wait until Christmas!!

12/16/13 Hermana Peterson - When the President Calls You...

You either know you´re busted, or he´s gonna ask you to do something that you might not want to do. Welp, the latter happened to me last night. At about 9:30, I got a call from President, extending the call to me to be a sister trainer. We´re like zone leaders, but for the hermanas. We´re over 2 zones of hermanas and we do exchanges with them and provide training. I´m going to be companions with Hermana Miskin from California (who´s dad just got called as the first counselor in the Redlands mission!). She leaves in February. But he also told me that me the Lord wanted me to leave Talcahuano and serve in Cauquenes (cow-ken-es). Not gonna lie, if he wouldn´t have thrown in the words "I know this is what the Lord is calling you to do" I might have said no. Tonight is going to be a rough night, having to say bye to everyone here, but I feel at peace. I truly know this is where I need to be heading and I´m super excited! I had a feeling all week that I´d be leaving, so the only thing I knew how to do was pray for peace to accept whatever happened. I told President that I didn´t WANT to do it, but that I would just put my trust in the Lord that he knows what´s best for me. He laughed and told me that he knows we´re going to destroy it in Cauquenes, so hey at least one of us has faith :) We hung up, and the tears came. I haven´t cried that hard in a long time. Probably scared my poor companion :) BUT, life is good. I´m a little nervous that everything I have won´t fit in my suitcases, so if you could send prayers my way, I´d appreciate it :) I also feel super inadequate to be a sister trainer, to be in charge. BUT, I know that the Lord doesn´t give us things that we can´t handle. "Iré y haré lo que el Señór ha mandado.." I know that this cambio was inspired... I for about 2 or 3 weeks have felt as though I wasn´t progressing, so I´m excited for the change. I know that our Savior lives and that he truly has a part in each of our lives! Also, Stephanie´s fecha had to change to the próximo Viernes the 27th. Even though I won´t be here for it, please keep her in your prayers. Her family is a little bit of a struggle and for this the fecha had to change, but please pray that all will turn out good!

Mom, I got your packages today! I almost started crying in the office when I opened the book and saw all of the Christmas stories.... you are the BEST! Sorry I didn´t get it on the 1st, but don´t you worry. I will cherish this book forever. I also haven´t opened the tree, but have to do it to put it in my suitcase. You are the greatest! Got Grandma´s package too and am super excited to open it. I gave the stocking to my companion, Hermana Canchán. I know that she´ll love it and she promised to take pictures :)

This weekend was crazy, so once again I didn´t look at birthdays, but I know we´ve got Dian, Brielle, Virginia, Summer and I think that´s it. I hope you have amazing weeks!
Well, I think that´s about it. Mom, if you could change the weather stats to Cauquenes, I´d appreciate it. I´m preparing to die. I heard it´s hot. Also, I´m going to be in a branch and there are 4 hermanas in our sector... one is the other Hermana Peterson :) LIFE IS GOOD!

Dad, send me all of the skype information, but other than that, Cáio!

I LOVE YOU! Have an amazing week, and safe travels to UTAH!
Hermana Peterson

We picked some plums off a tree...shhhh!

Improvising with plastic sacks jerseys for our futbol game

Playing futbol with some ladies in the ward
We lost 4 to 5 but had a great time!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

21/9/13 Elder Peterson - Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Alright I am wanting to send a few pictures and so this email is going to be shorter than usual. So basically it is going to be a couple paragraphs because I never write a lot. But, this past week was really great! I am really enjoying being in the Capitol East area. It is a lot of fun and there are a lot of people that need the gospel here!

So a couple of cool things. We got a referral on our phone for a lady named Jasmine and she is super cool! We were able to stop by this past Friday and sit down and talk with her. We are planning on stopping by this week again to teach her and commit her to baptism. She is really nice and she is definitely one to pray for. She needs the Gospel so bad!
Also, yesterday it snowed major. It happened while we were in church and so all of us Elders got to go out and scrape ice and snow off of every one's cars  before they left. That was my first time ever scraping snow. Sad but true! I love Arizona so much...:)
Well that's about it for this week. I know that this is real short. But I am going to send a lot of pictures. I love you all and happy holidays! Next week I will write a lot more.

Elder Peterson
Oh and I also found out that I am going to be able to Skype on Christmas! Hurray!
Thanks I have a flash drive that I put the songs on and I have enough warm stuff!

Right at the beginning of a huge snow storm.

More snow (since then, they received several inches!!)

Elder Wendt and Me


Festival of the Lights - DC Temple

Elder Galuvao right before he left - I'm going to miss this guy!!

Elder Porter, Elder Galuvao and a great family!

12/9/13 Hermana Peterson - Back Pain, No Fun!

So this week, was a little bit of a road block. My back kept hurting me really bad, and even with a stronger pain medicine, nothing helped. Sometimes, you´ve just got to keep working, but finally on Thursday, I went to the doctor, and she told me that the muscles in my back were super inflamed. She told me I couldn´t leave for 2 days, she wrote a prescription for a higher pain medicine, and told me I had to get shots to relax my muscles. I´ll give you 5 bucks if you can guess how many I had to get and where I had to get them.... I got 4 shots, IN.MY.BUM. I couldn´t help but laugh every time I thought about telling you guys, and I can clearly hear Seth´s laugh in my head, dying and then telling all of his friends. I can also see dad gut laughing.... I wish I could see it. It´s moments like these that make the not so worth it moments, worth it. I love my mission so much. I got 1 on Thursday, 2 on Friday, and 1 on Saturday. Because it was a little bit  hectic for the mission nurse to come out, Danay gave me 2 of them. Never thought one of my converts would see that side of me :) So we stayed in Thursday and Friday, and Saturday and Sunday went out and worked for a bit, but not the full time. My back still is hurting, so we´ll see what happens. If you could pray for a quicker recovery, I´d appreciate it! So needless to say, our numbers weren´t the best this week, but we have plans to hopefully have a way better week.
I straightened my hair for the first time today in 9 months. It´s so crazy how much different I look without my frizz ball :) But I got a lot of comments, and so maybe I´ll do it a little more often now that there isn´t a lot of humidity. Probably not, because it´s so much easier to just let it be. There was also an elder in the office today passing out Reese´s peanut butter cups. REAL Reese´s Peanut butter cups. I just ate them both. Also, I loved me some white chocolate covered Oreos this last week. I love America.
Our family tradition of eating these while decorating our Christmas tree...she found some in Chile!!

 So mom sent me music. I downloaded it on my flash drive and right after this I´m going to buy one of those cube speakers so I can jam in the house. I love my mom. Have the best one in the world! Also, Mom, I think that you could send other music and videos that way. You could try to send voice recordings or videos if you´d like!! 

Happy birthday today to Seth! I can´t believe you are 13. Where in the world did the time go. Just so you know, you can now wear make-up. Don´t get too crazy, and remember always that you hold the Priesthood. I hope the video comes through! I love you :) 

Also, I forgot to look at my birthday sheet today, but I remember that Uncle David and Kyle have birthdays this week. I´m sorry that I´m lame and don´t remember the rest, but I´ll do better next week!

I´m sorry my letter is so short. Remember to keep Stephanie in your prayers! She´s still planning on being baptized the 21st! Also, mom we´re vacuuming and I think the fleas have left the building, but keep praying for no more! 16 DAYS UNTIL WE SKYPE! I know the church is true, more and more each day. I´m grateful for faithful parents, not only to each other but to the Gospel. I´m grateful their mine forever!

Hermana Peterson
A huge chunk of our ward
Hermana Taylor's and my tan line (and it's not even summer yet!)

Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/13 Elder Peterson - Well, just another crazy week here!

Man so many people emailed me and so I don't have much time to write but I am praying that God will bless me with quick hands and fingers for the next ten minutes. Alright here goes nothing...
I LOVE MY NEW AREA!!! I am in the Capitol Ward. It is just south of the actual Capitol. I cover the Clinton, MD and Brandywine, MD area. My companion is Elder Wendt and he is a boss! He is a super hard worker and I love it. We are in a 4 man apartment. Elder Wendt is from California. Yes, I am still the District Leader but in this district there is only 4 of us. It will be different from my last experience. But I am really excited!

This past weekend was real crazy. So Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. In the morning we went and played football with members of the ward. There was ice on the field and frozen puddles. Thankfully I didn't slip but when it started to warm up there was a lot of mud on the field and people started playing dirty out one the field....literally. It was a load of fun and I actually was able to score a couple touchdowns. I was super sore the next day though. After that we went home and showered and stuff and then went over to the Patenaude's home for Thanksgiving dinner. There was a ton of food and because we are missionaries we were able to take the leftovers home...:) It was the best. It really was a great day.
Alright so a couple of miracles this week. First off tracting works!

So on Saturday we were on our way home and realized that we had a few minutes before we needed to be home for dinner and so we decided to knock on a few doors. So we knocked a couple...no success. We started heading back to the car and we both looked at each other and said.."One more door''. So we knock on the last door and it turns out that the people living there had met with missionaries before in Indiana. It was a coincidence that we knocked on their door...NOT! It was such a testimony building experience for me to know that God really does place us exactly where we need to be as long as we are following the Spirit. It was amazing!

Next miracle. So on Wedenesday this past week Elder Wendt and I went and knocked on the door of a former investigator named Kiyomi. We set up an appt. for Sunday and we went by yesterday and talked with her and she is still interested in meeting with us! We set up an appt. in a couple of Sundays to meet with her.
Man this week has been crazy awesome! The Lord is really blessing us for our efforts. I know that the church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! Everyone read it!

That's all from me this week. Have fun listening to all of that Christmas music!
Elder Peterson

12/2/13 Hermana Peterson - You have to bloom where you´re planted!

Happy 9 Months to Me!! Half Way!

First off, mom thanks for teaching me how to weed. This past week we had a service project up in the Parque Tumbes, and the hermanas were assigned to picking weeds. I feel like I´m turning into my dad, because I have started finding relations with EVERYTHING and the Gospel but while we were plucking the weeds, I had a lot of time to think. I also read Alma 32 this week and so plants were on my mind. Some of the weeds were SUPER hard to get out, and without gloves, our hands got beat up pretty bad. Some weeds were super poky, some of the weeds broke off before the roots, and others came out with ease. I was thinking about the trials that we have in our lives, and how we can´t control them, or when they come. Sometimes, they come up in the hardest places, sometimes they come up when we are prepared to front them. HOWEVER, we have to do all that we can to overcome them. The Lord gives us trials to make us stronger.  If I would´ve been better prepared, my hands wouldn´t have gotten beat up, but because I wasn´t, blood. I know that when we continually have on the armour of God, we will be able to attack our trials easier. They won´t seem as hard to get. Sometimes, we can´t get them by ourselves. There was one weed that was HUGE and Hermana Meyer and I had to try to go to town on it, and we STILL didn´t get it all. If we attack the weeds before they get too big, they are easier to get and harder to untangle. This was the shortened version of my thoughts, because I´m running short on time, but dad can elaborate on it or something. But also I really liked in Alma 32 in verses 26 to the end. As members of the church, we planted our seeds when we were baptized. If we don´t continuously nourish them, they will die and it´s NOT because the seed wasn´t good. We HAVE to read everyday and pray everyday. We have to attend the temple, we have to fulfill our callings. This is NOT an easy battle, and it will take our strongest forces EVERYDAY, or Satan will win. Esfúersese cada día para que Sátanas no tenga control de su vida.
At the weed pulling service project

Hermana Meyer and Me

I GOT A PACKAGE, I GOT A PACKAGE, I GOT A PACKAGE, HEY HEY HEY HEY! I didn´t get the padded envelopes, but I did get a package. I forgot to turn in our bills in the office so we have to go back, and maybe they will have arrived! FINGERS CROSSED!

So we had such a good week this week! We found 9 NEW investigators. We broke a zone maximum. In the mission, the standard of excellence is 10 each week, but before this week, the maximum anyone had had was 7 I think. Our part of the vineyard is a little more dura, pero está bien :) Stephanie came to church! She LOVED it too. The young women took hold of her so fast and she loved it! I´m starting to teach music classes on Wednesday and she wants to come and one of the young woman said, "Te busco en Miércoles!" They LOVE her! She said church was SO beautiful! I know she´s gonna keep coming back, I just know it! Mom, I don´t know the story with her mom, but she´s an only child who lives with her dad, her aunt, and her grandparents. She is SO ready for the Gospel! PLEASE keep her in your prayers, that she keeps receiving her answers and coming closer to Heavenly Father! PLEASE! She still has her date for the 21st of December. This week we also found Sebastian and his mom Pamela who is a menos activo. They said they were going to come to church, and then didn´t show up, but we have a cita with them tomorrow. Sebastian is 15 and didn´t know that his mom was a member until a few days ago. She has been really far from the church for about 10 years but really wants to come back and wants Sebastian to listen to the lessons! Please pray for him too, that he´ll accept it all! We´re going to bring Marcelo with us this week to meet him! Yay for converts! 
Thanksgiving.... well this is the kicker. While you were eating all of the delicious things Leah mentioned to me, and that I saw, I was eating fish. This is not a drill. We walked into the house, and I said to Hermana Meyer, it smells like fish. She took a huge breath in and said nah your fine. LOW AND BEHOLD. I was right. BUT, this time it wasn´t salmon and it was fried, so it wasn´t that bad at all. But seriously, I would be given fish on Thanksgiving. And then that night we had choir practice. We´re singing in the ward choir (which is 8 of us, 3 of which are tone deaf, and I´m singing tenor) for the big Christmas devotional they are going to do the week before Christmas as a stake! I went  looking in a bakery right before and found an apple pie. Hermana Vivian (who is my favorite) and who lived in the United States for 5 years, called us in the morning to wish us a happy thanksgiving. When it was her turn, she told us she was grateful for us, because we have completely helped change the ambiance of the ward. She said we have saved the ward. That when I got here, things began to change. It made me feel really special, like I am really doing what the Lord wants me to do here. It was such a good thanksgiving, just not the same, and I´m glad I´ll be home for the next :)
 I had to buy it and then after practice, we all stood in a circle and said what we are thankful for and then we ate. It was such a sweet sacred moment for me.
Also, drum roll please. WE FINALLY HAVE THE CONFERENCE EDITION OF THE ENSIGN! It´s in Spanish, but I have it. YAY!!! 

Happy birthday to Lucas! I hope it´s a good one! :) 
Dad, I ran 5 of the 7 days this week. If you could figure out how many times I would have to run around a soccer field to run a mile, I´d appreciate it! I´m also trying to eat a lot healthier too and I know that I´m losing some of this pudge! Word.

This morning, I woke up and I tweaked my back. I took some pills but it´s just getting more and more uncomfortable. If you could pray that it´s just a tweak and that things don´t worsen, I´d appreciate it. ALSO, I think we might have fleas.... please pray it was just a fluke! 

I love you all so much and keep keepin on! You are all the greatest and I hope you have a fabulous week! I LOVE YOU! 23 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I´m hoping that we´ll get more details this week on when we can skype, and I´ll let you know! 

Well paz de Chile.

Hermana Peterson
Decorating for Christmas

I love this little guy. He loves to be around us.